Sunday, February 21, 2010

Top of the wazza

Better week - 80k@4:39

Mon 10k@4:50
Tues 9k including 5x1k intervals. 3:41/3:35/3:44/3:39 final one only 500m
Wed 10k@4:40
Thurs rest
Friday 12k with 6k tempo. Garmin out of battery so not sure of pace. Expectations exceeded ability inthis one as I thought of last years 20k tempo efforts
Sat 10k@4:50
Sun 30k@4:44. Sore knee after saturday run made me wuss out on running with Biscuitman - decided to stay closer to home in case things went awry.

First 5k in 4:55s until I met Clown, running at his fast clip we went up to 4:30's or so for the next 6k then slowed down to 4:40-4:45s for the rest. Felt surprisingly good for the first 25k, then struggled a bit to the finish

So the mileage has really picked up, and although the knee swells and pains after the run, it's generally well behaved whilst I'm running. I must admit to breaking my self imposed rule and took an anti-inflammatory yesterday, may explain today's pain free effort

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tempus Fugit

Only 9 weeks 'til Boston!

55km in 4:40 this week

The week started badly - lasted 300m on Monday morning before having to turn back with pain under the kneecap (the aftereffect of my longer sunday run)

Tuesday 11k easy@4:45
Wednesday (pm) 11k with 5k@4:05 and 2k@4:00
Thurs (pm) 11k easy @4:45
Friday rest
Saturday 22k@4:40 - ran along the river to the belltower and back. Was briefly tempted to venture up into Kings Park but decided to play it safe. Took only one break at 16k mark - happy with that.

This morning I kept time at the Point Walter run, seeing Clown and Biscuitman both run 5k PBs although both would seem to have room to improve on these.

I trialled my new Socceroos shirt (EBay) this week as a potential Boston shirt - it's the lightest of any of the Green&Gold shirts I've come across although still fairly baggy and heavy compared to running specific shirts - we'll see how it goes on a less humid day

Sunday, February 07, 2010

I'm Back, Baby

... in the immortal words of George Costanza.

Well the return to running plan is already out the window. 44k in 5 sessions. All easy 4:40-5:00 whilst running, plenty of breaks for stretching.

I started carefully with 3k treadmill then 5k treadmill/2k road Mon and Wed respectively

Friday 10k on the road/paths in multiple small sections, max 2k at once (out there for well over an hour)
Saturday 10k, max 5k at once
Sunday 14k, max 7k at once

Knee a bit niggly first 5-10 min until it warms up, then OK unless steep up/down hill
I've obviously got some altered gait/abductor weakness as my inner heel is scraping the inside of the other leg/calf unless I concentrate on form.
Niggles in plantar fascia, calf,hamstrings and glutes are all to be expcted after a prolonged break but nothing I'm getting too excited about.

I'm going to upgrade my return schedule, would like to get up to 70k/week in the next 2 weeks then back to the 10% rule and if all is good start adding some hills/tempo intervals.