Sunday, August 26, 2012

Perth City To Surf 2012

12k event, 45:25

I've not done a great deal of training since the marathon, and was therefore perhaps a bit hopeful to think i could repeat last year's 44:30 for this one.

I had a quiet week lead in, no injuries and niggles, and start on the startline in beautiful conditions, feeling fine.

headed out fairly hard, but at the time didn't feel ridiculous. Was sitting 50m behond DB for quite some time, and Biscuitman caught me at 5k, stayed with me til 7k and then pulled away. at this point I needed to go to the well for some strength, and found nothing there.

After getting to 8k in 29:16, things went pretty bad with kms of  3:58/4:03/4:14 before some redemption with a 3:35 final km.

I guess the day shows again that you reap what you sow in distance running.

From here, as usual at this time of year i'm a bit mixed in my motivations - might try for a 10k PB on the track in October, will likely look for a PB at Six inch Trail Marathon in December, and there's always the lure of trying some short track races in the summer season, although in previous years I've never followed through with that.

Add in a last minute tight loss in my dreamteam preliminary final, and it's not been the greatest day!