Sunday, June 24, 2007

Nothing week

Amazingly almost exactly the same time I got sick last year, it happened again.

Felt great in a recovery run Tuesday. Woke wednesday with virus. Sick wed -fri I pushed on at work perhaps prolonging the illness. Saturday morning I had middle ear infection and started antibiotics and rest.

Hope to be well again midweek to regain confidence, minimal fitness loss and prime myself for the race.

I'm now wondering whether the only way I can prepare properly for the marathon is to take a few weeks off work, or run at another time of the year! Unfortunatey June is prime virus season and being exposed to 100+ of the worst affected each week means getting one is almost unavoidable.

Cant do anything about it now. Taking Monday pm off work, will play it by ear before starting up again. Last year perhaps ran too early and had relapse.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Perth 32k

85km week.

Today, 32k with Rob. We were aiming at an easy 5min/k pace final 30+ pre mara.

0-5k 23:54
5-10k 24:24
10-15k 24:17
15-20k 24:35
20-25k 25:38 (including toilet stop)
25-30k 23:40

Final 2.43k per Garmin in 10:13 - 4:12 per km

Total 32.43km in 2:36:41, av 4:49 per km(Sportstracks)

Really felt quite comfortable. We had to slow ourselves down in the first 15k. Had a 90sec toilet stop around 21k. I had a flat period from 21-23k, mainly heavy legs - breathing pattern stayed nice and comfortable. Picked up thereafter

We wound the last 6k up - 447/443/441/439/430/416, spurred on by catching others ahead of us. I took off for a final 200m sprint, Rob taking the wiser option of continuing the steady pace.

Took a 2k cooldown and feel alright. This run really reinforced my thinking from last week. Perfect race 3:10, realistic 3:15, safety 3:20.

Taper now - 60k this week with 20k on Sunday

Re dinner - Thursday is good, need to have Widi there for some sage advice. Looking to go to a Pasta restaurant near Rob - will give the name in next weeks post

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Freo Half '07

Interesting day! Course time finish 1:31, but ran better than last year when I did 1:27. How is this possible? Glad you asked -

1. Missed the start, crossing the start line at 30seconds after the gun
2. Then had to negotiate passing 300 people in 3km along a narrow bike path - lost more minutes
3. Course was adjusted this year, a good 400m longer than last year.

Splits confirm this - more on that later.

The week started well, made 100k in seven day period with Mon and Tues runs. Then developed a viral infection, with enforced taper that saw no running on Fri or Sat and only light 10ks on Wed and Thurs.

The virus didnt hit me too badly, unlike my wife who spent 2 days in bed, but after last years experience i decided discretion was the better part of valour and took it easy. Sat night felt good, and thought a solid HM was in order.

I woke 5 minutes before my alarm from a dream where I missed the start of the run! Arrived half an hour early and waited in the toilet line for 15minutes - with it moving only about 3 people in that time, and I was 10th in queue. So I jumped in the car and went down to Freo to use a toilet there. Pulled back in at 7:29, assuming the run would start a couple of minutes late. As I closed the car door I heard 3,2,1..Bang! I Sprinted to the start and hit the line 30 sec late.

For those who know the course it quickly narrows to a cycle path with no side space, so I was left walk/jogging forthe first 2k. Had to pass the entire field (bar those quicker than me) Started Garmin on the line, but it didnt pick up a signal for 500m or so. I followed my 1k paces from then on, as there weren't really km markers (course had changed so wasnt certain which km marks on the path were correct)

The 18 completed kms on Garmin were good though -

3-8k 20:43
8-13k 20:53
13-18k 21:09
18-21k 12:39
(overall average 4min12 pace)

My fastest 18k from last year totalled about a minute slower. Rob was about 150m ahead at the 4k mark, closed at one point to be 40m behind, then he pulled away to finish about 40 sec ahead of me. Was a good spur on to try and catch him.

I think uninterrupted I could have run 1:29 flat, similar pace to last years on a full course.

Cool down 3k with Rob. TB had a blister affected run unfortunately.

For the coming week I want to do some decent mileage - 90k would be fine, and will now probably run Perth32k with an enforced 5min/k fastest pace, running with Rob (?and Widi)

Pace setting for the mara becomes difficult. Theoretically 3:10 could be a target, but will prob head out for 1:37 half and see how the return goes (long way off yet)

Still hoping to have a repeat pre marathon carbo load dinner on the Friday before the marathon.You dont have to be running the marathon to attend. I'm open to options for location, as long as they serve Pasta. La Casetta again is solid if a little uninspiring. Romany in Northbridge is an italian restaurant institution, but I'm willing to try anywhere. Rob, Widi, Jon hope you guys can make it, think Homo might be in Europe. Open invitation to others.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Good Week

Happy with this week in general. Increase the mileage - 100km in 8 days - not quite a 100k week but good enough.

Tues 18k in 4:37 average on hilly terrain
Thurs 12k in 4:28 average with tempo 8k section
Fri and Sat each 10k in 49 min

This morning 35.3k in 2:56.30 - on 5.00min/k pace as per sportstracks. Felt stiff and sore for the first hour (!) before loosening up. Took refill stop at 17k, 22k and 30k - didnt count these in the time - total less than5 minutes though.

Henry was cycling past at 25k and rode next to me for 3k or so for a chat - helped greatly at this crucial point.

Great thing was the even splits - fastest 5k 24:48 (30-35k) and slowest 25:16 (25-30k). Legs felt dead at the end but really could have pushed on for a little more. I ran nearly exactly the same distance at the same point last year in 5:15min/k, so feel I am still on track for my goal.

I really want to push on this week, avoid the temptation to taper for freo HM so I can prepare best for July.

Good to see Henry today, read of TB's ongoing long run preparations, and TS&TF back running after the honeymoon - running 7 days straight after a month off is impressive.

Thanks for the comment Rich, I must admit in my first year of running in 2005 I used TB's blog as a source of inspiration, and then in 2006 used TS&TFs for the same purpose - they are interesting to peruse as two very different approaches to training. If you dont read them yet, have a look. TBs link is with all his posts on WAMC messageboard, and The Slow &The Furious' I think is still linked from his Coolrunning posts.