Thursday, September 30, 2010


I just received the email re Buster being in Perth. Anyone interested in making a table?
I think I'll go anyway.

Monday, September 27, 2010

No Melbourne, looking ahead

I ended up deciding not to go to Melbourne.
The running's been OK in the first week and a half back, but I don't have a marathon in me physically or mentally.

So moving ahead... my plan is to keep to a lowish 70km per week mileage for the rest of the year. I'll do some shorter stuff - not yet decided if I'll go Masters track ( would be Tues at McGillvray - work late thurs evenings and Coker Park is a bit far), WAMC/JK intervals tues pm, or some self directed track intervals, or maybe a mix of the 3. I might do a couple of WAMC events (perhaps the track 10k), and I'll hopefully do Six Inch again, although I am going to U2 the night before so it may be a challenging run.

I've been thinking about track events and goal times. VDOT seems out of whack for this. Whilst my 3k, 5k, 10k and marathon PBs areall pretty much on a par with VDOT 54.3, and the HM PB a little quicker, these would predict a 73sec 400m, 2:32 800m, 3:13 1000m and 5:01 1500m. These all sound a little slow

At highschool I ran 2:06 for 800m and 4:21 for 1500m, but this seems a litle too fast

Perhaps a 3min 1k (2:22 800, 4:40 1500, 10:00 3000m) is a more challenging goal. Anyone have insight into this?

What I think I might do is head down to the first week of summer masters track next week and do the 1k as a time trial, with pretty much no speed training, so I have a starting point but hopefully still quite a bit of improvement.

Good luck Clown, Sling and TB in Melbourne!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I dont think I'll make it to Melbourne.
The last couple of weeks have been very frustrating illness wise - one virus after another, really getting me down physically and emotionally. I took a full week off any running, then did one run and felt worse again later in the day. I've run yesterday and today - beautiful days and felt really good - but so one should, running 10k after a week and a half off!

This leaves me in a quandry. At best I was going to be borderline to run OK at Melbourne, holding out some hope to run with Sling for at least the first 30k of his sub 3hr attempt. This seems off the cards now, perhaps for both of us. My other great fear is that after a winter of recurrent infections, a big effort will lead to another infection in the followup. But I'd like to be there for Clown's birthday, and I haven't had any time off since Boston, so I could do with a little holiday. Switching to the half would be an option, but that's an expensive trip for a non-PB half marathon.

We'll see - luckily the flights can be cancelled right up until the day, and a hotel room shouldn't be too hard to come by at the last minute, so I can reserve judgement for a while.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Treading water

I felt i should post an update, but to be honest there's not much to add

Since my last post I have moved house, so my priorities have been other than running. I managed to get out and watch the City to Surfers pass by, as documented by others it was a tough day all round.

I've not managed to lift beyond the 70km per week, no quality session mark over the last 4 weeks. The aftereffects of a viral infection, some lingering aches at the site of my stress fracture and the demands of setting up a new house have prevented a stepping up that I'd been half-heartedly considering.

My average paces still sit 4:35MIN/KM, althoug in the last week my average run has changed from flat around the river to hilly through Bold park, so i hope that maintaining the pace represents a real improvement in fitness by a few seconds.

On the days when i dont feel viral my running actually feels really smooth and fun. The negative is that the longest run has been 22km.

I've paid for my fares to melbourne though, so I'll be there and may well head out at 3hr pace for the first half and see how long I hold on. I'm probably no worse prepared than Boston (3;01), but far worse than C2S 2009 (2:57)