Sunday, February 25, 2007

2 long runs logged

Ran 25k last Sunday at 5:10 pace, very comfortable. Couple of speed sessions in the last couple of weeks also.

Still unhappy with the new shoes (2120), developing 4th metatarsal pain with concerns re stress fracture, but ran today in old 2110s pain free. Now just have to find some old models in my size.

Was going to run 5k at Joondalup today, but my cousin Dave arrived from Canberra, so I went for a long run with him. He's training for the Canberra Marathon but is here until then. His aim is 3:15, so I was a surprised to meet him running 4:30-4:40 min kms for 35k! I lasted 14k with him with an overall average of 4:40s, but was slowing him down. Walked for several minutes then finished the last 11k at my usual 5:10 pace for 25k total at 4:54 pace. I really felt it in the legs at the end, especially with the weather heating up quickly!

Think I may have to suggest he run with TS&TF - probably at a similar pace, and a similar point in Marathon prep.

Next race - Darlington Half

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Matilda Bay 10k

Very happy today - another performance on track with my aim of progression.

Light training week due to some viral symptoms, probably precipitated by a 18k run in 30+ degree heat last Sunday.

Did a very light warmup and lined up next to Rob and Widi, who were doing the 4k.

I took off quite fast to clear the congestion, then eased back.

3:50,4:06,4:13,4:09,4:15 for 20:33 half way

4:09,4:08,4:12,4:17,3:58 for 20:45 return. Very happy with a strong sprint finish.

Garmin made it 10.10, final time 41:35

Looking to last year I ran 21:36/22:36 for a 44:09. That was a bad day though, but still well in front of where I was 12 months ago.

Might run the 5k at Neil Hawkins in a fortnight before focussing on longer stuff. I wasn't going to but i haven't actually run under 20 min for 5k, which would be nice to get on the board and i should be able to do (should have done - some poor running late last year prevented this)