Sunday, December 20, 2009

Six Inch 2009

Well I did it - couldn't help myself. As expected it was a tough morning on the trails.

Saturday night I made my appearance at the family Christmas Party, got to sleep about 10, up at 2.

It was a hot morning in Perth, luckily a little cooler in Dwellingup, about 16C at 0430 start, 25 by the time I finished - but felt pretty hot in the exposed sections in the last 10k

My race went probably as one would expect - good speed from the good year, lacking endurance.
Starting up the long hill of the first couple of km, I fell into 5th/6th place with Nate - similar to last year. Just as per last year those in front of us - this time Big Kev and Brett, missed a turnoff. I missed it too - but Nate was close behind me and called me back to make the turn. This put us in 3rd/4th (somewhat undeservedly)

The 23k station was 1hr52 - 7 minutes faster than last year, and nate caught me there. The next few km we played yo-yo as Nate passed me up the hills ( I walked up) then I pulled back to him over the down/flats.

I made a little gap at Oakley dam and tried to push on to the second drink station ahead of him - in 2hr45 again about 7 min faster than last year.

I really started to struggle from here on in, walk-jogging the rest. I had a scare with 3k to go when I saw someone about 400m behind me. I mustered up all my remaining energy and finished ahead of them, ony to find out it was the leader of the 11k race, and that Nate was several mintes behind me - needn't have hurt myself so much.

Overall time 4hrs3 minutes -about 6 minutes slower than last year - I dont really believe I lost 13 minutes on last year in the last 10k - unfortunately I lost all my Garmin data from 08 so I can only go by what I wrote on my blog.

I feel sore in the calves, quads and hammies, but luckily no specific tendon or loint niggles (had a stiff feeling knee during the week)

Kudos to Dave for winning, Bruce for second despite cramps, and Nate for fourth. Commiserations to Kev and Brett - I'm sure they would have beated me had they run the 5k less.

On an entirely different front I went down to Perth's new runners store this week and couldn't go past the KSwiss Kona in Australian flag design - as seen in last RFYL magazine. First impressions are light and firm, quite stable for the weight. I've had brief thoughts of running Boston in these, but they might lack a bit of cushioning. Need try them on some longer tempos

I also bought a Nathan brand fuel belt style water carrier with 2x300ml bottles. Wore it today and found it surprisingly good. Much better than camelback and the Target waist pack I used last year. I may even try it on a long run rather than carrying the Powerade bottle

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Back In the Habit

Like Whoopi Goldberg or Robbie Coltrane.

This week was about the body and mind getting used to running regularly again. Luckily I rediscovered my mojo at the start of the week and finally had some spring back in my step-

Mon rest
Tues 10k@4:12 (fartlek) - included 2k@3:40 - felt really good, finally shaken the virus. PM played golf for the first time in over a year and did surprisingly well (for me)

Wed am 10k@4:18 (fartlek) - included 2k@4:00, 2k@3:50
Wed pm 9k@4:25 - consistent pace
Thurs am, 5.5k@4:45 - legs shot by the last 2 days
Friday am 8.5k@4:40- still pretty fatigued, but in a good way
Sat am 11k@4:30 - tried to hold back a little for City Beach

Sun am City Beach funrun 8k. Hot one! About 27C at the start, 30C at the finish.
I was keen to make sure I toughed out the full 8k and not stop after one lap. Met up with Sugar, Sas and Biscuitman before the start. My plan had been 345 first km, then slow down to 3:55-400s until the last km and finish fast if I had the legs

Garmin Splits were 3:42/3:51/3:41/3:43 14:59 halfway Garmin 15:14 on course

This is where the struggle began - had felt I had controlled things OK til here but the heat was biting and the 6th km was the killer (for all I subsequently discovered)

Second half 3:56/4:02/4:08/3:55 - 8k by Garmin 31:01
Race time 31:17.
I walked 10m at the 6k hairpin, but it didn't slow things down too much

So the overall race was about as expected. I'll be interested to see the times of the leaders as many seemed a bit slower than usual - perhaps making my run a bit better than at first glance

Nice to see Biscuitman returning from injury with a controlled effort, Sugar ran well but didn't push himself too hard.

This week I'll try to run every day. The hot forecast has strengthened my resolve not to run Six Inch, although there is a little part of me that wont completely discount it yet.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

In two minds

regarding Six Inch.

On the downside:
  • I have a persistent (Khumbu) cough and nasal/sinus congestion still present now 2 weeks after return from Nepal.
  • My Resting HR is still not down where it should be.
  • I'd not run more than 21k since the C2S Marathon in August (until today)
  • As previously documented, I am unlikely to be able to hold myself back on the day
  • Running may cause a significant 'bump' in my base training for Boston, or at worst an injury
  • Tiff would like me to attend the family XMas party on the saturday after bailing at 8pm the last 2 years

On the upside:
  • I managed 6 runs totalling 88k this week without major issues
  • I ran 28k today feeling pretty good
  • Running SixInch last year really launched my good year
  • I enjoy supporting the race as it grows, and enjoy the race day itself

This week -

Mon, Wed,Fri, Sat 10k each at easy pace (4:30-4:45)
Tues pm 19k@ 4:24 through Kings Park
Sun am 28.2k@4:40 through Kings Park

Today went off at 6am - was already 20degrees, but cooler than yesterday, was 25 at the finish.
Brief drink stop at 13k, toilet stop at 24k only, ran solidly the whole way and felt I could have run 5k more at that pace. Recovered well.

Right now I really am undecided. I'll see how this week goes health and running wise, see what the weather forecast ends up being, see if Clown is up to running (wasn't looking promising last I heard), and see what quality wine is being consumed at the party!