Sunday, October 30, 2011

Everybody's shuffling

97k this week - only ran 5 days

I've been playing tennis on Sunday arvos the last few months, and whilst doubles is fairly sedate, last week it was singles. My tennis gameplan is 'keep it in at all costs/wait for my opponent to make a mistake' ( I dont have much of a 'weapon' in my groundstroke arsenal). This means I end up scrambling around the court. Last week I twinged my hammy running for a drop shot - so I took Monday off as a precaution.

Tuesday I ran a double to compensate - am 10k easy, pm 15k including track intervals - 3x1600 with 500m jog between - 5:20/5:40/5:30
Wed 17.5k @ 4:32
Thurs 10.5@4:39
Fr 12.5@4:38
Sat - felt a bit viral - went for a 'power walk' with Mrs Epi, and a couple of km on the treadmill
Sun 30k@4:30 including Hale Rd

Nice to log my first 30k for a while - rewarded myself with my favorite post long run treat - frozen raspberry drink from McDonalds

Still running mainly in the Saucony Kinvara 2 - on my second pair after going somewhere between 800 and 1000k in my first pair. I may have mentioned previously that these are the only shoe I run in without orthotics. I seem fine in these for track intervals to long runs and everything in between. I still alternate days in DS racers and Mizuno Musha.

My mum is popping over to the US soon, so I might get some more, although would also like to try the brooks green silence, new balance 1400s and saucouny a4.

Friday is the track 10k race. I think I'm in 36:40 form but would love to break 36, and intend if feeling good to run the first 5k in just on/under 18 and see what's left in the tank.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Building a little base

4 weeks since the last post, and I've progressed generally as planned
Unfortunately week 1 was affected by a viral infection - jet lag and straight back to work didn't agree with each other obviously.

week 2 90k, all easy to mid paced and a 24k Sunday long run

Week 3 102k,
Tuesday solo interval session on the track Tuesday - 3k in 10:28 then 4x400m,
Sunday 27k long run including Hale Rd

Week 4 104k
Tuesday solo interval session - 4x1k/200m float - covered track 5k in 17:58, 2min standing recovery then 2x1k with 200m float, similar pace.
Saturday 10k tempo in 39:10 - midday run in somewhat warm/humid conditions
Sunday 25k long run over Hale Rd

I feel I'm probably back where I was before my holiday now, with 10k race on the 4th November a little earlier than I'd like in terms of fitness, but should still be able to break a 'soft' official 10k PB of 37:30

On a side note, I bought a scond hand treadmill today. I was a little reluctant to post this as I know treadmill running is anathema to many running purists, especially in Perth. I really just dont cope with the hot weather in Perth summer, and have suffered before from the results of trying to get out there on very hot days.Last year I took several trips to gyms esp for afternoon runs on treadmills.

After a bit of research I was left to decide between a new 'home' treadmill from Orbit/Elite/Rebel etc or a second hand 'commercial' one. I ended up getting an ex-gym Life Fitness treadmill which is one most of us will have run on at various commercial and hotel gyms over the years. It was cheap but obviously, without a warranty, only time will tell if it was a bargain!