Sunday, December 12, 2010

Eyes on Boston

Flights and hotels booked, 18 weeks to go - ready to start thinking about Boston

Last 2 weeks have been the start - 86k last week (@4:30), 100k this week (@4:33)

The body is holding up OK - knee niggles intermittently, some problems with right adductor.

Those who have followed my running over recent years know that I don't follow specific training plans per se. I tend to have a general direction of training and decide day to day how I feel.

So for this time -
Rest of december will be becoming comfortable at 100k/week.
1. As much mileage as my body can cope with injury free (not sure what this will be - 100, 110,120?)
2. Long run weekly the focus - looking to vary terrain, pace, length
3. Midweek medium long run hopefully peaking at 25k MP
4. A second quality session of tempo, fartlek, longer intervals or hills.

Taper will be quite severe - after my experience at Boston this year - I felt so fresh on marathon day having done about 25k total on treadmill in the leadup 7 days.

2 light weeks in training will be week of Matilda Bay 10k and of Darlington HM.

Only getting in to USA on th Thursday before the Monday Marathon, so will need to look at jetlag coping stategy