Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Quick update from Waikiki!

Sorry on the last post - had 30 min on hotel internet and was too cheap to cough up for another half hour - finished mid sentence.

Now a week later i'm happy. Nursing a strained left calf muscle (up near the back of the knee) which has limied my couple of attempts at recovery runs here - have stuck to walking, surfing ,eating, drinking and sunbathing.

Still a bit annoyed that my official time is 15-20sec slower than it should have been.

Will take it real easy over the holiday now to make sure the calf recovers, then will start training again in May for Perth Marathon. I don't think I can mount the same singleminded assault on a marathon that quickly, but I'll approach it with no aim of a PB, more of a launch for 10k PBs in the second half of the year.

Boston is being considered.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Canberra marathon

Quick post from Melbourne before my US holiday

Great run, 3:14 finished with Rob. Took some time to get to the start line but my chip obviously didn't record as they gave me my gun time.

Arrived Friday pm, had pasta dinner with Rob
Saturday am did 4k easy over part of the course. Pasta dinner with Rob, Tracey, Henry and his family.

Unfortunately got separated from Rob at the start - due to a late toilet stop. I started quite far back near the 3:15 pacer, and thought I'd stay with him and see Rob out there.

The pacer went out hard, doing some 4:15s in the 5-10k section to get to 10k under 45. At this point I caught Rob and we decided to fall behind the pacer.

We hit very solid 4:33-4:38 pace throughout the 10-35k section, in at times heavy rain on a flat road course around Lake Burley Griffin.

Things got tough at 36k or so with cramping quads, adductors and calves. Luckily Rob held back a bit and ran with me. We didn't drop pace and finished in 4:29,4:35 for the final 2k. Slowest km of the race was a 4:45 besides the first km, so very pleased

Time gone, update later

Sunday, April 06, 2008

T minus seven

Taper week 2, managed to hold back the distance if not the intensity.

56.4k @ 4:41

Monday 9.5k recovery @4:54
Tues 10.1k@4:28. 5k continuous in 19:54 - was going to run tempo pace but felt so good cruised along at 4min/k pace. Could comfortably have gone further but didn't want to overdo it
Wed rest
Thurs 10k@4:45 progression from easy to tempo
Fri rest
Sat 9.7k@4:33 marathon pace (a bit faster)
Sun 17.1k@4:45. 'long' run with Rob. Had to hold ourselves back regularly as perhaps nervous energy pushed us along at MP. Stopped for 10mins in the middle to watch the bridges funrunners go past.

So plenty of speed from recent sharpening weeks. Could definitely run 5k/10k PBs at present.
Need to really take it easy this week - looking at maybe 20-25k total, no tempo
Flying out Friday, carbo loading last 3-4 days
Excited? You bet