Sunday, January 22, 2012

Matilda Bay 10k 2012

It's been 'lite-n-easy' for me since 6 inch - first couple of weeks planned recovery and third week thanks to stepping on a bee.

2 weeks back of 70k each, and on to Matilda bay this morning.
I found the weather fairly oppressive - 25 and humid, even wearing my lightest mesh type singlet there was no evaporation.

Started out fairly fast - sitting 20m behind DB - 3:26/3:36/3:37. Things were quite congested, but the 4k runners turned off and it spread out.

At this point I started to feel the heat, and slowed down 3:46/3:50/3:51, gradually slipping further back from DB. Was passed and held onto the guy for a little while but started to blow up a bit with 3:56/3:53. During this section I was passed by another runner.

Turned at 8.4k and saw I had about 150m on the next guy behind me, and had a bit of a second wind finishing with 3:47/3:40.

Crossed in 37:30 (18:13/19:17) in about 10th spot.

I'm happy enough with this. it's interesting looking at pace adjustment charts for heat/humidity - most made by people in the US not too accustomed to heat, they tend to allow too much - one giving me a minute per mile for this temp!. I suspect I could have run between 5 and 10 sec/k faster today in perfect conditions, which fits with where I feel I should be.

DB ended up about 45 sec ahead of me, Roberto won, Gerry Hill second. I did beat big Kev, but i see on Coolrunning he ran a long run yesterday so I wont take much away from that.

Good to see the medical community running - Paul, Laurie and Tim all putting in solid performances.