Friday, January 02, 2015

2014 Year in Review

An inconsistent year, but with a really good patch in the middle

Jan - Burswood Twilight 5k 17:57 - actually a pretty good run on a very hot day, just before flying out on holiday
Feb - holidy/flu on return, gradual return to training
March - Darlington HM 1:22:35 - OK run on the day but still a way off top form
April - Bridges 10k 36:56  - improving
May -Perth 32k 2:06:34
June - Perth Marathon 2:49:00. New PB and well executed race - definitely my run of the year

July -holiday with not a great deal of running
August - back into some training about 70k per week
September - knee injury and time off
October - more time off
November - Deepwater Pt 7.5k 29:24, Penninsula 10k 39:24 - struggling to break 4min/k,
December - Founders 10 miler 1:05:20, City Beach 8k 30:48

As I wrote about at the time, the late year races were partly in a vain effort to win the club age group champs. I still have a small chance of winning - my VDOT average was lower than the other 2 competitiors, but only by a small amout - a couple of seconds per km equivalent in a 10k race. I have the head to heads in my favour, and the balance of having run a wider range of distances - including 42 and 32, whilst most of Evan's were 10k or less.  More important than the outcome is that it gave me a goal and some motivation.

I've started finding some form and rhythm just in the last week or two of the year, so hopefully good things await... The knee is much better, and my persisting achilles issue seems manageable

My goals for 2015 are the same as 2014 -
No injuries
Sub 36min 10k, sub 17 min 5k, Sub 2:49 Marathon.