Sunday, September 21, 2008

Go the Tan

Gradually geting back into it, I'm still about 10sec/k off the pace.

60km this week
10k each of Tues and Wed
Wed pm flew to Melbourne for 2 days of meetings
Thurs am ran the Tan with some colleagues. 1-4k in 5-5:30s, then left one person behind, next 3k in 4:50s, left the other behind, 2k in 4:15s

Fri am again ran with colleague - 7k in 4:50s, 3k alone in 4:15s. Didn't end up running a proper time trial due to time constraints and running with others

Hopefully when I head back in a couple of weeks I can run a full paced lap

Sunday am couldn't be bothered going to Freo HM, ran 18k in the morning, with about 10k at 4:15-4:20 pace. Half marathon pace, but felt lethargic at times this pace felt very much like HM pace, at others was harder.This is the pace I'll need to sustain for a 3hr marathon. Didn't have the energy/motivation to finish out 20+km which had been my intention

Onwards and upwards, a few more km this week is the intention.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Easy Does It

50k week this week

I payed for the hilly 13k last Sunday with bilateral hamstring strains. This might have been a blessing in disguise, though, because I was forced to go slowly on my Tues and Wed pm runs so as not to hurt them more.

Friday morning I was starting to feel better and I ran a 10k progression, finishing the last 2k in 4:10s - which was a tempo pace effort. Friday afternoon at work my throat got sore again and I was cursing myself for pushing too hard. Luckily I worked all day Saturday and didn't run, and the flare up disappeared.

This morning I went out and tried to do a gentle long run. I stopped at 18k due to lateral left hip pain (?ITB or referred glut medius pain), but was still happy with an increase.

Not decided about Freo Half now - only get back from Melbourne on Friday night. Don't want to do the 5k, but if I do the Half would try to hold back to 1:35 or so.

We'll see how the body feels over the course of the week.

Thanks Homo for dinner Thursday - I'll repay the favour when you go sub 3:20 in Berlin!!!

Sunday, September 07, 2008


The virus which shouldn't have affected my City to Surf performance ended up being the worst illness I've ever had. The initial illness ran like a usual virus - felt sick Wed, Thurs, FRi, improving Saturday. I'm not sure if it was specifically the run on sat am - only did 12k at 5min/k, but Mon am I woke with a sinus and middle ear infection. I thought I've had sinus infections before but obviously never a real one. I didn't leave the front door of the house for 6 days - unheard of. ( Didn't drink alcohol for 2 weeks - even more unheard of!!!). The only positive is that I have gained some empathy for patients going through this.

This week I returned to work, finished a 10 day course of antibiotics, but still felt congested and blocked in the ears

4 runs this week - 6k, 9k,9k and 13k today - all slow with walks in the middle. Whilst enjoying being out there, 5min/k feels like hard work - I'm hoping that will quickly catch up to normal.

Races and speed sessions are on the backburner for now - just want to build up over 2 weeks to daily 10k runs. I have 2 trips to Melbourne in the next 4 weeks as part of a new position - staying next to the Botanical Gardens, so hopefully I can do a couple of runs of the famous Tan track.

We'll see how things go but I might dump my plans of 5k/10k PBs in coming months and just slowly build up the mileage, with April in mind (having second thoughts about Boston and thinking about Canberra again)

I hope Clown and Homo's next posts have the same title as this one! (copycats)