Sunday, July 29, 2007


3 weeks post marathon, not too much to report

Have done some interval sessions - 5x1k in 3:40 - 3:45 on 2 consecutive Tuesdays. Speed has flared some mild patellar tendonitis, so I've pulled back a touch.

Tried to do some hill sessions but have felt sluggish on days other than the intervals (?doing them too hard). 40-60k in the last couple of weeks.

I was going to do the Run4Gold but a family christening clashes so will push on training this week and leave racing til the C2S in 4 weeks. Don't think I'm quite at sub40 anuway, so the uninterrupted training is probably better. Might throw in a timetrial next Sunday pm anyway - was thinking of heading out at 4min/k and seeing how long I can last.

Nepal seems more imminent as I've nw bought all my equipment including boots (Raichle Mt Crest GTX). In September will hopefully do some walks to break them in.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Perth Marathon 2007


Happy, all things considered.

Never felt 100% in the lead up, and after discussion with Rob we decided to take it out a bit slower than planned. Try not to hit the wall.

The weather was OK, clear for the first hour, warming up to about 20 and a very humid. Then sprinkled light rain on and off, cooling things down a little. The breeze did come up a bit and was tough for 30-35k area, but at a couple of key points the wind was behind me.

We started out first 5k in 22:51 - a little fast, then purposely settled back to 4:45s for the next 15k. I knew I was struggling a bit with the pace by about 17k. Breathing and effort felt fine, les felt dead, no energy. I upped the sugar intake, glad to have packed 2 gels in addition to a packet of snakes. I'd dropped behind Rob at that 19k mark, but the gel seemed to help and I returned to 445s for the next 4k. Halfway was 1hr40, Garmin was readig a couple of hundred m further than the corresponding km markers. 24-30k I slowed to 4:55 pace, and again dropped behind Rob. In this time I must admit to thinking of stopping early and giving it away. I told myself to get to 32k and decide then.

Rob kindly slowed up for me and we ran the very tough 30-36km section together. This was the stretch where I walked both previous years and it was thanks to running with Rob that I managed to push through, albeit in 5:05-5:10s.It was at this point I decided I'd finish no matter what.

Rob pulled away again at 37k, and at the 38k marker I walked a little due to quad cramps, took 4 snakes with a bit of water, and got set in to save sub 330. I thought I should have enough time in the bank to do this easily. 5:45/5:26 to get to 40k. Rob had pulled 300-400m ahead, but I was surprised to see him stopped nearly at 41k. Both his calves had cramped and he just couldn't run.
I briefly stopped to walk with him, but with sub330 in the offing I headed off again. I had less than 7 minutes to finish the last 1.2k. My left quad cramped up, but with a bit of a hobble I just ran in under 3:30.

It's crazy that 3 weeks ago we both finished 32k full of running, only a couple of minutes slower than we did 32k today, but today I was stuffed. I suspect if Rob hadn't kindly held back at my pace in the middle sections, maybe he would have finished pre cramps developing.

Nonetheless, PB, sub330 on a pretty poor preparation leaves me feeling happy. Lots of work to do to get to my 5 year plan of sub 3hrs ( this was year 3) but I remain confident, especially if I dont let my fitness slip in the spring as I have the lasdt 2 years. Trekking in Nepal should help prevent that.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

A week to go!

Did a little more this week - 42km total

Monday - 10k at 5:15 pace - wore HRM first time in a long time and kept it under 160
Wed - 10k at Marathon Pace - HRM again 170
Thurs - 5x1k at 3:55-4:00 pace. av.HRs in mid 180s in last couple
Sun - 12k with Rob over section of marathon course (narrows-canning br) in 4:50s

I'm trying to gauge where I am at. Wed/Thurs runs felt great. Todays run left my legs aching and have felt sluggish all day. The run felt OK, but I wan't talking as comfortably as in the 32k at the same pace.

Might just be a result of postflu and low kms - not really off but not quite as sharp as I'd like.

Thurs night 7pm. BYO - Pasta House 885 Beaufort Street Shop4 Cnr 9th Ave Inglewood, Behind the Post Office. Booked for 6 with 4 confirmed so far, ?TB 5th, ?Rich interested or one of the other army of readers.