Sunday, May 30, 2010

Slowly Slowly

Main reason to post this week is to give a shout out to Clown - congrats on the massive 10k PB - a long overdue race reward for great training form, and hopefully a big step forward in your running.

My week was similar to last - 60k in 5 runs, all easy, still lacking rhythm - I feel uncoordinated at the moment. There are some minor niggles in the return to more regular running, but the thigh pain is behaving itself.

Surprisingly my best 2 runs were in Nike LunarGlides - the Boston special editions which I bought more as a casual shoe than a runner. I'm running in them without my orthotics (unheard of) They are extremely light for such a stable shoe - probably as light as a DS trainer, but in my case even lighter because I dont need the orthotics (when I tried them I felt my foot was being pushed too far into supination)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Run for No Reason

Back on the road this week after my month off to allow my stress fracture to heal

The leg isn't normal yet, but the deep bone pain has gone and it now just feels like an adductor strain . I am stretching and strengthening ( I'm getting some funny looks walking corridors at work sideways)

Ran HBF Run For a Reason today - paced my Brother in law to go sub 5min kms - did 1:11:15 for 14.59k - so under target pace by about 2 minutes.

It was interesting to run a race so comfortably - it provided a different perspective.

I went to pick up my number and was given a category B bib as they ran out of category A ones. At the start line 2 separate officials interrogated me about why I was in the A corral with a B bib, and they got narky when I told them to bugger off! ( I may have been a bit rude)

I was interested to see Sugar and B'Man say the km markers were off - I found the first 5 were exactly in sync with my Garmin - but then the garmin went haywire through the tunnel so I wasnt sure about the rest. Having said that they seemed pretty good to me as we stayed a pretty constant amount below the target times through each marker.

I felt so good at the end I jogged the 8k home .It ended up a nice, if very slow, 22k for the day, and the first time since Boston that I've felt any real comfortable rhythm in my running - perhaps all is not lost!

54k for the week at 4:45

In terms of plan from here - still not sure. I feel like I have the angel on one shoulder saying don't run Perth because I'll be markedly underdone and injure myself, and the devil on the other saying I should run my sixth consecutive Perth to keep the series going. Luckily at the moment the angel is winning (It's like having Barlow on one shoulder and Tom Swift on the other - one a winner and the other a talentless hack! - I'm sure Clown knows what I mean)

I'm thinking maybe Melbourne (the marathon, not the club)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

More Photos


Three weeks post Boston and I've really enjoyed the Rest and Relaxation. This is probably the most true rest I've had for some time. Although I missed a lot of running at the start of the year, I was very mentally focussed on running and rehab, and did a lot of non running exercise/rehab.

The last 3 weeks I've done very little, and very little cross training. I flew back in to Perth Sunday and went back to work monday - so a week of jetlag and catchup work meant I didn't have time or energy to exercise - a good rest for my femur (although it still aches at night suggesting the stress fracture hasn't fully healed yet)

Boston photos attached!