Sunday, February 06, 2011

Training well

A bit of a while since my last post, but training is going OK

I had a bit of a scare with a small hamstring tear in mid Jan, but really only stopped me for a couple of days, and off fast stuff for a week & a half.

Still managed 426km@4:32 average in January, and 105k@4:30 this week.

This week included a solo 10k tempo/tempoplus timetrial in 37:50 to make up for missing the 10k race at Matilda Bay, would like to think I'd sneak under 37 in a 10k race on current form

I've done 30 and 32k runs the last 2 sundays, and hope to do another 6 in the leadup to Boston

I've continued to include barefoot running on grass in pretty much all of my recovery runs, doing 15-20k of this each week. I feel it is helping my recovery and makes it much easier to do 10k recovery on the days I feel like crap. Mild strain on the achilles initially has disappeared now.