Sunday, March 16, 2014

Darlington HM 2014

Not a lot of consistent running since my last post - 4 week holiday with cruise - max 70km per week and an achilles injury which has hampered me a bit, as well as a flu.

I've been back running OK last couple of weeks and thought I'd see where things stand with this one.

My aim was to run the first half (uphill) in 4:00 average and was only just behind that, then come back down the hill a bit quicker.

Not alot to report - things went just this way for a 1:22:35.

Achilles didn't really bother me but the legs did feel the lack of distance and I didn't have much left in the final couple of km, overtaken by a couple of guys right near the end.

Long way back to my peak form, hopefully I can get in a consistent pattern over the next 2 months.