Sunday, December 03, 2006

Time to set some 2007 Goals

Year in review -

10k Goal 40 min - didn't reach but came within a minute
Marathon goal 3:30 - didn't reach but came within 3 minutes
City to Surf Goal 50min - came within 10 seconds

Best run of the year 1:28 Fremantle HM - peak form of the year and on the day probably would have reached any of the above goals if I raced those distances

Injuries - ITBS,Shin splints, plantar faciitis, sprained ankle, SI joint strain. None took too great a toll on me


1. Aim to beat my 2006 time in each equivalent race. (except maybe freo HM - think by running it too hard in 06 precipitated virus which interrupted Marathon prep)

2. Sub40min 10k by May. If that is achieved then may set lower target for second half of the year

3. Sub 3:20 marathon - should be readily achievable with an uninterrupted buildup

4. Sub48 City to Surf - this event is still a big one for me.

Have a long way to go - still in 44min 10k form by my tempo pace, which is where I was in Jan 06. Currently trying to put several weeks together to start 2007 - prob with Christchurch 12k, but might run in the Parlouf relay on Dec26 for some fun.