Tuesday, March 31, 2009

3 weeks to go

Apologies for the belated weekly update - been busy
Last week was due to be the last big one, but I had a bit of a HM 'hangover', leaving it OK but not great


Mon 10.6k@4:43 - recovery. Tired legs
Tues 13.3k - intervals 400hard200easy400hard200easy200hard - 1400m x4

4:56,4:53,4:53,4:56 - 3:20to3:25 pace including the slow bits. This was tough.

Wed 10.1k@4:43 - easy
Thurs - wifes birthday - no run as a present to her !
Fri 17.1k@4:13. 9k@4:00 then 4k@3:55 plus 6k up/down
Sat 10.1k@4:36
Sun 32.2k@4:37

Long run with Rob, who slotted back into long run pace easily. We cruised at 4:30s the first 15k, then purposely slowed down as this was supposed to be an easy one. Did 3k at MP near the end just to stress the legs a bit.

So in the 13 sundays this year - 9x30k+, 1x28k, 1x24k, 2 races both PBs

This week brings the start of taper, although as the last 2 weeks have been mileage light, this will still mean 90k, with 24 on sunday - as last year with a stop in the middle to watch the bridges runners pass by.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Darlington HM 2009

1:23:06 - big PB, big confidence booster

The week started with me continuing drop my bundle with the funeral on Tuesday and family staying with us. I decided to cut the training and taper properly for the HM - no point trying to fit in runs at the expense of adequate sleep.

So it was 45k leading up to today, with just a Tuesday tempo of 7k@3:52 then 4k@3:55 as quality

I had put a bit of pressure on today's run this way, as there was no excuse for poor performance.

Conditions were perfect, fine, little wind and 10-15 degrees. My aim was to head out at a little harder than usual HM effort and hold on down the hills. Sugar was running a MP run after 35k yeaterday, so I thought I could hold him up the hill then pull away in the second half.

Usual fast start 3:46, then the 2 gravel kms 4:15,4:14
Quickly settled into a bunch 5th-9th led by Sugar, next 5k 3:55/4:02/4:04/3:59
At 8k I pulled away with another guy on a bit of downhill - 4:05/3:45 - 10k in 40:10

I had in my mind that it was all downhill from halfway but soon remembered the first couple had some up, 3:59/4:00/3:53/3:57. At 14k I was bang on 4min/k and felt that if there was any decent uphill from here I'd be dead - luckily there wasn't

3:47/3:48/3:46/3:54/3:44/3:43/3:45 plus change. I was passed by 2 guys down the hill, both with long strides and both disappeared quickly in the distance (and I thought I was running fast!)

I'd not really looked at my watch in the last 3k gravel as I watchd my feet and counted breaths to get to the finish. It was a big surprise as I turned onto the grass to see the clock tick onto 1:23.

This was definitely a 100% effort run on a decent taper, and is a big confidence booster for Canberra, which I needed psychologically. VDOT would equate this to a sub2:55 mara, which is less tight than prevous predictions.

Now I need to make sure this wasn't my peak race ( as was the case in '06 at FreoHM) - so I will try to make this week a 100k plus before starting the marathon taper.

42:34/40:32 up/down by GPS (42:54 turnaround on course - past halfway)
8:30 min PB on this course and big HM PB

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Challenging week

I was going to write difficult week, but challenging sounds more upbeat, and in the end, the running wasn't too bad.

When it hits, it all hits at once. I've noted the gastro already, which luckily only affected me Tues and Wed. More importantly, and sadly, my grandmother died on Tuesday night. It was expected, and in many ways a blssing, but still took it's toll and with family members flying in from o/seas and interstate for the funeral, time and sleep have been short. And of course this had to be the week where I was covering for a colleague on holidays, and exams have started again so spent 5hrs supervising exams yesterday.

Anyway, enough complaining. I'm healthy, and managed to fit in 95km running this week at 4:31min/k average. Most of the running was in the dark!

Mon am 10.6k@ 4:54 recovery
Tues am 10.5k@ 4:34 - the gastro started soon thereafter - had to skip intervals
Wed pm 9.4k @ 4:33 - looks better than it was - took 2 stops to slow down HR
Thurs am 10.55k@ 4:18 - 2x5k progression to 10k pace
Thurs pm 11.2k@4:12 - nighttime run knowing time would be short friday. 7k@3:55s plus w/up and down
Friday - no running. I really wanted to fit a run in somewhere, but with catchup work, airport pickup and catching up with family it didnt happen
Sat am 10.6k@4:36 easy-ish
Sun am 32.4k@4:36

Dragged myself out after little sleep (dont know how TB does those long runs on almost no sleep) and felt like a piece of poop. I was concerned by the forecast of 37, and already 22.5 at 530, but luckily things stayed around that temp the whole run, and the fresh breeze made it feel cooler. I ran exactly the same course a last sunday, trying to use those times as a motivator. I set out faster than last time, as I didnt have the oomph to run at MP later. Things went smoothly til Hale Rd at 25k - made it up the first hill fine, but ended up walking 100m of the second section. Once again I didnt have a gel (really need to get some in bulk) and again felt it after the 28k stop. I skipped a little final loop I did last week and shuffled home. Although the running time was a little quicker, last week the 2 breaks were about 2 minutes each, this week significantly longer, plus the walk up the hill.

So I cant really complain - for my 'bad' week, the running is fine. The first half of this week will be similar, then get ready for Darlington!

(AdizeroTempos - felt good but insecure/slipping at the heel- I'll try heel lock lacing next time. Speedstars felt great on thurs pm run. 2140s fine this morning, although a large blister due to the sock I think)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Marathon Shoe Dilemma

An unusual midweek post for me.

Unfortunately I have picked up a gastro bug which had affected about 20 of my patients at a nursing home last week - pretty unavoidable to get it.

It's not too bad, apart from the gastro I just have some muscle and joint aches. I'm taking the running easy for a couple of days, but I've also had to stop patient contact 'til I'm better - my inner workaholic doesn't handle that well!

After reading Biscuitman's post I thought again re marathon shoes. All my marathons, including the trail ones, have been run in Asics21xx series - they are a known quantity. Wearing the 2140s for the first time on sundays long run I was immediatel reminded how comfortable they are, despite my foray into other shoes over the last 12 months.

Here are my options from current collection:

Mizuno Idaten 200g (too light and lacking support)
Adizero Mana 210g (a bit more supportive but more a 5-10k shoe)
Asics Speedstar 265g
Asic DS trainer 290g
Adizero Tempo 295g
Br0oks Adrenaline 330g
Asics 2140 340g
Adidas supernova 350g

The 2 adizero pairs were picked up cheap at Harbourtown today - I've been eyeing off the tempos as a midweight marathon shoe with reasonable motion control for a while now, and will probably try them at Darlington. The Ds trainers were my shoes at Matilda bay, but are old. The speedstars are similar and an option, whilst the 2140s are a safe bet.

The other issue is weather. It rained last year at Canberra. Previously the Ds trainers have really slipped in the wet and I suspect alot of the racing type shoes dont have great grip, so I'll probably need to take the 2140s in case.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Lacking some self control

107k@4:34 this week. I'm not complaining, but Im annoyed with myself that planned sessions changed due to a lack of self control, in particular the elusive longer MP run

Mon 14.2k@4:33 - took advantage of the public holiday for a midafternoon fartlek run through bold park. Very enjoyable but the heat took it's toll and I felt a bit crappy in the evening. Legs felt the hills as I've been running exclusively flat the last couple of weeks for Canberra

Tues 10.4k@4:10. - WAMC intervals. Due to a lack of the fast guys and my improvement, this was the first (and potentially only) time I was the fastest runner on most of the intervals. 4x300, 4x400,4x300. 100m jog/60sec or 90 sec recovery. I sped through the first set, leading the way in 50-54s. I tried to keep pride in the second set but came second in 2 of them ( 70-74). I was timing the recoveries (poorly, as I didn't have my garmin on interval mode) and obviously was making them too long so 3 guys started the last set 10 sec in front of me, but the faster young guy stayed with me and kept me honest -he hit higher gear and pulled away in the last 2 300s(51-53). Nearly vomited on the last one, and was too stuffed to even do a decent cooldown.

Wed 10.1k@4:42 easy
Thurs 10.7@4:54 easy and the slowest recovery I've done in a while

Fri 17k@4:17. This was meant to be the MP run. Headed down to Lake Monger, which I rarely run round despite it being so close. Started the session in 4:10s for the first 4k but gradually increased the speed and finished 10k in 40:20, more a tempo effort in the end. Had a drink then did another 2k in 8:00 then 3k cooldown. Hopefully next week the 20k@4:15

Sat 10.6k@4:46 easy
Sun 34.2k@4:37. Went back to the old route with Bold Park and Hale Rd hills, aiming to minimise breaks. 17-25degreesC with a gusty NE wind in the second half. Started easy with thoughts of a longer 40k'ish run, did the 1st 10k in 4:55s. Felt good once I hit the coast and sped things up, running at MP for a few km until my first stop at 18k, and 4:20s for the next 5k. Slowed down a bit over Hale Rd hill but then a couple more 4:15s leading up to the second drink stop at 28k. Last 6k slowed down to 4:35s. I was disorganised today so had no gels, just ran with the one powerade, after 18k was just running on water, so I'm pretty happy with the second half. Could have used a gel at 28k.

This Friday, work allowing, I will control my pace and run a 20k MP run. May need to start out at 4:20s just to force the slowness, and pick it up to 4:15s in the second 10k.

Commiserations to training partner Clown, who was forced to cancel Canberra due to injury. Perth will have to be your sub3 effort.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Tough Day at the Office

96.9km this week @ 4:33 average - pretty fast week for me

Mon 9.4k@4:52 easy
Tues am 10.8k@4:39 - easy
Tues pm 9.9k intervals

2:42/1:14/1:13/1:54/54/55/ 1:14/35/ 35

As usual intended to take it fairly easy, ended up running my guts out, stuffed at the end.

Wed 10.1k@4:28 - supposed to be easy but got sucked into racing a guy around the lake did last 3k in 4:00s

Thurs rest day (second non running day for the year, worried re overtraining)
Fri 17.5k@4:21 - 6k@3:57, 1k easy then 4k@3:57
Sat 10.6k@4:40 easy
Sun 28.6k@4:40 Hot and humid morning. Drank a lovely bottle of '01 Bin389 by myself the night before to celebrate finally selling the house. Rob&I took plenty of breaks on this run. Did manage 4:15s for 18-20k and 21-25k.

I'm in sub 3:05 form now, just need to take it one step more to be ready for the goal.
The aim this week - a 20k midweek run, mostly at MP