Sunday, May 27, 2007

Challenge 10k '07

Little while since last post.

Training has been OK, nothing great. Quality over quantity. There have been no recovery runs. 4 runs a week of long, tempo,interval or marathon pace.

Was keen to do Challenge, but my relative lack of long runs was a concern. So I ran 32k on Thursday night in a relatively fast 5:00min/km pace, giving me a couple of days to settle for Challenge.

As usual, couldn't avoid going out Saturday night - Bouchon Bistro in Wembley - I loved the French cuisine, wife and friends less impressed! I am yet to be converted by french red wines however - give me a Barossa Shiraz any day (although I suspect if I had the more expensive French reds it may be a different story)

The run ended up being very similar to my last years run, and to Bridges 10k. Fast start in 340, 352,404, 404, 407 to be under 20 at half way. Then faded to 413,404,414,411,404 for 40:33 10k by Garmin, 40:40 approx over finish line.

Easier effort than last year, but a little sad that I didn't hit the sub40, although it's still in my sights on a well prepared day.

Ahead- hopefully high mileage week this week, some reduction the following week pre Freo, one more week big km, then taper last 3 weeks. Marathon goal still 3:20.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

42k Trail Run

Belated post, but I left the morning after this long run for a week in SA wine tasting. No runs in that week, too busy tasting wine and indulging in a great deal of food. Should provide some motivation for the next 2 months leading up to the marathon

Last Sunday morning, woke at 330am to get out to Mundaring for the 5am start. Hadn't run since Thursday, but had done tempo and interval sessions on tues and thurs.

Arrived in the dark and met the other runners (6 of us starting). I'd not been able to arrange pickup from 42k or 50k mark. I was kindly offered a lift back from the 50k mark if I wanted it, but I was not confident in making it that far in reasonable time, and knowing how tired (and odourous) I am after a run of that distance, wasn't too sure about inflicting myself on someone I just met.

Headed off in the dark with headlamp, 2l camelbak hydration pack and a 600ml sports drink. We started at a comfortarble 6-6:15min/k pace as a group, although split up fairly early. Then ran as part of 4 person then 2 person group until about 12k, when I was running solo.

Ran at that same pace until 21k with only occasional stop to have a snake, put my headlamp away or make sure I was taking the right path

Decided in the end to turn around at 21k and go back to finish 42km (42.86km). This was mainly due to my lack of confidence in finishing 50k.

After the slower pace, I started the second half with a faster, mainly downhill 10k in 5:30 average. The steep uphill road section near Mundaring Weir Hotel hurt and slowed me down, then slow jogged the last 7k to make a slow final 10k total average of about 6:45's.

My decision to turn around seemed inspired when it started pouring as I got into my car - those who continued to 50, 77 and 100k must have had a pretty wet section of the run. Was home before 10:30 and surprisingly felt quite good later, waking very early again the next morning for the flight.

Not sure if this week of one big run then nothing has helped or hindered my training, but certainly I enjoyed the trail run, eerie in the dark, inspiring in the dawn, challenging with hills and varyinging surfaces.

I dont think I'm quite ready for a 50miler or longer, but certainly the 45k 'six inch track' in December is on the radar.

For now, a couple of alcohol free weeks after serious week of tasting, lose the couple o kilos I appear to have gained, and push the training up in volume for the next 5 weeks.