Sunday, May 28, 2006

Challenge 10k

It was a very light training week thanks to a gastro bug which had me V&D all night thursday night and off work friday, only started feeling good Sat am. Two others at work had the same and called me up to say it was the worst they ever had! Perhaps my fitness this year helped me recover more rapidly.

So it was an enforced taper for the Challenge 10k, and I wanted to take advantage. I've had a thing about testing my mental toughness ever since I had to start walking 20k into a long run several weeks back. So I went out hard and wanted to make sure I didn't give up.

Woke at 6, had honey on toast (am liking the honey as sports 'gel' currently), coffee and arrived 730. Did 3km warm up which is unusual for me, with several strides.

New 305 isnt here yet so remembered splits were - 3:48, 4:04, 4:02, 4:03, 4:03 to be exactly 20min at halfway. Then a 4:14, 4:12, 4:10, 4:09, 4:06 to finish in 40:51.

Very happy with the run, exceeded my expectations and makes me feel much more confident about the 2006 sub40min goal. I did give it absolutely everything though, and initial plans of a Widi style long recovery run disappeared. I put on the skins and rested.

Nice to meet Rob again after the run, I suspect we'll be finishing the Mara in similar times. Well done TB for getting back into running training.

Final long run next weekend, and hopefully a high mileage week to make up for this one.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Winding it up again

ITBS seems to have said goodbye, so winding up again.

This week 10-13k runs Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri including some 1k intervalswith similar performane to 6 weeks ago - seems I havent lost anything but neither have I improved significantly.

This am long run 3hr5min - waiting for replacement Garmin so not sure of exact distance - GooglePedometer says 34.2k, but my prev experience is that I underestimate with this, esp on trails where it hard to get the frequent turns in - I'll settle for 35k.

Felt OK, didn't vary the pace much but middle section was quite hilly at Bold Park around the Zamia trail and othersm then the hill back up oceanic to come home gave me some HR surges. My last 3 30+ km runs have been pretty flat, so I'm happy with that. Also I didnt take a gel and drank only one powerade, so hopefully trained that fat metabolism pathway well.

Bought some skins on Friday, dodnt run in them but will keep them on for 24hrs post run and gauge recovery. Feel pretty good. As I said earlier - Garmin is being replaced by Al in US, hopefully arrives soon.

So 4x30+km runs so far. Plan from here:

28/5 Challenge10k plus 10-15 later in day
3or4/6 35k long run
11/6 Freo HM
18/6 LakeMonger10k plus 10-15later in day
25/6 Taper 15k with some at MP, prob over part of the course

Lets see how it pans out! Getting to the exciting end of the season. Will stick to Asics2100s as I've run in these (4 pairs) last 18months other than my brief failed trial of Brooks axiom. After the mara I might try a pair of lightweight shoes (?DSTrainers) for my sub40min 10k assault

Feeling a lot happier with my goals after last couple of posts, but wont set a target until the races in next few weeks let me know where I stand.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Some promising signs

Increased the training gradually this week - a tempo, two recovery runs and a long run.

33k yeaterday - quite warm at 4pm when starting, cooled down gradually. Took it very easy - about 3hrs for the 33km. ITBS OK, interestingly the ache was all on the other side, maybe compensation for wearing the Patstrap on the right. Gluteus medius left hurt, radiating down he leg, but settled. Was a struggle after 27k, and felt nowhere near as good as my last 2 30+k runs.

Not sure where this leaves me form wise - think I was falsely confident after the 20miler, perhaps too negative when faced with my injury, and now should get back to my original goals, not expect too much too soon. I started the year aiming sub330, should be happy to continue with that goal.

On the downside my Garmin 305 died last night. Hoping to have a quick replacement if its not something fixable myself.

Thanks to ProgressionRun and TB for words of encouragement - I use both your blogs as sources of motivation.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

I.T.B.S is back

It's back

The twinge on sunday post 32k became an inability to walk by lunchtime - ITBS.
Last year post mara this took 8 weeks to go away, then 2 more months to build up to >12k runs!Serves me right for running so hard last week. Should have made it a firm training run not an all out attack.

So, knowing the cause, I was aggressive - Ice, stretching, self massage with roller, and Pattstrap all day. Monday pain was still there with walking, Tuesday only with stairs. Wed night 30 min run with strap OK, Thurs 40min easy, Sat 80min easy, sun 35 min mara pace - no acute pain with any, but I knew it was there, still sore with stairs.

Where to now? I will run the marathon at (almost) any cost - would even have a cortisone injection if I needed to. Plan is gradual mileage buildup, no LT for this week, try a 25+km flat on the weekend, and pray!

I think the goals may need to be pulled back, but if I can nurse myself through, a sub330 mara is still on the cards. Post mara I can deal with at the time.