Sunday, June 29, 2008

Next week Perth Marathon

Didn't post last week, but not too much to report

Last week - 52k with Sunday 25k @ 4:48
This week - 40k with Sunday 17.6k @ 4:37

I'm still running well, fast in my tempo/intervals, pretty comfortable in the longer runs.

It's coming to decision time for marathon pacing. Whilst I think I'll leave the decision until the day, I think in the end I'll probably set off t get to halfway in 96-97, then continue at that pace on the way back and see when/if I run into trouble from lack of endurance. It may be a painful day bu I may as well have a chance at a 3:15-3:20.

The alternatives are heading out harder with Rob - but I'll probably pay for that dearly, or going out in 100 for the half with a better chance of bringing it home OK.

We'll see, but history tells I'm not good at holding back!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Perth Half Marathon 2008

Had my annual pre marathon virus week this week - ran only 32k including today

Tuesday 10.5k @ 4:34 - progression run

Then developed virus and this combined with weather, work and my flagging motivation convinced me not to run each day. Felt better Saturday but decided to leave it for today.

Conditions weren't perfect - rain and wind. Parking at Burswood was the worst I've seen at a run, and despite arriving 25 minutes pre start, by the time I'd parked and got there, I had less than 5 minutes.

Ran with Rob and we settled in to a 4:15-4:20 pace - 43:14 at 10k
At the turnaround Rob flirted with the idea of pushing the pace in the back half to go sub90, but after a km or two decided to keep it safe for the Marathon and slowed back to our previous pace.
Now it was my turn to feel strong and think about pushing the pace, but I too thought better of it.

This was definitely the right option as we held our pace and coasted along at conversational effort. I even surprised myself by not pushing it when a couple of runners overttook us with 4k to go.

It was only in the last km which we pushed to 4:00 pace that I felt the effort, and even then, it was fairly controlled

21.39 (Sportstracks) in 1:31:57 @ 4:18s
5k splits - 21.34, 21.40, 21.41, 21.50

Happy with the result and with my form over the middle distances. I still have grave concerns re the marathon with "long" runs of 15k/19k/23k/15k/16k/21k in the six weeks back from holidays. This is a recipe for hitting the wall. It'll take all my willpower to hold back on the day and run an even pace 3:30 rather than heading out in 1:35 and dying in the back half.

Oh, and I ran in skins for the first time in a race (I think). Not really for my benefit but for the delight of the ladies out on the course. I'm sure I cut a fine figure!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Lake Monger 10k

Finally a sub 40!

Tough couple of training weeks
Last week ran 76k @ 4.44 - never found my groove and struggled along in the mornings. Only managed 15k on Sunday and then another 15k on Monday
This week 62k @4:35 - started to get some rhythm going. Did a 6k tempo @ 4:15 on Thurs.

This morning wanted to get the sub40 done. Smallish field at Lake Monger, 2k warmup
Started hardish to clear any traffic, then settled in with Rob until 5k

Splits 3:44/3:59/3:55/3:51/3:57

At 5k Rob took off and I ran the rest of the race with the eventual female winner. Felt like crap and was a matter of saying one more km then I can stop for each of the last 5k!

Splits 4:00/3:54/4:00/4:02/3:57

I was very thankful to have the young lady running with me - she was pushing very hard to win - which I thought she had done easily but at the award ceremony I see she was only a few seconds in front of the second placegetter.

I sprinted ahead of her at the end to record 39:34 (10k, Garmin 10.05, Sportstracks 10:09)

A 3.5k cooldown lap with Rob, who impressively ran under 39, had me feeling quite good.

Now that mental hurdle has been cleared, I can look to knocking another minute off it by the end of the year!