Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Perth Marathon 2013

...the 2 days after post

leadup fine, taper fine, pre race night and morning Ok, weather perfect

Set out at desired pace - 19:32/19:23/19:41/19:56/19:52 first 25km looking good

Mainly set out with Brad Hart, a runner of similar pace and coincidentally a physio near my practice. We've shared a few patients and run similar paces but never met. In retrospect i may have been running 5 sec/km faster than I should have in the first 25km.

At 25 I knew I was going to have to work so i let Brad go. I decided to focus on getting to the Raffles Hotel at 30k then put the headphones on and get through til 36k on the stretch down the freeway.

This worked adequately with 20:29 and 20:32 5k splits to 35k

Here things hit a hitch. it's funny how i can spend nearly 6 months running daily in pursuit of a marathon goal, but decide my nutrition strategy the day before. iI never take anything on training runs less than 20k. I take water and sometimes a jelly snake on runs 20-30k, and a few more snakes on 30+km runs, I haven't had a 'gel' in a year. last few i have had were 'Winners' brand which are fairly watery.

So of course on Marathon day I have staminade in bottles (done on a whim of nostalgia of staminade in funruns as a kid in canberra) - an electrolyte drink notably with magnesium, and a couple of GU brand gels.

At 30k I was concerned re lack of calorie intake thus far and downed half a Gu. 5 minutes later I started heaving every couple of minutes and at 15k I threw up Gu and green staminade. I toyed with going into the toilets at the narrows but walked for a while instead until my head stopped spinning.

Most fortunately for me, the leading female runner, Tina Major, caught me soon thereafter and I decided to  stick with her for as long as possible. She had a cyclist pacer (I think Todd Ingraham) - cajoling her along as well as a lot of support from spectators - i tried to feed off this. Despite his job obviously being to help her and get her drinks etc, he was kind enough to offer me a few words of encouragement when I looked like falling off the back of her - which worked the first couple of times, with much thanks on my part. Luckily this played a good part in my continuing - I note that 2nd place Chris O'Neill paced third place Adam martin - Chris had planned on running with him for only 30k but sensed he was struggling and paced him all the way to the finish a big PB.

I stayed with Tina until about 40.5k, then dropped back and struggled to the finish in 2:52:44.

I was pretty disappointed at the finish, i'd given it my all and was probably pretty hypoglycaemic and dehydrated - apologies to all who gave me support only to see me wander off  - I wasn't in a good way at this point. I managed to drive home before a fairly tough couple of hours of gastric upset before the gastrostop and maxolon kicked in. As much as anything else, my concern is that this is the second consecutive marathon (after six inch) where I have had big time vomiting and diarrhoea afterwards - this doesnt inspire me to keep pushing for more full pace marathons. I've never recovered well from any marathon (I look on in awe at those who can go and have a beer afterwards) but the last 2 have been shockers. I'm not sure if I'm pushing myself beyond reasonable limits, if what I'm taking is affecting me, or if (most likely) I'm just weak as piss.

No point crying though - time for a little R&R

A big shout out to TB for his 10th Perth Marathon - as I've noted before TB was a big inspiration when I first started running over 9 years ago - the original perth running blogger and someone who pushes on with humility through adversity year after year - I'm a big fan. 

Sunday, June 09, 2013

One week to Marathon

1st taper week 120km - not really a taper in terms of mileage but kept intensity easy  - 10k at MP on sat am and a 28.5k@4:25 on Sunday morning with Rob

2nd taper week 75k - more the way a taper week should be - overall average pace 4:15

Tues pm did a 4x1600m session with 2min float recoveries with Rob - ended up running a continuous 7.8k@3:36 - so pretty much 8k at 10k race pace.

Sunday (today) was going to do a 20k dress rehearsal but I was called up for volunteer duties at the lake Monger run - ended up being a bit silly as there were heaps of volunteers standing around with nothing to do - the most useful service I performed was pinning the finishers ribbons on the kids who did the 'little mongrels run' (including TBs kids). I did get to see both Rob and Liam PB in the 10k though.

So I ended up going out at midday with the intention of doing 20k with a few MP in the middle. Ended up average pace for the 20k of 3:59, so a little too fast - the easy kms weren't so easy and the MP kms were at 3:50s. Dont think I did any harm from this though, just need to ensure I go easy from here (starting with no run tomorrow)