Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Break My Stride

Matthew Wilder 1983.

2008 running year in review:

3:14 Canberra Marathon - highlight
Sub 40 min 10k - 39:34 Lake Monger
Sub 19 min 5k - 18:55 Lake Joondalup
3000m time trial - 10:38

3:19 Perth Marathon off inadequate prep was OK
35min PB in the SixInch - very pleasing (and only just realised I ran only a minute slower than Dave did in 2007)

Of note in recent times has been a real meditative pleasure coming through my running, and with it a desire to run every day.

2009 Running Goals:

Put simply - SUB 3 HOUR MARATHON

Attempt #1 - Canberra Marathon (April) flights and accomodation have been booked, my wife's coming with me this time (!) and a downscaled post marathon holiday compared with last year - a week in Sydney.

Attempt #2 - Perth Marathon(July)

Subsequent Attempts_Other marathons are possible, depending upon the result. There is a chance I may need to take up swimming in a hurry to do the swim leg of Busselton in December.

Other distance PBs will need to come if I can do it, but they are secondary.

This is a challenging target, and I'd rate myself at best a 50:50 chance of achieving it. I am aware of several runners, all better than I, who have come so close but not quite got there. Everything will have to go right to scrape under that barrier. (Hopefully I can get dragged along by Clown who will do it with his eyes shut)

Many thanks to the other running bloggers, you all provide me with motivation in one way or another. I hope you all have a successful 2009.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Evermore (2006) - don't love this song, but I'm starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel

Recovery week post SixInch and Christmas/Boxing Day overindulgence. I really enjoyed having 4 days off for the first time since April/May holidays.

Just 40km in 4x10k approx. Overall pace a bit fast at 4:35s, but included a 5k tempo.

Couldn't resist the Jim Kidd post Christmas sale - Bought Asics 2140s with Asic Speedstars free - these are a little lighter than the DS trainers (which are coming to the end of their run) but still significantly more supportive than the Mizuno Idaten - for tempos and 10k-HM races. Still too light for marathon I suspect.

I'll post midweek with New Year Review/Goals

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Running Up That Hill

Kate Bush 1985

Six Inch Track Report

I had felt borderline viral/congested all week, so I took it fairly easy with Mon,Tues (race),Thurs,Sat runs total 32km

Saturday night I left the family Xmas party early and got about 4hrs sleep before a 2:45am rise, drive down to dwellingup then back to the start. Much bigger crowd than last year - over 20 I think.

I set off on the uphill first 4k much more comfortably than last year, but still found myself in 5th. Joined with Nathan and we upped the pace well under 5min/km. About 10k one of the Irish guys ran up to us, asked how fast we were going - I said 4:40 and he sped off ahead of us. Soon thereafter we saw him miss a turnoff, shouted to him, but his Ipod prevented him hearing us, and he was going too fast to readily catch.

About 14k or so Nathan let me go ahead. so I set on a plan to stay ahead of him as long as possible, knowing his endurance is great, and he'd catch me eventually. I run better when chased.

I managed to maintain the pace well up to the 23km mark (first drink stop) - not having walked and being 1hr58. Nathan was within a minute of me though. I was also told I was third, 2 of the other early leaders having made wrong turns too.

I realised I'd gone out too hard, but was already 14min up on last year at halfway. I reasoned that if I could stay ahead of or with Nathan to 35km stop, I could slog home in 4:15, my aim.

The next 12 km are some of the hilliest of the course, and I walked the steeper uphills and made it up down the hills, managing to maintain 5:10-5:15s despite the walks. I was surprised to get to 35k without Nathan in sight, and again stopped for 10 sec only before carrying on. 35k was smack on 3hrs, and I reasoned I could slow to 7 min kms and just make my target.

Fear of being caught driving me on, I maintained sub5:30 pace to 40k, and then after a section where i could look back 300m I couldnt see anyone following and realised I could come third. Soon I also realised sub4hrs was in the offing. At this point anything resembling a hill I was walking up, but only for seconds before running again.

I crossed the line third in just under 3hrs58 - a 35minute improvement on last year! I certainly hdn't taken it easy in the end, and was cramping up pretty badly for me.

As I had predicted, Craig Dufty was the dark horse in the race and won in a new course record of 3hr36, with Dave Kennedy a few minutes behind. The 3 stray runners were found and ended up running 3-5km longer than the course in total. They were a good hour behind me so I'd like to think I'd have got third anyway.

Now I'm tired but happy - the marathon time plus an hour rule of thumb and a 35min improvement in 12 months don't mean I could run a sub 3hr marathon today, but are confidence building nonetheless.

Nice to meet/carpool with Coops, who backed up well 13days after LasVegas Marathon. Bernadette broke the womens record by over an hour, Gunner stopped by at the end to say hi and TB completed (I hope - hadn't finished when I left) another mammoth effort on his injured ankle.

5k splits (2007 splits in brackets)
27:54 (31:37)
24:18 (27:28)
24:49 (27:17)
24:40 (27:31)
26:11 (29:44)
25:59 (28:05)
26:09 (31:51)
27:08 (32:23)
25:45 (32:08)

plus 960m 5:00

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Perry Lakes 3000m (Da do run run)

(not a real song title for not a real post)

Quick update for Clown's benefit, as he couldn't make it
Blustery southwest wind was into your face on the final straight of each lap

The slower race went first, and was won in 11:20 or so by the faster of the boxers who has been doing intervals recently - not sure why he didn't run with us.

We started off and quickly split into groups - First two young guys from intervals, then a group of 7 - including Jon Kappler, Sugar, Gina G-Cassey and Tony Stahl. They ended up finishing all between 9:50 and 10:00.

I sadly ran much of the race alone, feeling more exposed going into the headwind. One guy briefly pulled ahead of me for a lap then I took him again, and the 'green tshirt guy' well known to us from intervals cruised past me with 400m to go as though he was out for a sunday jog. I think I came 11th (clearly a few ringins who dont usually run tuesdays!, and no blond guy who is usually around our pace)

77/84/84/89/89/89/89/37 -10:38 for the 3k

This was about what I was expecting but had hoped for 10:30 flat if I ran really well. I think I ran a little too within myself in the middle laps.

Great fun anyway, held off on a long cooldown to start saving the legs for SixInch
This time is VDOT 54.9 - on track for what it's worth!

Band On The Run

Wings 1973 - who said Paul went downhill after the Beatles?

75km week, capped off by a sad performance at City Beach 4k race

Mon 11.2k @4:44 154 - easy
Tues 12.5k@4:13 - intervals
Wed 11.15k@4:36 157 -
Thu 9.65k@5:01 148 - recovery
Fri 10.53k@4:45 156 - easy
Sat 9.94k@4:59
Sun 9.74k@4:19 - race

Tuesday Intervals - 300mx4, 60sec.500mx4 90sec, 300mx4


Pretty good session, first interal finished about 8th, but by the end of the 500s was 3rd.

Sunday, 4k race
Slept in and missed my morning routine. Ridiculously narrow start - went out hard to get some space. Pushed too hard early but going OK when an extremely urgent call of nature came - cut out at 3.2k to toilets!

3:27/3:34/3:37 - 10:39 at 3k (about 10:42 on the course) +200m @3:46
Given that sub 10:40 is the goal for the 3k track rac, I guess this is OK, but felt pretty dumb pulling out of a 4k race (until I later found that Clown had pulled out with a similar ailment at 1.7k)

This week - 3000m track, taper for SixInch. Will I continue my everyday run (25days now)?

Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Long Run

The Eagles, 1979

101km this week - nice to crack the ton again. (9 points in the 60 runs 60 days comp after 8.5 last week)

Monday 10.7k 5:05min/k, 147bpm average - recovery
Tuesday 10k @ 4:19 - intervals
Wednesday 10.5k @4:59, 151 - recovery
Thursday am 10.7@4:48, 155 - recovery
Thursday pm 9.5k with tempo/10k pace section
Friday 8.1k @5:01 149
Saturday 10.6k@4:46 - hilly fartlek (forgot HRM)
Sunday 31.2k@4:45

Tuesday intervals, an easier session - 10x300m 60sec rest
57/55/55/54/55/54/54/55/54/53 - peak HRs just touching 190 again

Thursday pm, tried out my new racing flats with a 10k pace session over 5.5k
3:41/3:44/3:48/3:54/3:54/1:54 last 500m - av HR 180, peak 184
Went through 5k in 19:04 - only 10 seconds off my 5k PB so pretty happy as I felt I could keep that up a while longer

Sunday long run. Started off 1st 6k alone at 5:00s then met Rob and we pushed it up to 4:40s and held this kind of pace for the rest of the run, for a few km in the middle running 4:30s then slowing a tough at the end.

Mild taper this week, but mainly just not doing a long run on sunday should cut the mileage. Now being at Day17 of consecutive running days, I'm tempted to stretch that out for a while longer, so we might see some pretty slow and short ones here and there in the next 3 weeks.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Ran (So Far Away)

A Flock Of Seagulls - 1982. A classic 1980's one hit wonder.

98km week @ 4:46 - that's big for me!

Distance Pace Av HR
Monday 10.7k 4:53 154 Recovery Run
Tuesday 12.3k 4:20 180 (intervals) 153 (w/up,c/down)
Wednesday 11.25k 4:43 158 Recovery
Thursday 10.6k 4:57 153 Recovery
Friday 10.5k 4:28 170 (5km of tempo 4min/k) 150 (other)
Saturday 10.4k 4:56 151 Recovery
Sunday 32.2k 4:54 No monitor

Tuesday intervals were tough - 12x400m total.
400 hard, 100jog, 400 hard.
90sec rest, then repeat
4x400 with 2 min rest between
400 hard, 100jog, 400 hard, 90sec then repeat

HR max 192 in all after the first 2 intervals
Was buggered at the end!

Friday tempo was pretty average (3k@400, 2k@3:55) Effort felt much harder than HR which only peaked in the mid 170s. will keep trying a second quality session

Sunday long run with a nice pace progression over 5k splits -
Rob took a short one after a tough week, but I managed to run the 19-30k section in a good rhythm without a stop, and finished off strong after a quick walk at 30k.

I am entering Sling's territory in terms of shoes now, 8 pairs in rotation:
Asics 2110 (x2) Asics 2130, Adidas Supernova Control, Brooks Adrenaline, New Balance 1224, Asics DS trainer, Mizuno Idaten. The first 4 are pretty similar with the asics having a more cushioned ride, whilst the NB are very stable and cushioned but heavy, and the final 2 are for speedwork - yet to run properly in the Mizunos.

I've decided to just have a 2 week taper for sixinch as I'm not intending on running it 'all-out' and want to use my current motivation and mild weather to log some decent kms. So one more big week.

The plan the following week is to race 4k at City Beach and 2 days later race 3000m track at the Interval Group's Perry Lakes time trial. Will be interesting how I back up, and how far behind the speedster I am.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

We Run This

Missy Elliot 2006. To paraphrase Mr Burns, 'I'm no music critic, but I know what I hate... and I don't hate this.'

I'm quite hppy with this week given my illness. Felt like crap until Thursday, so I put on the HRM and tried to run with HR under 150. This resulted in some fairly slow times.

Tues pm 13.3k @ 5:06. The last 3k had to be at 5:25s to keep the HR down
Wed pm 13.3k @ 5:12. Even slower!
Fri am 11.1k @ 5:02 - starting to feel brighter
Sat am 28.4k (approx) - long run on same course (sixinch) as a couple of weeks ago, with Rob. We headed out quite a bit quicker than last time, and I felt OK until the 18k mark. Then I felt I was pushing too hard and we took plenty of breaks on the return. Took a wrong turn on the way back but could see the error on the map and ended up running about the same distance.

Sun am 13.1k @ 4:59. Slightly higher HR in the second half than earlier runs in the week kept a very consistent 5min/k pace throughout. Felt surprisingly good after the hills of yesterday - was glad we took the second half fairly easy.

Hopefully can return to normal this week, although I am going to wear my HRM for all slow runs and enforce a low HR policy. This should allow me to up the km's and not get sick. If you notice me speeding up in the slow runs, feel free to tell me about it.

Edit... Clown found the Sat run very easy - he even had time to fall over a couple of times. I am definitely the underdog.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Running on Empty

Jackson Browne 1978 - not my favourite of his, but a great songwriter.

Virus (again) - combination of overtraining in terms of intensity combined with looking down sick peoples throats all day has led to too many infections (more importantly my inability to learn from history and not reduce my training intensity)

Given the severity of my August infection and subsequent sinusitis, I'm going extra cautious - dont want to go back there again.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Born to Run

'The Boss' (Bruce Springsteen) 1975. Hmm... perhaps I'm giving away my musical tastes with my first 3 post titles - need to find something more recent to appeal to the younger audience.

Lower mileage this week (76k total)- entirely due to laziness - couldn't get myself out of bed in the mornings so no run Mon or Friday as I worked too late.

Tues Intervals - 1600 hard. 3 min rest. 1600 of 100hard/100float, 3 min rest. 1600 hard
1.62 in 5:48 (3:34min/k)
1.62 in 6:01 (3:43min/k) - includes the 'floats'
1.62 in 5:45 (3:33min/k)

Happy with the session - especially that the fast/slow one was only a little slower.
12.6k all up

Wed 12.56k @ 4:28 - progression run to 10k, then eased back
Thurs 8.17k @ 4:19 - started after work at 7pm - so kept it short
Sat 29.3k @ 5:16

'recon' run of part of the sixinch course. Ran the 1st half as a group - return run with Nathan faster (1st 10k 5:31min/k, 2nd 10k 5:13min/k, last 9k 4:59min/k)
Very enjoyable to be out there - trialled a belt pack ($17 Target) holding a 600ml bottle (and another bottle in my hand) and it was much more comfortable than a camelbak.
The legs really felt the hills, kinda forgot just how hilly it is!
Somewhat delayed return to Perth as a couple of the guys decided to take an unplanned detour - alls well that ends well! I also discovered that the Garmin has a 'breadcrumbs' function to follow a previous track - how could I have had it so long and never used it - I guess because it's hard to get lost running the same 3 or 4 tracks all the time.

Marshalled at Founders 10 miler this am and had the job of timekeeper - those times are the most accurate you'll see on the calendar - had 3 timers going at once to ensure precision, and I stood exactly at the finish line to ensure accuracy.

I might do Penninsula next weekend - the only problem is that I want to do the 10k, but if Rob does the 5k there is no way I'm going to be able to hold myself back from following him at the start. Having said that, its not a 2 lap race, so my issue with giving up after 5k/one lap will not be an issue.

Sun 13.2k @ 4:41 - easier run

Total 76k for the week

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Running to stand still

U2's The Joshua Tree (1987) is a classic album, and certainly one I listened to quite a bit in my final year of high school. Obviously the famous Number ones - 'with or without you', 'where the streets have no name' and 'I still haven't found what I'm looking for' are best known. 'Running to stand still' is about drug addiction, but the phrase is applicable in the everyday life of many, working hard just to make ends meet.

On to the running week -
89.35k @ 4:43min/k

Tues - intervals 'whistle session' including the fast and slow sections
1.95k@ 3:37min/k
1.95k@ 3:36
3.3w/up, 2.5w/dn
Wed 15.3k @ 4:42
Thurs 10.4 @ 4:43
Fri 10.4 @4:53
Sat 11.28@4:37 (with 3k @3:55 aborted tempo)
Sun 30.3k @4:53

Sunday run with Rob, and Homo for the first 10k - legs felt pretty tired from the higher mileage week but carried through OK - took our share of short breaks.

Congrats to SlingRunner for Marathon PB!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Running Against the Wind

Having looked through the boring titles of my posts, I've decided to start naming my posts after songs relating to running.

Bob Seger's Against the Wind (1980) is a long time member of my IPod playlist and my favourite song of his. I've always thought of it as a comment on life and change, but interestingly Seger was a top level middle distance runner in highschool and stated that this was where the idea originated (Wikipedia (:)

Anyhoo, this song seemed appropriate for this week. Without whingeing too much I had a tough work week with 14hour days Thurs and Fri and 10hrs Sat, that completely threw me off both emotionally and in terms of getting runs in. I managed to squeeze only one run into these 3 days - at lunchtime.

Week 68km
Mon 10.4k @ 4:42 easy
Tues intervals 10x400, most at 79sec (see Clowns blog for the details)
Wed 10k @ 4:24 heart rate testing progression run
Thurs 10k @ 4:39 - midday hot and humid run

Sun 28.2k @ 4:55

This morning sent some redemption with the long run. I started 15min later (or 45min earlier) than usual due to daylight savings, and must have just missed Rob. Having run up to Kings Park I went on around the bridges. Felt great having had 2 days no running and pent up frustration from meetings/exams to vent. Could have pushed on over 30k

I'm still unsure on whether to run the track 10k on Friday night - will probably make the decision on the day, see how I feel

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Feels like summer

A couple of summer-ish days and it feels like summer. Especially with cricket on the radio

73km this week @ 4:41

Interval Tuesday
wed 11k at 4:45
Thurs 9k @ 4:42
Fri 5k tempo @ 4:10. 10k total
Sat 10k @ 4:43
Sunday 24.5k @4:54

Nice long run with Rob - 15deg at start, 21 at end but frsh breeze kept it cool. Went a bit slower than last week and finished far more comfortably than last week.

Logged 15minutes yoga on the wii fit!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Interval stats

1200/800/400 with 3/2/2min break. Repeat x1


Overall 3:30min/k pace on Sportstracks. Ran with Rob for each (- but with me being the underdog I had to try harder!!)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Back to normal

What a great feeling to be 100% fit again after that 'flu
My only problem this week was running too fast - a nice problem to have again

62km for the week @ 4:37

Tues Intervals as documented
Wed 10k progression av 4:29 last 3k @ 4:15
Fri 10k @ 4:38
Sat 10k @ 4:39
Sun 20k @4:47

First Sunday long run with Rob in quite a while. Probably ran too fast for my current fitness, but as per last year, Rob is starting off in better form, which should help me improve up towards his level over the coming weeks/months. This will be of vital importance to the sub 3hr goal.

Gentle increases over the next 2 months is the aim, running 30k by SixInch and then starting a formal Canberra program (lets assume I convince the better half that I can do Canberra)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Interval splits for reference - continuous 200easy/400hard x8
2.5k w/up, 4.25k c/dn


4.8k (4.97 Sportstracks) in 18:58
ran the first 4 with Rob, then he stopped for a brb, slipped in pace a bit the next 4.
Happy with the overall run though, controlled effort at not far from my 5k pace

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Go The Tan Redux

Two weeks later, back in Melbourne for a conference, and a couple more Tan runs.

In between, things weren't so great. I had another mini relapse of my 'flu, with another week off running. Only now a full 6 weeks after the illness do I feel fully recovered (finally!)

So this past week I yet again started back in a gentle way with about 50k of running.

Saturday morning there happened to be a Victorian Road Runners club run at the tan, so I shook off my hangover and headed down - there were about 100 people, with the option to do 4k or 8k (they added a litle section to get the track up to a full 4k)

I decided to do the one lap. Started at the back to force myself not to start too fast, and it worked to a degree with a 3:40 first km. 3:48 second km, then up the hill in the third 4:08, and final km 3:47.
Finished in 15:32 - quite happy with this hard but not all out effort.

Once again the plan is to gradually build up the distance without going too fast - lets see how it goes.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Go the Tan

Gradually geting back into it, I'm still about 10sec/k off the pace.

60km this week
10k each of Tues and Wed
Wed pm flew to Melbourne for 2 days of meetings
Thurs am ran the Tan with some colleagues. 1-4k in 5-5:30s, then left one person behind, next 3k in 4:50s, left the other behind, 2k in 4:15s

Fri am again ran with colleague - 7k in 4:50s, 3k alone in 4:15s. Didn't end up running a proper time trial due to time constraints and running with others

Hopefully when I head back in a couple of weeks I can run a full paced lap

Sunday am couldn't be bothered going to Freo HM, ran 18k in the morning, with about 10k at 4:15-4:20 pace. Half marathon pace, but felt lethargic at times this pace felt very much like HM pace, at others was harder.This is the pace I'll need to sustain for a 3hr marathon. Didn't have the energy/motivation to finish out 20+km which had been my intention

Onwards and upwards, a few more km this week is the intention.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Easy Does It

50k week this week

I payed for the hilly 13k last Sunday with bilateral hamstring strains. This might have been a blessing in disguise, though, because I was forced to go slowly on my Tues and Wed pm runs so as not to hurt them more.

Friday morning I was starting to feel better and I ran a 10k progression, finishing the last 2k in 4:10s - which was a tempo pace effort. Friday afternoon at work my throat got sore again and I was cursing myself for pushing too hard. Luckily I worked all day Saturday and didn't run, and the flare up disappeared.

This morning I went out and tried to do a gentle long run. I stopped at 18k due to lateral left hip pain (?ITB or referred glut medius pain), but was still happy with an increase.

Not decided about Freo Half now - only get back from Melbourne on Friday night. Don't want to do the 5k, but if I do the Half would try to hold back to 1:35 or so.

We'll see how the body feels over the course of the week.

Thanks Homo for dinner Thursday - I'll repay the favour when you go sub 3:20 in Berlin!!!

Sunday, September 07, 2008


The virus which shouldn't have affected my City to Surf performance ended up being the worst illness I've ever had. The initial illness ran like a usual virus - felt sick Wed, Thurs, FRi, improving Saturday. I'm not sure if it was specifically the run on sat am - only did 12k at 5min/k, but Mon am I woke with a sinus and middle ear infection. I thought I've had sinus infections before but obviously never a real one. I didn't leave the front door of the house for 6 days - unheard of. ( Didn't drink alcohol for 2 weeks - even more unheard of!!!). The only positive is that I have gained some empathy for patients going through this.

This week I returned to work, finished a 10 day course of antibiotics, but still felt congested and blocked in the ears

4 runs this week - 6k, 9k,9k and 13k today - all slow with walks in the middle. Whilst enjoying being out there, 5min/k feels like hard work - I'm hoping that will quickly catch up to normal.

Races and speed sessions are on the backburner for now - just want to build up over 2 weeks to daily 10k runs. I have 2 trips to Melbourne in the next 4 weeks as part of a new position - staying next to the Botanical Gardens, so hopefully I can do a couple of runs of the famous Tan track.

We'll see how things go but I might dump my plans of 5k/10k PBs in coming months and just slowly build up the mileage, with April in mind (having second thoughts about Boston and thinking about Canberra again)

I hope Clown and Homo's next posts have the same title as this one! (copycats)

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Nasty virus struck wed night - ?result of hard running sun and tues.

No running wed-fri with fevers, sat am felt a bit better within myself although still very sinusy, did 12k with brotherinlaw in just under an hour.

Shouldn't adversely affect my C2S performace much as long as I recover OK.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Second Interval session

Again, for my future reference

6x600m (Garmin measured at 630, but I assume trackis pretty accurate) 90 sec rest


Did a seventh thanks to masochistic Rob (who did 8) 2:03
Happy with the increased speed across the intervals
2k w/up, 2k w/d

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lake Joondalup 5k!

Wussed out today in the 10k, and setled for 5

Since Tuesday's intervals, did 13k Wed pm and 13k Fri pm over hilly terrain

This morning, 2.5k warmup with some stridethroughs
Set off on a flat course with 3:38/3:53/3:48/3:47/3:36 - 18:55 5k
Went out a little too hard and Rob & I decided at 3k to only do the 5k. Having said that, I didn't really commit to the 5k, and felt like I hadn't given it everything.
Did a 6k cooldown with Rob, was thinking of a bit more this afternoon but went and watched the Dockers get thumped instead.

Anyway, it's a PB and given comparison charts is what I should be running given my 10k time.

So hopefully a fairly heavy week this week before a final week taper into the City to Surf.

Congrats again to Homo for the big 10k PB

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Popping this one in for my future reference, first Perry Lakes Interval Session
100m, 100easy, 200m, 100easy, 300m - six times with 2 min break between

I missed the first on on the watch - recorded 2-6, very even pace:

Rep: 100m (jog) 200m (jog) 300m

#2: 18 (25) 40 (26) 60
#3: 18 (25) 40 (26) 61
#4: 18 (27) 39 (27) 60
#5: 18 (27) 38 (27) 61
#6: 19 (26) 39 (28) 58

I'm assuming interval #1 was similar pace, given it was first
So all 100s at 3min pace and 200/300s at 3:20 pace
Even including the jogs, the 800m were at 3:30 pace or less

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Aussie Aussie Aussie...

Taking some energy from the Olympics, I have built up so far this month - 110k in the first 10 days
This week 80k -
Mon 10k @ 4:35 'easy'/progression
Tues am 10k @4:43 easy
Tues pm 5x 1k 3:47/3:48/3:50/3:55/3:47 (9k total)
Wed hill intervals with Rob (10k total)
Thurs off
Fri 10k @ 4:43 easy
Sat 22k @ 5:03 - ran city to surf course with brotherinlaw and Rob
Sun 5k tempo @ 4:06 (9k total)

So a bit of quality there - didn't run Wally Cairns race this am due to work commitments.
I feel I'm starting to get back to the pace I was running in March pre Canberra Marathon, which bodes well for my City to Surf chances.

We'll see how things go for this Sunday. I'm keen to maintain some volume this week as C2S is my main goal, but my wife is away this weekend so I'll probably head up to the Joondalup race anyway. I may just limit the quality work to Tuesday and Wed, make Thurs-Sat easy runs and see how I perform on Sunday. Also depends upon whether I gt much sleep this week watching the Olympics - luckily with the same timezone, no real middle of the night stuff.

I've varied my shoes more these past 2 weeks as well, running in Asics (2110, 2130 and DS trainers), Mizuno (wave inspire), and Adidas ( Adistar control and the Supernova control)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Run For Gold 10k

Quiet training week - did my hill interval session on Tuesday but was still pretty sore post KOTM.

Wed 10.8k @ 4:35 over hilly terrain which ended up a fartlek session I guess.

Thurs and Friday work and weather conspired to stop me running at all, so on Sat I decided to enter the Run4Gold10k. Didn't run on Sat as a taper

Somewhat miserable weather wet, windy), but I felt OK

Started 3:54/3:55/4:03/3:59/4:05 to be pretty much bang on 20min at halfway by Garmin, but it was already 100m ahead of the km markers - thus I was 30sec behind.

Lacking a great deal of motivation I pulled back somewhat for 4:04/4:05/4:09/4:07/4:05. Finished without a sprint - 41:09, 10.17k on Garmin in 4:03 average.

I probably ran at 95% effort - certainly wasn't dead at the end, but doubt I could have run sub40 on this course today.

A couple of weeks without a race now - think I'll skip the Wally cairns in a fortnight, run Joondalup the week after, and then City to Surf a fortnight after that.

Great to see Homo with some form on the back of an 80k week.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

King of the Mountain 2008

I got back into training last Saturday, and ran 5 sessions before today - including hill intervals Tuesday

Sat 8.15k @ 4:27
Sunday 13.1k @ 4:41
Tues 11.4K @ 4:48 with 3x750m hill intervals
Thurs 10k @ 4:38
Friday 9.3k @4:48

I decided to do the KOTM today as something different, and thought it would be good preparation for City To Surf in terms of hills. Legs wre a bit fatigued though, so I told myself to take it fairly easy ( as if that would ever happen)

It was a freezing morning (1.7degrees C in Perth, felt colder in the hills), and as it is a one way course you drive to the finish and get a bus to the start - at the bottom of the hill. It was freezing in the bus.

My handicap was 17min41, which meant I had to wait half an hour after the first starters to get going. By 8:30 when I started, the sun was out and it was a little warmer. All the male runners who weren't club members started 2min40 behind me, so I was expecting to be passed by a few people.

I set out hardish over the flat first two kms in 3:57/4:13, then ploughed through the river crossing ( - freezing water to upper thigh level). My quads were shocked and it took a little while to get in a rhythm again.

From 3-14k the course was undulating with more ups than downs, but each hill was short enough to get thorough then catch my breath on the descent. I ran at 4:25s to 4:30s throughout this period and passed alot of people. At 14k I still had only been passed by 4 people - all non members and I thought I might be nearing the front of the members and the glory of a top5 finish.

With 1.5k to go, the hill became constant, and my energy suddeny drained. I think had I known the course and how near I was to the finish (finished at 15.9 on Garmin, supposed to be 16.1 and I expected an overmeasurement), I may have pushed through but I stopped and walked a little way up the hill. In that final 1.5k about six people passed me. I still ran 5:00s for each km, so I wasn't going that slow. Suddenly I saw the finish 300m ahead and pushed hard to finish - 1hr11:44 (54 minutes something handicap time).

That time would have put me in the top 5 last year, but I missed it this time. (Out of interest Clown - you would have started about 2 and a half minutes after me on the handicap system)

So my easy run ended up being a gut-buster, and 4:30min/kms never felt so hard.

My plan from here is hills, hills, hills in training, and keep attending racs on sundays, without necessarily tapering or expecting PBs in them. Tuesday will be a hill interval session every week, and if I dont do a short race on the Sunday I'll do a second speed or tempo session during the week.

The tourdefrance is making early morning runs harder, although the EPO boost my energy. Once again I have had my annual thoughts of buying a road bike, but again I find it hard enough to make time t run, am I really going to make time to ride?

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Perth Marathon 2008

Well it's 4pm and I finally feel able to sit up and type out a report - there was a lot of pain going on today

It was a quiet week - 2 training runs at MP, 8 and 7km

Friday night pasta dinner with Rob, Saturday afternoon dropped off the drinks, interrupted sleep on Sat night before getting up at 5 for coffee and toast - the usual routine. I must admit to being fairly relaxed compared to previous years.

It was a cool morning to say the least - 0.9degrees - which is as cold as it gets in Perth.

For once Rob and I didn't run together - he was aiming for faster than me, so I quickly settled into a pace which was still a little faster than it should have been

0- 5k 21:48 (4:22)
5-10k 22:00 (4:24)
10-15K 22:18 (4:28)
15-20K 22:28 (4:30)
Half in just under 1:34
20-25k 22:21 (4:28)
25-30k 23:01 (4:36)

I had settled into a group of 6 or so who ran together from 10-25k, and as can be seen, I was still on 3hr10 pace at 30k.

Then the predicted lack of distance in training showed out.
30-35k I held on to about 4:50s
Then I really hit the wall, and went to a jog 500m, walk 50m strategy, that saw me hold 5:10s or so til 39k, but slip to 5:45s in the last 3k until a face saving last 500m.

I ended up with 3:19:xx - pretty much as I predicted.

I was absolutely wrecked at the end, apologies to Clown, Homo and respective families for lack of discussion - I needed to get home and horizontal for a while.
My immediate impression was the same as Homo's son after doing the kids marathon - 'I'm never doing that again' - but it wouldn't be a marathon if I didn't feel that way.

Congrats to Clown for the impressive run - 3:09 running alone and with a toilet break - my prediction that you had sub3:00 in you wasn't far from the truth.

Well done TB on returning to sub4hours - although we may need to have a little talk about that haircut!

All the best to Homo for the 12 week Berlin prep - see you out at some races.

Woosha did sub330 - but no-one told him to tape his nipples - ouch!

Sling - you need to find a conference here as an excuse to come over and run with us again

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Next week Perth Marathon

Didn't post last week, but not too much to report

Last week - 52k with Sunday 25k @ 4:48
This week - 40k with Sunday 17.6k @ 4:37

I'm still running well, fast in my tempo/intervals, pretty comfortable in the longer runs.

It's coming to decision time for marathon pacing. Whilst I think I'll leave the decision until the day, I think in the end I'll probably set off t get to halfway in 96-97, then continue at that pace on the way back and see when/if I run into trouble from lack of endurance. It may be a painful day bu I may as well have a chance at a 3:15-3:20.

The alternatives are heading out harder with Rob - but I'll probably pay for that dearly, or going out in 100 for the half with a better chance of bringing it home OK.

We'll see, but history tells I'm not good at holding back!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Perth Half Marathon 2008

Had my annual pre marathon virus week this week - ran only 32k including today

Tuesday 10.5k @ 4:34 - progression run

Then developed virus and this combined with weather, work and my flagging motivation convinced me not to run each day. Felt better Saturday but decided to leave it for today.

Conditions weren't perfect - rain and wind. Parking at Burswood was the worst I've seen at a run, and despite arriving 25 minutes pre start, by the time I'd parked and got there, I had less than 5 minutes.

Ran with Rob and we settled in to a 4:15-4:20 pace - 43:14 at 10k
At the turnaround Rob flirted with the idea of pushing the pace in the back half to go sub90, but after a km or two decided to keep it safe for the Marathon and slowed back to our previous pace.
Now it was my turn to feel strong and think about pushing the pace, but I too thought better of it.

This was definitely the right option as we held our pace and coasted along at conversational effort. I even surprised myself by not pushing it when a couple of runners overttook us with 4k to go.

It was only in the last km which we pushed to 4:00 pace that I felt the effort, and even then, it was fairly controlled

21.39 (Sportstracks) in 1:31:57 @ 4:18s
5k splits - 21.34, 21.40, 21.41, 21.50

Happy with the result and with my form over the middle distances. I still have grave concerns re the marathon with "long" runs of 15k/19k/23k/15k/16k/21k in the six weeks back from holidays. This is a recipe for hitting the wall. It'll take all my willpower to hold back on the day and run an even pace 3:30 rather than heading out in 1:35 and dying in the back half.

Oh, and I ran in skins for the first time in a race (I think). Not really for my benefit but for the delight of the ladies out on the course. I'm sure I cut a fine figure!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Lake Monger 10k

Finally a sub 40!

Tough couple of training weeks
Last week ran 76k @ 4.44 - never found my groove and struggled along in the mornings. Only managed 15k on Sunday and then another 15k on Monday
This week 62k @4:35 - started to get some rhythm going. Did a 6k tempo @ 4:15 on Thurs.

This morning wanted to get the sub40 done. Smallish field at Lake Monger, 2k warmup
Started hardish to clear any traffic, then settled in with Rob until 5k

Splits 3:44/3:59/3:55/3:51/3:57

At 5k Rob took off and I ran the rest of the race with the eventual female winner. Felt like crap and was a matter of saying one more km then I can stop for each of the last 5k!

Splits 4:00/3:54/4:00/4:02/3:57

I was very thankful to have the young lady running with me - she was pushing very hard to win - which I thought she had done easily but at the award ceremony I see she was only a few seconds in front of the second placegetter.

I sprinted ahead of her at the end to record 39:34 (10k, Garmin 10.05, Sportstracks 10:09)

A 3.5k cooldown lap with Rob, who impressively ran under 39, had me feeling quite good.

Now that mental hurdle has been cleared, I can look to knocking another minute off it by the end of the year!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Swings & Roundabouts

Up and down week

Back injury at work on Monday - lifting a patient with poor tachnique when I knew I shouldn't - left me with an excuse not to run much

The sessions I did run were fast

Tues 5k 'tempo plus' in 19:45, 2 min rest then 5x1k - 352/348/400/354/355
Friday 8k tempo - 1st 4k in 4:20s, next 4k in 4:10s

Wanted to do some sessions in the mould of SlingRunner - and was fairly happy with the result

Sun23k @ 4:43. Ran with Rob and couldn't hack the pace - walked a couple of times and couldn't even come up with the last 2k to make 25.

No excuse for the performance - just too fast for me.

This has confirmed my decision to take the marathon fairly easy and focus on doing 10k PB.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gentle Return

9 days back - 74km at 4:44

Would have liked to have done more, but post holiday 'stuff' limited things.

On the plus side - generally doing OK
On the minus - ITB niggles for first time in a while
Not having done a long run leaves me with at most 4 long runs prior to the marathon. And that would mean missing or incorporating 2 10k races and the HM.

No great point going though each run - 19k this am - limited by a breakfast at 9am.
One tempo/CV session with 4x1k at 4:00-4:05
Five 10-15k runs

I'm all confused.
Should I do challenge 10k next week hard, then add some extra before and after?
Should I wait til Lake Monger 10k and race that with a better chance at a PB?
Do I do the 50k MundaBiddi instead of Lake Monger,4 weeks out?
I'll definitely need to make the HM into a longer run.
Should I try to incorporate a midweek long run sometime to allow racing both 10k's?
Do I say to heck with the long runs and accept an average Marathon relying on km's 'in the bank'
To be honest no matter what I dont expect a great performance in the Marathon - I'm doing it to keep my consecutive run going

I'll do some thinking this week. Either way the big goal is Boston next year, and the next couple of months are either going to help my aerobic base or speed or both for that.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Back to it

Back from 4 weeks holiday post Canberra marathon
4kg heavier thanks to overindulging in Hawaii, Baltimore NewYork and Paris

Very little running in 4 weeks - 6 runs totalling about 50km - due to lack of places to run as well as to laziness.

New shoes - bought some Adistar Control V - on recommendation of Clown - best feeling shoe for me since AsicsGT2110. Now I wish I bought more in the uS, where they cost $100 compared with the exorbitant costs here.

So now for the second half of 2008

Initial plan is to build up to decent mileage over the next 4 weeks.
Next is to get in a sub 40min 10k which I should have done by now. I had considered doing that tomorrow but JetLag makes that unlikely. Challenge or Lake Monger seem the candidates
Third is potentially a 42-50k trail run at the MundaBiddi100k in June, if preparations are going OK
Fourth is Perth Marathon - my 4th in a row. I am not expecting a PB with limited preparation and lack of real mental focus for this one. Sub 330 is good enough.

Fifth and probably the main goal will be to focus on speed post July and try to really set a decent 10k PB, sub39 minutes in the second half of the year. If I am to make inroads towards my goal of sub 3hour marathon next year I need to be getting the 10k time down to sub 38min realistically.

My wife's family have enthusiastically jumped on the 2009 Boston Marathon wagon - all planning a US holiday to coincide, so if finances allow this seems quite likely - and with the travel, support, cost and long buildup I would hope for a big PB performance.

First things first though - lets start running again and see how much is lost from 4 weeks of rest.

Hi to Clown, Homo,TB,Sling - hope you are all progressing through your various challenges.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Quick update from Waikiki!

Sorry on the last post - had 30 min on hotel internet and was too cheap to cough up for another half hour - finished mid sentence.

Now a week later i'm happy. Nursing a strained left calf muscle (up near the back of the knee) which has limied my couple of attempts at recovery runs here - have stuck to walking, surfing ,eating, drinking and sunbathing.

Still a bit annoyed that my official time is 15-20sec slower than it should have been.

Will take it real easy over the holiday now to make sure the calf recovers, then will start training again in May for Perth Marathon. I don't think I can mount the same singleminded assault on a marathon that quickly, but I'll approach it with no aim of a PB, more of a launch for 10k PBs in the second half of the year.

Boston is being considered.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Canberra marathon

Quick post from Melbourne before my US holiday

Great run, 3:14 finished with Rob. Took some time to get to the start line but my chip obviously didn't record as they gave me my gun time.

Arrived Friday pm, had pasta dinner with Rob
Saturday am did 4k easy over part of the course. Pasta dinner with Rob, Tracey, Henry and his family.

Unfortunately got separated from Rob at the start - due to a late toilet stop. I started quite far back near the 3:15 pacer, and thought I'd stay with him and see Rob out there.

The pacer went out hard, doing some 4:15s in the 5-10k section to get to 10k under 45. At this point I caught Rob and we decided to fall behind the pacer.

We hit very solid 4:33-4:38 pace throughout the 10-35k section, in at times heavy rain on a flat road course around Lake Burley Griffin.

Things got tough at 36k or so with cramping quads, adductors and calves. Luckily Rob held back a bit and ran with me. We didn't drop pace and finished in 4:29,4:35 for the final 2k. Slowest km of the race was a 4:45 besides the first km, so very pleased

Time gone, update later

Sunday, April 06, 2008

T minus seven

Taper week 2, managed to hold back the distance if not the intensity.

56.4k @ 4:41

Monday 9.5k recovery @4:54
Tues 10.1k@4:28. 5k continuous in 19:54 - was going to run tempo pace but felt so good cruised along at 4min/k pace. Could comfortably have gone further but didn't want to overdo it
Wed rest
Thurs 10k@4:45 progression from easy to tempo
Fri rest
Sat 9.7k@4:33 marathon pace (a bit faster)
Sun 17.1k@4:45. 'long' run with Rob. Had to hold ourselves back regularly as perhaps nervous energy pushed us along at MP. Stopped for 10mins in the middle to watch the bridges funrunners go past.

So plenty of speed from recent sharpening weeks. Could definitely run 5k/10k PBs at present.
Need to really take it easy this week - looking at maybe 20-25k total, no tempo
Flying out Friday, carbo loading last 3-4 days
Excited? You bet

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tuning up

Two week to go today!

I chose the lower mileage, fast pace option for this weeks running.

Total 62.46km @ 4:44

Monday - 10k @ 4:38 -6k progression from MP to tempo pace
Tuesday - 10.4K @ 4:57 recovery
Thursday - 11.3k @4:32. 7k tempo @ 4:10. Felt great, cruising at 4:10s could have gone on
Friday 10.4k @ 4:50 recovery
Sunday 20.2k @ 4:43. Went a little faster than intended - mixed up end of daylight saving so went out an hour early. Ran alone and got sucked in to running the second 10k at MP.

Anyway. Speed has been tuned up a bit. Looking for similar week this week, although more MP and shorter long run.

Bring it on!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

last big(-ish) week

80k this week - taper begins

Tues 10.4k recovery @ 4:58
Wed 10.3k @ 4:32 - included 4k tempo 4:10s jog then 2k 4:00s
Thurs 10.5k @ 5:00 recovery
Friday 13.4k @ 4:54 with hill rpts on Bold Park
Sat 10.6k@ 4:55 recovery
Sun 25k approx 4:55. Ran with Rob and we cut it short today. Certainly felt fairly heavy in the legs after the weeks 2 quality sessions and some pretty heavy work aroung the garden preparing to open our home for sale next weekend.

Much discussion with Rob re taper, what sessions to include, especially this week 3rd week out. ?shorten distance and maintain pace. ?easy runs most days. ?how long to go next weekend.

The books I've read seem to be sending mixed messages- firstly saying that the best results are seen with doing less running in the last 14-21 days, but then putting hard sessions in their programmes.

We'll see. It's been a good preparation and I don't want to ruin it by doing too much in the last couple of weeks.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nearly there

A somewhat frustrating week last week - had the energy but not the time.

Prime example was Friday - got home from work 6pm, due to leave for dinner 630. I raced out the door to do a 20 min VO2max session which was probably of little enefit and large risk.

Saturday was 8 hours in the garden putting a new lawn in and putting gravel down the side - I guess thats cross training.

Anyway - 75.1k in 4:51 average

Mon 10.13@5:03 recovery
Tues 10.27@4:38 with 7k at tempo/subtempo
Thurs 16.96@4:50 hilly longer midweek run last 10k at MP
Fri 4.5k@4:16 - 9x300m intervals
Sun 33.2k@4:57 - slower long run. first 20k with Rob who was recovering from virus. Felt great

Seven 30k+ runs now, probably one more next Sunday before commencing a taper.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

5 weeks to go!

85.5km this week in 4:48 average.

Felt pretty heavy in the legs all week, essentially did no quality work, just plodded through.

Mon 11.25@ 4:48
Tues 10.17@4:59
Wed 10.32@ 4:57
Thurs 10.66@4:53
Sat 12.94@4:50
Sun 30.18@4:39

This mornings run was the exception. Rob & I went out intending to do 24k at MP. My legs were still heavy so we started off pretty slowly, but gradually wound up the pace. After a first 4k at about 5min/k the remaining 26 were at 4:36's average. A few stretching stops for Rob's hamstring were the only interruptions. I felt pretty good at the end although the legs were beaten up a bit, and I declined the cooldown jog with Rob and headed home for an afternoon of gardening.

30k run with 26 at MP - bit of a confidence booster!

Sunday, March 02, 2008


In a manner I should have predicted, I developed sore throat and nasal congestion after last Sunday's 36k effort. This has been a pattern anytime I run half marathon or longer at anything faster than easy pace.

Research reveals I am not the only one. A significant percentage of runners get these symptoms after a long run or race (47% after one Ultra). It may not be infection but rather an allergic type process, although the immune system does dip after a sustained hard effort.

So what to do? I need to do some runs of this type in a mara buildup. Vitamin C has some beneficial effect and I will certainly make that a more regular thing. I also think I have previously been a bit too reserved in running with these symptoms. But as I know all too well, I continue to push too hard at some times when I shouldn't, but feel good.

So on to this week. Took Monday and Wed off due to symptoms, and only did one 'quality' session - 6k tempo on friday. Todays long run was controlled. I wanted to run shorter with some periods at MP. Once again a very humid morning made things tough.

Tues 10.3k @ 4:55min/km
Thurs 10.3k @ 4:50
Fri 10k @ 4:27 with 6k tempo 4:15
Sat 10.3k @ 4:56
Sun 27.5k @4:53. 1st 12k 5:00s,3k @4:45s, 4k @ 4:35s, last 8k 4:50-5:00s

So a quieter period continues - but last 9 weeks average 83.3k per week, versus 42.7 for the equivalent leadup weeks to Perth Mara last year!Only 3 hard training weeks to go!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Good long run

Wound it up a bit again after 2 lighter weeks - 99.3km week.

Mon 10.1k recovery @ 4:56 (trying to slow down on these)
Tues 11.32k @ 4:41. Included hill efforts and 2.5k at 10k pace before a very slow jog home
Wed 10.3k @ 4:52 easy
Thurs 10.5k @ 4:35 - included 3k then 2k at 4:05 pace
Friday 10.33k @ 4:44 - inbetween pace run I'm trying to cut back on these
Sat 10.6k @ 4:51
Sun 36.2k @ 4:54 (2hrs57,20)

One of my best long training runs thus far. Ran with Rob on the usual course ( w.perth-bold park-trigg-hale rd -home). Went around( rather than over) the second Hale Rd hill to save Rob's hamstring
Easy first 10k in 51:21
Next 15k averaged 4:46's and we were purposely holding back
Back to 4:50-5:00s next 8k
Finished full of running - 34-35k did 4:15. Even better, was planning to walk the last km home but felt good and jogged the final k in 4:56 to finish very satisfied.

Kudos to Rob for pushing on despite hamstring pain

On the merry-go-round of expectations re Canberra, this week I feel confident I can do it(3:15)
4 more full training weeks before 3 week taper - want 90-110k in each.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Matilda Bay 10k 2008

First up, I admit to over-reacting on the injury front. The achilles hurt Sun,Mon,Tues Wed and then calmed down - with plenty of stretching, ice and then eccentric contraction exercise.

Luckily, in a way, I developed a mild virus this week, which limited my training. I had already done slow 10ks on Mon and Tuesday, which weren't helping the achilles, and prob would have continued had the virus not come up.

Sat am I did another slow 10k and felt OK.

Sat night I had a few wines, leaving Sunday morning a 'Should I or Shouldn't I ?' argument as I lay in bed at 6am. Obviously I decided I would.

I arrived early and did 2.5k warmup with some strides at the end. 20 degrees, 85% humidity
Set off mid pack to hopefully force myself not to start too hard

3:50/3:55/3:56/4:00/4:03 to be 19:44(GPS), 19:50(marker) at the halfway point.

Felt pretty awful here and told myself to go til 7k, where you pass the start, and could stop there

3:59/4:00 -still feeling crappy but there came a light sprinkling of rain which cooled things down in the humidity. Managed to forge on a bit longer

4:05/4:05 for the 8th and 9th kms meant I was just under 36min on the GPS, just over on the marker.

I ran the last km in 3:57 and turned into the final 30m with the clock on 39:55.

Finished in 40:02. 10k race, Garmin watch 10.05, Sportstracks (who use a different algorithm) 10.08.
Obviously you always run a bit further than 10k, as the course is measured on the shortest possible route, but 2 seconds off is pretty annoying. Wish I started on the front line!

Anyway - 52km for the week, very light on, hope to do 100k+ this week with the cooler weather.
The sub 40min goal will have to wait a few more months.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


'The stars are not wanted now; put out every one:
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun;
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the woods:
For nothing now can ever come to any good.'

Sure, W.H.Auden wrote this poem for a funeral, but that's a little how I was feeling today.

Right achilles tendinopathy - first niggle of pain on Sat am run, more marked flare on this mornings run, causing a shortened effort

Potential causes?
  • Overuse
  • Speedwork fri am (although only 2x1k at 4:10 - not that speedy)
  • Changing shoes - varying old 2110, new 2130, new Mizunos
  • Me being a weak old woman

  • Read everything I can - done/in progress
  • See my podiatrist - book Monday
  • Ice, Ice ,Ice - in progress
  • Stretching regime (Alfredson)
  • Cry uncontrollably for half an hour - done (not really)
  • No running for a few days and miss the 10k race next week - hmm....
Want a reality check about how seriously you take your running, get an injury.
Who knows, I might wake up tomorrow with the pain gone - happened with patellar tendinopathy in the past, but this feels worse.

Anyway, the week in review - only 75.1km @ 4:45

Mon rest
Tues 10.38 @ 4:43
Wed 10.33@ 4:44
Thurs 11.30 @ 4:47
Fri 11.96k @ 4:36 - with 2x1k 4:10s
Sat 10.1 @ 5:19 with brother in law
Sun 21.06 @ 4:33 - HM in 1:35.58, last couple of km at 4:15s, felt great everywhere except achilles.
I'll know a lot more in a week about whether this is me being pessimistic or honest

Sunday, February 03, 2008


101.91km @ 4:49 - booya!

January total 389.4km - ran 28 of 31 days.
5 weeks - 81/87/96/87/101

Mon 10.12k@ 4:48 recovery
Tues 9.97k@ included 4k tempo@ 4:16, then 3x700m intervals
Wed 11.65k@4:40 easy
Thurs 15.83@4:46 hilly with 10k @MP
Fri 10.43k@ 4:46 easy
Sat 10.72@ 4:48 easy
Sun 33.19k @ 5:01

Hot long run today - 24.5degrees at the start, just tipping 30 at the end.
Ran with Rob, took things a bit slower than last week. Generally did OK for the end of such a big week, and ran up Hale Rd hills OK. Blew up a bit chasing Rob over 2 faster km 24-26k - only 445s but felt harder. Ran the last 6.5k in 1.5k run/100m walks, the heat really rushed up in that last half hour.

One more long week ahead before a lighter one leading in to Matilda Bay 10k (had thought it was a week earlier). Next Sunday forecast 16min, 28max, so will hopefully do a good 20-25k marathon pace timetrial around the river.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Perth's been HOT this January - average max 32.9, last eight days 32+, and the next six forecast similarly.
I've been running early mornings to beat the heat, but it's still tough

This contributed to a somewhat lower mileage this week - 87.8km @ 4:54

Mon 10.1 @ 4:56 recovery
Tues 11.1@ 4:53 easy
Wed rest day
Thurs 15.3k @ 4:35 - hill/fartlek
Fri 10.4@ 4:51 easy
Sat 10.1@ 5:20 - run with brother-in-law
Sun 30.8km @ 4:56 long run

Heavy legs on Tuesday, my 12th straight day running, so I took a rest day, and did feel very good coming back on Thurs am around the Bold Park loop

This morning ran with Rob, we actually ran quite steadily at 4:45-4:55 pace for most of the run, but a fairly strong effort around Bold Park in the first 10k probably knocked a bit much out of me. Fought on the rest of the run and still ran up Hale road hills well, but at the end I felt more tired than I have in the previous 3 long runs - heat and effort perhaps a little too much.

Mizunos doing very well - have gone up half a size and need to lace tightly to fit, but much happier in these than the new 2130s.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just short of the century

96.24km @ 4:51 average.

The heat beat me this week - hot nights wed and thurs prevented the midweek medium long night run, so I stuck with all mornings. Unforetunately working mon-sat, I'm limited in how long I can be out there for in the am.

Mon 10.12k @ 4:54 - recovery
Tues 10.98k @ 4:49 - aerobic, as the shins felt sore
Wed 11.50k @ 4:48 - hilly run around Bold Park with 4k tempo -ish 4:25s at end
Thurs 10.40k@ 4:43 - aerobic/progression (flat)
Fri 10.88k @ 4:56 - Hill efforts and 2k tempo interval on hot/humid morning
Sat 10.09k@ 4:44 - aerobic/progression (flat)
Sun 32.38k @ 4:54 - long run

Ran up to Kings Park starting about 6:50 - missed Rob and decided to continue down to the river, ran around to Matilda Bay and saw the winners of the WAMC run nearing the end of their run going the other way. Continued on to Christchurch, then down to City Beach and back home.

1st 15k in 5:00s, then 7k at 4:50s, 4k @4:40s, then finished off in 5-5:10s last 6k. Pushed a bit hard in the mid section then died coming back up the hill from City Beach.

I ran in new Mizuno Wave Inspires - very nice shoe although slightly firm ride. Disappointed again with the Asics2130s - felt like my feet were slapping the ground, may need to give up on this series completely. Sad, beacuse they fit my foot like a glove. Will try to find some discounted Brooks Adrenalines to try also (Brooks store at Harbourtown useless)

Will next week mark the magic 100k? My wife goes away for 10days on Wed, so will leave me with a bit more time for training. I dont want to fall into the trap of adding a short second run in the day purely to fill the numbers up, and unfortunately this week looks hot as well, so evening mod-long run may be out again.

Ten 6:30 am runs in a row - motivation must still be OK!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pleasing Progress

87km 4:55 average

Mon 9.3k @ 5:07
Tues 10k @ 5:03
Wed 17.1k @ 4:38
Thurs rest
Fri 10.3k @ 4:38
Sat10.1k @ 4:47
Sun 30.2k @ 5 :06

Aside from my regular morning 10k aerobic runs, this week I added a 17k midweek run, which I did on Wed pm. Overall it was at 4:38 pace, although the first 5k was at 5's, the last 10k at 4:30s, over hilly terrain.

This morning 30k with Rob. I had a hangover, so was happy with the 5:06 pace, made it up the Hale Rd hill this time!

Ahead a 95-100k week again with the longer midweek run and perhaps a fartlek/long interval session, depending upon how the legs feel. I was toying with running Christchurch 12k next sunday but dont want interrupt my progression of long runs and increasing mileage yet. Think I'll wait for the Matilda Bay 10k next month - at that point I'll be due an easy week, and hopefully with six big weeks under my belt will have made the gains necessary for a sub40.

I've now done my biggest fortnight ever at 168k - body still feels OK, motivation is holding

Monday, January 07, 2008

Building Up

80km week - building.

Mon 10.18 recovery 5:00min/k
Tues 10.84 hilly 5:03min/k
Wed 9.81k easy @4:55min/k
Thurs rest
Fri 2x 2k tempo @4:12min/k, total 12.72k
Sat 10.50k @4:52
Sun 27k @ 4:57, last 5k @ 4:41min/k

80.98km total @4 :56

I really struggled trying to do a morning tempo - 2k warmup then a 2k tempo - shins felt full/splinty . Took 4k more jog then a much more comfortable tempo. Takes me 6k to warm up in the early morning - tough to then fit a tempo into my one hour - may need to look at doing a 5k tempo run to fit it in.

Long run was better. Started early to get to a 930 breakfast. Did an easy 10k loop then meant to meet Rob but missed him. Gel at 15k and decided to keep the run flat - managed to pump up the speed last 5k - 4:48/4:48/4:48/4:37/4:25 before jogging the last 500m.

Coming week aim is 90k - will prob hold off on tempo run til next week - shouldnt build distance and add quality session in the same week.