Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Standard Week

Not much exciting to report this( last) week. ran about 65km total. First couple of days legs felt leaden after HM performance. Ran a tempo and a interval session, but only managed 4x1km intervals - was hoping for a few more.

saturday long 2 and a half hour run and Sunday one hour recovery run both felt really good.

Next aim is asics bridges 10k on sunday - hoping to beat the 44 min I ran at Matilda Bay, and from recent performances i should do a full minute faster.

Still waiting on the Garmin 305.......

Commonwealth Games great weeks of TV, good inspiration!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Darlington HM

Very pleased with todays run. Quietish training week afer no long run last weekend, but did a very good Cruise/Mona Interval session on Thursday am.

Turned up a little later than planned as the Farmer Tunnel entrance was closed - had to go the long way round.

Knowing it was uphill the first 10.5k I held back, about 445 pace first half. Saw TNTR taking an easy run and asked if he'd pace me from about 8k onwards. This worked out well with halfway I think in 49:??, then a strong increase in pace in the second half - was only expecting 440s but was more like 430s (might need to grab the stats from TNTR) Nice to overtake a few runners on the back half - unusual for me. Developed a sudden quite severe stitch 1500m to go, forcing me to slow then stop (tried to run through it but was really bad). Luckily it lasted only about 2 minutes, got the pace back up and finished 1hr35:12 by my watch - a 4 minute PB from my first HM last year (Fremantle).

Many thanks to TNTR - great help to push me onwards. This run gives me a lot of confidence for my goals - sub3:30 marathon looks certain if I can go the distance, and after that maybe I can get close to 40min for 10k this year.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

John Forrest X Country

I said i wouldnt but I did run this one. Felt a bit flu'ey Saturday so didnt do long run - instead wine tasting and watchng the Dockers lose.

This morning I spent 30 mins in bed arguing over whether I should get up and run - finally did after remembering a quote from CoolRunning site - you never end up regretting going for a run, only if you dont.

The weather was perfect, for a 12.7km off road run with a killer hill nicknamed Old Faithful. The run was handicapped - I went off mid field at 15min50, and started strong, being especiallt brave down the hills. By 35min I had passed everyone but one runner, although I didnt realise this. I kept thinking how long I could hold on til the fast guys passed me. 36 min a guy flew past and said 'dont worry' as he went by - obviously wasnt running the 12.7k because 5 mins later another guy came past - the eventual winner.

I walked a small section of the big hill, but still gradually caught up to the eventual third placegetter, passed him and held on to finish at a steady pace. I waited for the footsteps of the faster handicapped runners, but they never came, and I was relieved to finish second.

Time 57:14 by the watch - 4:30 pace, good for a hilly off roader. This was still a touch slower than my first two runs, so I was surprised to finish second, thought more people would run to their handicap!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Lacking some motivation

i generally only post on the weekend, but I've really lacked some motivation this week and thought maybe writing it down might help.

The heat followed by humidity has taken its toll, combined with some family/social events mean I have lost some momentum. No run sun or mon (that rhymes!) then MP 10k tues, hill intervals wed, no run thurs and recovery run friday - only 30km in 6 days. I am finding it hard to break over the 60k/week average and unless i put running ahead of work/wife or family I'm not sure i'll be able to. But on the other hand, there really is enough time if you make it - get up half an hour earlier each day and add 35km to the weeks running.

i'm not sure i've achieved much by writing it down, will just need to see. Looking ahead I'm faced with the same old dilemna this weekend - race sunday or put in a good long run saturday, which is probably better for my marathon preparation given my weakness last year was endurance. i think i'll go the long run, try to do 2h30 plus, and wait til next week for the Darlington Half marathon.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Late Hot Summer (Autumn)

After the mild summer, autumn has hit with a vengeance. I did my long run this am, started 6.30am, took 2 bottles powerade, hiding one near the start of my Bold Park loop. It got hot quick - 30 by 8am and I decided to cut the run short at 2 hours, rather than 2.5.

The rest of the week was pretty good - MP session, hill session as my intense one for the week. Total should be 70km with tomorrow included. Wednesday morning I felt great - floated along on my slow run at 5.20 per km - 15-20sec faster than normal, with no real effort. I felt so good that I backed it up with a pm session (the hill run - 3x800m hill interval 5k pace as part of a total 11km session)

Its great to have the occasional day like that when you feel great - adds some joy to the running and suggests improvement.

Went to Subi library today and borrowed the Daniels training formula book as well as a Henderson running book - will go through them over the next couple of weeks.

I was planning on doing the 5k twilight run tomorrow with WAMC but will have to see what the weather is like - not worth it if things havent started cooling down by then. I was looking forward to seeing if running 36hrs post long run will impair my 5k performance much.

Needless to say Garmin hasnt arrived yet, Polar HRM still going blank during runs and Ipod still on the fritz. On the good side I have the long weekend off - much needed break from the stresses of work, and time with the missus.