Monday, May 05, 2014

Perth 32k 2014

Update time. I've completed a decent training block over recent weeks. Capped with a 2:06:30 at the Perth 32k yesterday

I've changed a couple of things this time. I'm running about 115k a week, taking saturdays off running and doing a 2hr/60k cycle instead.
The focus of my running has been a trend toward marathon specificity - faster long runs, long intervals, longer runs in general.

Sample week
Monday 14k @4:25
Tues am 14k@4:25
Tues pm 17k with 4x3k at 103% Marathon pace and 500m float recovery (whole session 13.5k at 3:50 av)
Wed off
Thurs 20k medium run 4:20
Fri 14k easy
Sat 60k ride
Sun 32k@4:20

On to the 32k race. Meant as a dress rehearsal for the marathon, but to be honest it's hard to be so. I wasn't anxious/hyped up about it, and didn't take a taper of note other than skipping my Saturday ride. Spaghetti bol sat night, banana sun morning.

I set out conservatively, aiming for 3:55-4:00s throughout the run. Apart from a the first 2k being just over 4's, the rest were under. I have moved to a simpler nutrition strategy with simple lollies (natural confectionery dinosaurs) every 2.5-3k from the 15k mark, and just water to drink.

5k splits: 19:59, 19:38, 19:22, 19:31, 19:50, 19:38, final 2k at 3:48 pace.

I ran alone for the majority of the race, but had Rob in sight the whole way - he was 200m ahead by the 10k mark, got out to a full minute up, then I pulled back to finish about 100m back in the end.

Really kept controlled the whole way, didn't have to dig into the pain bank, and finished strong.
4 minutes faster than last year and i feel things are on track for the marathon. i've decided not to run the Joondalup HM this year - I ran really well there last year but don't want that to be my peak race rather than the marathon. I will be running the 12k HBF run though.