Sunday, April 15, 2007

A couple of long runs

2 x 30km runs in two weeks - starting the long leadup to the marathon.

Today it was 31k in 5:05min/k average - very even pace throughout - a little faster in the last 5km. Probably a little too hard, felt exhausted at the end and couldn't do a couple more km as I had planned. It was fairly humid though.

Otherwise fairly unexciting.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Asics Bridges 10k

40:44 - pretty much as I'd predicted, and a small PB.
Ran each of Tues to Fri - MP,Slow,Fartlek,Slow. Total about 40k
Felt pretty good beforehand, brief warmup with Rob and TS&TF
Went out too hard (surprise!) 3:39, 3:51,3:59 to be 11:31 at 3k
Slowed down but still halfway in 19:41. Then ran 4:07, 4:12, 4:10, 4:05, 4:05.
10.1k by Garmin.
Rob had a great run, breaking 40min for the first time. TS&TF just behind him, slowed by a stitch.

Now to focus on some longer stuff and bigger mileage. Next 'race' will hopefully be the offroad 42k end april, then Challenge 10k end May, Freo Half June and Perth Marathon July.