Sunday, December 03, 2006

Time to set some 2007 Goals

Year in review -

10k Goal 40 min - didn't reach but came within a minute
Marathon goal 3:30 - didn't reach but came within 3 minutes
City to Surf Goal 50min - came within 10 seconds

Best run of the year 1:28 Fremantle HM - peak form of the year and on the day probably would have reached any of the above goals if I raced those distances

Injuries - ITBS,Shin splints, plantar faciitis, sprained ankle, SI joint strain. None took too great a toll on me


1. Aim to beat my 2006 time in each equivalent race. (except maybe freo HM - think by running it too hard in 06 precipitated virus which interrupted Marathon prep)

2. Sub40min 10k by May. If that is achieved then may set lower target for second half of the year

3. Sub 3:20 marathon - should be readily achievable with an uninterrupted buildup

4. Sub48 City to Surf - this event is still a big one for me.

Have a long way to go - still in 44min 10k form by my tempo pace, which is where I was in Jan 06. Currently trying to put several weeks together to start 2007 - prob with Christchurch 12k, but might run in the Parlouf relay on Dec26 for some fun.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Getting back

I've now had 2 weeks back running! Hooray!

After my PF I sprained my ankle running over a traffic island and was unable to run for a fortnight. Luckily it also gave me the rest I needed to gaet over my PF.

Ive run 50 k this week and 40k last week with only a mild ankle ache afterwards.

My pace has dropped - LT now 4:30 and I'd guess 10k time 43-44 mins currently. Did just 3x1k reps at 4min/k earlier in the week - really struggled.

Looking to build up the base a bit again and star in Jan with some races again.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Plantar Fasciitis

Its amazing - I'm generally an intelligent person, but when it comes to running, I keep making the same mistakes over and over.

After averaging 10-30km a week since the marathon (3 months), then taking 10 days off, I emerged from my funk and ran 65k in 8 days. This isnt a huge volume, but coming off 3 months of nearly nothing, was silly. I also knew my shoes were beyond their use by date - had even compared the wear in the soles to my last 2 pairs and saw they were the most worn. Nonetheless I pushed on.

Sunday after an 18k easy run I couldnt walk due to heel pain - clearly had PF. So I've instituted all the right management steps, got some new shoes, and will see how things go.

On the bright side, I've been really enjoying my running, and if I can nip this in the bud will keep on with the plan as previously described - freeform program with more morning runs. I'll leave the performance goals to next year.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Marking Time

I've continued with 2-3 days a week since City to Surf, but have fallen a little into the trap of running faster than recovery pace but slower than tempo - often 10k runs, start at 5 min/k pace then wind up to 440 pace for the last 6 or 7 kms. Not sure that I'm gaining much from these kind of sessions - problem is this is an enjoyable way to run. So I need to do some intervals and hold back on recovery runs.

managed an 18k effort last Sunday, again a little too fast at 4min 55 pace overall - felt pretty tired thereafter.

This morning I ran Gwelup - planned 10k but knew in warmup that legs felt heavy, would probably run 5k. With this in mind I headed out fast - 337 first km, and paid for it. Walked!!! in a 5k!!! and finished in 20:15.

Not going to dwell on it too much.

Looking ahead to Freo 10k next week, Rob reminded me that its a fast flat course so we'll see how things go. I'm not really sure where I am pace wise but sub40min 10k is still there as a goal - hopefully will set out at that pace and see how things finish up.

Regards to all - TB good luck with the wedding and your ultra training. Homo good luck with Rotto, will look with interest to see how you go. TS&TF - hope you get your mojo back. Clown, see you at Freo.


Sunday, August 27, 2006

City to Surf

I took my own advice from last post and for the last fortnight have trained 3 times a week, with a fair bit of speed/fartlek sessions. Also mixed in walking with the wife, tennis and golf - feeling fresher.

had a scare when I woke at midnight in a sweat and with sore throat. 6am and my nose was blocked but felt OK within myself - decided to go for it and see how things turned out

Rode my scooter to town and arrived 725 - saw henry in my warmup run - he was treating it as part of a long run with his Freo Mara goal in sight.

Took 15 secs to cross start and was impeded a little in the first km. Sadly Garmin lost it at the start and was showing 500m at the 1k mark. Think I went 420, 355, 400 to be 1215 at the 3k marker. Ran the next 3 in 12:25 to be 24:40 at halfway.

Slowed down to about 4:30 pace up the second big hill but caught that up in the downhill to do the 6-9 3k in 12:20.

I was really feeling it going into the last set of hills and ran 9:10 for 9-11k. Had run the final km in 3:35 in a training run last Sunday, but the legs weren't up to it. Was passed by several runners in the last 500m despite putting in a 3:50 last km.

Crossed the line in 49:58 by watch, 50:12 on the screen - hopefully my published corrected time will be under 50.

Overall I was very happy - even paced run, didnt give up, solid uphills - hill training has paid off since the marathon.

Sorry to see TS&TF going through a rough patch - but I sill firmly believe with the kms in the bank, a turnaround will come as he cuts the mileage and sharpens up.

As for me - sub40 10k back on the radar, keeping a 3-4 day a week schedule with plenty of speed work (LT and interval). Not sure about the Perth half - light on distance recently and suspect my mild virus will flare subsequent to todays effort (worth it though).

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Poor performance by Epi these last 3 weeks. Changed jobs , partly to reduce workload and instead have found myself working more hours than ever, and letting training suffer. 7 runs in 3 weeks.

Was going to run Joondalup 10k this am, but sore throat, wet weather and generally feeling unmotivated led me to stay in bed.

I really need to fire up my motivation again, force myself to run in the early mornings, as evenings a really out of the equation now, and remember the reason I changed jobs was to work less, stress less and have a life outside work.

I've entered and paid for C2s, so I will run it barring significant illness.

I need to find a 'hook', motivation to train more. Strict training scheduled sessions hasnt worked, so maybe back to 'joy of running' - more freeform sessions, run the session that the body feels like on the day. I thought the sub40 10k goal would sustain me, but right now I couldn't care less.

Enough whining, next post will be brighter.


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Run For Gold

3 weeks since marathon, first race.

Effectivelt took 10 days off post marathon then restarted light training week 2.

In the last 7 days felt great and overtrained in terms of intensity - hard hill session Sun, 1k intervals at 5k pace/faster Tues, 10k at 4:45/km wed (supposed to be recovery) and 10k at 4:35/km (fartlek session) Friday.

I know, I know, too much fast, nothing slow, silly training but felt so good and am on holiday for the first time in 18months - energy and time to burn.

Didnt know what to expect today, good conditions other than headwind last 2km. Legs felt very heavy in 2k warmup.

Started 3:43, 3:59, 4:08 - feeling poor and almost decided to make it a 5k, but wasn't even going to set an impressive time for that.

Managed to hold 4:10-4:15s from then on, final km started to feel better and finished with a little more pace

Crossed the line in 41:40, Sportstracks made it 10.10km. Not great but not terrible. I hope if I lead up correctly to a 10k later in the year, sub 40 will be attainable.

For now City 2 Surf is next goal - weekly long hill intervals for next 4 weeks, as well as a second intensity session and try to hold myself back in the other runs - may need to put the HRM back on as I've lost a good feel of what pace equals what 'zone' at present.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Perth Marathon 2006

It's over - mixed emotions.... here's the story:

Final 3 weeks lead up were 28, 25, 21km respectively. Obviously inadequate even for taper, thanks to persistent illness. Nonetheless I felt better on the day. Had lost 3kg in 3 wks, despite carboloading. Worked 60+ hours in the each of the last 3 weeks. (Enough excuses!)

Dinner Fri night was good, and Sat was busy with work callouts which prevented me from worrying too much

Woke 0500 - honey on toast, World Cup Soccer and surprisingly not my usual nervous stomach.
Saw the others pre race, all confident.

Went out 22.34 at 5k, 45.23 10k (by garmin which was recording kms earlier than the markers - 10k at 46). 10-15k in 4:40s then ran with some guys who were running at 4:30s for next 4km and realised a little too late I had pushed too hard. 20-25 kept 4:40s, passed half way in 1:37 something. Slipped out to 5 min kms to 33km, then hit the wall. Quads cramped and I died. Managed to maintain about 6min kms for the last 9k with walks at drink stations and a stop to stretch out the quads. Pushed along by others feeling the strain too.

Finished in 3hrs33. Not so unhappy with the time, but more the way I ran the race. I ran the first 32 slower than the Perth 32k where I finished full of running and felt I could easily have pushed on. So perhaps the lead up was partially responsible.

Either way, second Marathon, PB by 23 min - cant be unhappy.

Felt shocking afterwards - could barely walk - sorry guys if I wasn't good conversation at the end. Went home with intention of showering and returning to see the presentation, lay down and woke at 2.30pm ( just in time to watch the Eagles lose). But this seems to have done me good - feel OK tonight.

Sorry to see TS&TF have to pull out. Clown ran a solid run despite pain from early on. Saw homo running very solidly at halfway and expected to see him pass me at the end. Must have been close. Saw TB doing his trademark sprint to the line as I was driving off - after starting very fast in the first 5k.

Sportstracks measured the course at 42.65 - 1% out which was pretty good. It was a progressive trend over the whole course, eack km marker saw Garmin being another 10-20m off. Of course the official measurement is the shortest possible route, so just by running on the outside of corners etc one could easliy add 1m per 100m. Below is the sad picture of my run :)

Now to the second aim of the year ( the first was sub 3:30 marathon) - Sub 40min 10k. I'm told I should comfortably do it this year, at least according to Clown and TS&TF. Run for Gold, Joondalup, Freo 10k, Lake Gwelup, Club Bridges, John Gilmour - surely I can crack it at one of the 6. As for another Marathon - ask me in 6 months.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sick! (...again)

Well I'm not a happy camper today.

Last weeks virus seemd to be settling - ran Tue, Wed, Fri - with periods at MP.

Woke sat with cracking headache, left upper tooth/cheek tenderness and now a thick discharge from left side of nose - - Sinusitis. I've gone straight onto antibiotics, decongestants and saline nasal spray in an attempt to stop it in it's tracks. Unfortunately the average duration of sinusitis is 7-10 days and noe of the above measures have convincingly been shown to reduce that duration.

My gut feeling (?delusional) is that I'm still a 75% chance of running, most likely with a reduced target, but I hold out some hope of a rapid recovery and sub3:20 run. If it wasnt for the left side of my head, I actually feel quite good, but my resting HR is up a bit.

I'll play this weeks training by ear - hopefully three 10k easy runs just to keep the blood flowing so to speak. Either way I'll still go to the carboload dinner on Friday.

Part of me says 'theres always Rottnest later in the year' and the other part says 'I've spent 6 months running to get here, nothings going to stop me finishing'

Can only wait & see.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Well the decision whether to run the Lake Monger 10k was made for me - came down with a viral infection on Friday. I tend to get one each year in early winter , then stay immune despite ongoing exposure.

Felt like death warmed up yesterday and overnight, but starting to come good today - wont run til tomorrow though.

So it will be a long taper, not necessarily by choice. I'd only done 30k Mon-Fri, planning a 25k saturdayy and 10k recovery today.

But I'll resist the temptation to make up the distance - stick to 50-60k this week with a 15k effort on the weekend, then 30-35k in the final week.

Will do the 3 day carbo load, and am working on my drinks plan. Entry form says something about getting drinks externally not being allowed - was going to have Dad hand me some at a couple of points. Might drop some off early to be on the drink stations and have him have some just in case I dont find mine on the table. I also think I'll cut down from my 600ml size bottle to a childrens juice type bottle, and use more. Gel strategy will also be thinking about - will take 3 I think - 1st halfway, second 30-45 min later, and a third if needed for the last 30 min. Finally the ipod - might try to borrow my sisters nano to use as its less bulky than my mini, and better battery. I've run well without ipod recently , but remembering the return straight next to the freeway, music may be necessary to push me through.

If any of the Perth guys who read this are interested in catching up for a pasta meal on the Friday or saturday, let me know. Wife is out of town and some conversation may ease my nerves.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Freo Half !!!

Quiet week training - 10k runs each of Tues to Fri, mixed sessions including two Progression runs up to 5k pace. HM today with some warm up made 65k week only.

Was jumping out of my skin on Sat night, full of nervous energy, even though I haven't really focussed on this one. Freo HM was my first race last year after 6 months training, keen to see improvement in 12 months.

Woke 5:15, wholemeal bread and honey, nervous stomach. Arrived 7am, realised I didnt bring a drink so jogged down the road to get a powerade. Ran with Pattstrap first km but came loose. Shin (anterior comp.) Pain first 6km gradually settled. Started too fast (as always) 3:59 then 4:11, 4:14, 4:15, 4:25 for 21:06 5k. Stayed a bit slow next 2km then was challenged by a few runners and went back to 4:15s to halfway. Dropped powerade at 7.5k to pick up on the way back. Ran faster and smoother without - may need to change my drink strategy in the mara.

Halfway 44:09 and I was thinking 4:25s would get me back in 1hr30. I was spurred on by Widi passing me and had a very even paced13-19k at 4:15s. Didnt quite sprint the end but was amazed to see 1:27:40 at the line. My Garmin showed 20.68kms and I was expecting to just dip under 1:30.

Not sure how short it was but cant believe I had a 1:27:xx in me - aims of maybe 1:32 seemed to fit my form.

Great to see TB out and about again (not that I recognised you without the standard top and cap) - not challenging me this year thanks to his injury woes but pushed through impressively.

So now- Lake Monger or not? How many kms - 65/55/35?What to aim for the Mara -3:20 pace? Some thinking needed this week.

1-5k 21:06
5-10k 21:30
10-15k 21:24
15-20k 21:14

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Good Week

Nice to have a week where things go right. New Garmin arrived and is working already much better than the old one - seem to pick up satellites better. Ran in skins in cold&rain successfully. No injuriy problems.

90k week (including a planned 10k recovery tomorrow). This included 2xMP 10km sessions, a threshold 1k intervals session and today a35.2km long run at 5:15min/km average, faster than my usual long run pace and again with the middle 10k being over hilly terrain in Bold Park. It was a fairly evenly paced run, last 5k being the fastest.

Next week should be the last full on training week before a gradual taper over the final 3 weeks.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Challenge 10k

It was a very light training week thanks to a gastro bug which had me V&D all night thursday night and off work friday, only started feeling good Sat am. Two others at work had the same and called me up to say it was the worst they ever had! Perhaps my fitness this year helped me recover more rapidly.

So it was an enforced taper for the Challenge 10k, and I wanted to take advantage. I've had a thing about testing my mental toughness ever since I had to start walking 20k into a long run several weeks back. So I went out hard and wanted to make sure I didn't give up.

Woke at 6, had honey on toast (am liking the honey as sports 'gel' currently), coffee and arrived 730. Did 3km warm up which is unusual for me, with several strides.

New 305 isnt here yet so remembered splits were - 3:48, 4:04, 4:02, 4:03, 4:03 to be exactly 20min at halfway. Then a 4:14, 4:12, 4:10, 4:09, 4:06 to finish in 40:51.

Very happy with the run, exceeded my expectations and makes me feel much more confident about the 2006 sub40min goal. I did give it absolutely everything though, and initial plans of a Widi style long recovery run disappeared. I put on the skins and rested.

Nice to meet Rob again after the run, I suspect we'll be finishing the Mara in similar times. Well done TB for getting back into running training.

Final long run next weekend, and hopefully a high mileage week to make up for this one.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Winding it up again

ITBS seems to have said goodbye, so winding up again.

This week 10-13k runs Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri including some 1k intervalswith similar performane to 6 weeks ago - seems I havent lost anything but neither have I improved significantly.

This am long run 3hr5min - waiting for replacement Garmin so not sure of exact distance - GooglePedometer says 34.2k, but my prev experience is that I underestimate with this, esp on trails where it hard to get the frequent turns in - I'll settle for 35k.

Felt OK, didn't vary the pace much but middle section was quite hilly at Bold Park around the Zamia trail and othersm then the hill back up oceanic to come home gave me some HR surges. My last 3 30+ km runs have been pretty flat, so I'm happy with that. Also I didnt take a gel and drank only one powerade, so hopefully trained that fat metabolism pathway well.

Bought some skins on Friday, dodnt run in them but will keep them on for 24hrs post run and gauge recovery. Feel pretty good. As I said earlier - Garmin is being replaced by Al in US, hopefully arrives soon.

So 4x30+km runs so far. Plan from here:

28/5 Challenge10k plus 10-15 later in day
3or4/6 35k long run
11/6 Freo HM
18/6 LakeMonger10k plus 10-15later in day
25/6 Taper 15k with some at MP, prob over part of the course

Lets see how it pans out! Getting to the exciting end of the season. Will stick to Asics2100s as I've run in these (4 pairs) last 18months other than my brief failed trial of Brooks axiom. After the mara I might try a pair of lightweight shoes (?DSTrainers) for my sub40min 10k assault

Feeling a lot happier with my goals after last couple of posts, but wont set a target until the races in next few weeks let me know where I stand.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Some promising signs

Increased the training gradually this week - a tempo, two recovery runs and a long run.

33k yeaterday - quite warm at 4pm when starting, cooled down gradually. Took it very easy - about 3hrs for the 33km. ITBS OK, interestingly the ache was all on the other side, maybe compensation for wearing the Patstrap on the right. Gluteus medius left hurt, radiating down he leg, but settled. Was a struggle after 27k, and felt nowhere near as good as my last 2 30+k runs.

Not sure where this leaves me form wise - think I was falsely confident after the 20miler, perhaps too negative when faced with my injury, and now should get back to my original goals, not expect too much too soon. I started the year aiming sub330, should be happy to continue with that goal.

On the downside my Garmin 305 died last night. Hoping to have a quick replacement if its not something fixable myself.

Thanks to ProgressionRun and TB for words of encouragement - I use both your blogs as sources of motivation.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

I.T.B.S is back

It's back

The twinge on sunday post 32k became an inability to walk by lunchtime - ITBS.
Last year post mara this took 8 weeks to go away, then 2 more months to build up to >12k runs!Serves me right for running so hard last week. Should have made it a firm training run not an all out attack.

So, knowing the cause, I was aggressive - Ice, stretching, self massage with roller, and Pattstrap all day. Monday pain was still there with walking, Tuesday only with stairs. Wed night 30 min run with strap OK, Thurs 40min easy, Sat 80min easy, sun 35 min mara pace - no acute pain with any, but I knew it was there, still sore with stairs.

Where to now? I will run the marathon at (almost) any cost - would even have a cortisone injection if I needed to. Plan is gradual mileage buildup, no LT for this week, try a 25+km flat on the weekend, and pray!

I think the goals may need to be pulled back, but if I can nurse myself through, a sub330 mara is still on the cards. Post mara I can deal with at the time.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Perth 32km

A successful 32km today - 2h2920sec, av4:35min/km over 32.56km according to Garmin

It had been a quietish week, including 7k tempo on Tuesday and 7k MP on Friday. Saturday was a rest

Woke 0540, had a bagel with cream cheese and a coffee. Arrived 20min early, no running warmup

0-5k in 23min ( 4.36min/km)
5-10 in 23min
10-15 in 23.15 (4.39)
15-20in 23min - included stairs
20-25 in 23min
25-30 in 22.40 (4:32)
30-32.56 at 4:25 pace

Very even paced run, with a somewhat faster finish - happy with that!
Took a gel at 20km with a noticeable effect.
Ran with gatorade bottle, changed at 20k - didnt use water station

So all in all better than expected - promises a good Mara time if things go well - 330 may be revised to 3:20 target!

The only negative is lateral right knee pain - ?ITBS rearing it's head. Iced, Pattstrap applied - will see how Tues am run goes.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Chicken or the egg?

Tough week this week - early days a hangover from the long easter run, then some shin pain. I bought new shoes which seemed to remedy this

Saturday went for another long run, 27km in 2 and a half hours, but felt leaden in the legs and really had to work hard from 20-27km to keep running. HR got a little higher than usual for LR too.
Sat pm I started to feel flu'ey - sore throat, aches and pains, lethargic. Not sure whether this was why my long run was so hard, or if the effort of the long run det off the illness. Either way its rest for me and hopefully get over it quickly.

The good thing is that I've put together some good long run progression. HM/26k/10k race/26k/33k/27k over last 6 weekends. This is really building my confidence for long runs. As long as I'm well recovered I'm keen to run the 20miler next weekend at an even 5min/km pace as a test for my training progress.

As for the Garmin - I love it, love the satellite pics, graphs, current pace/distance/HR etc, the ultimate running gadget!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter long run

Took my first break since last May - 4 nights in Busselton over Easter
No speed sessions this week but I put in my first long run - 33km in 3hrs on Saturday am. Ran 1st 10k in 5:29 pace, next 10k in 5:33 pace, next 5k in 5:38 pace - including stop to fill water bottle, then picked up to 5:10 pace for 25-30Km and last 3k in 4:53/km.

Very happy with the run, Garmin helped immeasurably, and amazingly i felt great at the end despite winding up the pace. Spent the afternoon wine tasting with no ill effects - gotta be happy with that!

This gives me a lot of confidence for my marathon plan, hope to run a few more 30k plus runs in the next 2 and a half months.

Weeks total was 70km, recovery run this am felt a little stiff and sore, but did 11km at 5:15pace to complete a really enjoyable weekend.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Life gets in the way

The best laid plans...
After a few races, the intention was to pump up the mileage. Tues-Thurs 10k each was a good start, with plans for 30k sat. Unfortunately my usually quiet oncall proved anything but. I was in til 11 on fri night and from 9 til 4 on sat.

Ok, postpone to Sun am. Then my better half developd gastro on sat night and I had very little sleep (cant complain - she had none).

Managed 26k on sunday evening, for a total of 65 for the week - but not exactly what I had planned - really need to wind up the long runs.

Going down to Busselton for Easter, and my Garmin should be here by then -so will have added incentive for training

Reading the efforts of some coolrunners in canberra marathon has boosted my motivation, sounds like a really good event, might be a future destination!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

ASICS Bridges Fun Run

Went low volume, high intensity this week - perhaps shouldnt have as felt leaden in the legs in the second half of the week

Wasnt expecting much this am after a saturday wine tasting turned into wine guzzling, and left me with a mild hangover

For once I arrived early and actually did some warmup running! Perfect conditions and flat course looked good.

As usual I started too hard - 3:50 then 4:09 kms, felt the shins ache and got worried. Managed to hold on and pull back a little - went through 5k in 20:51. The next 3k were a matter of keeping tough and in rhythm - averaged 4:21 for these 3 although was thrown by the 7k marker being in the wrong spot. There was a lot more people passing and being passed than in previous runs this year where people seemed to get into pace order pretty quick.

By 8k I started to feel good, the shins went back to normal and I finished in 4:11 and 4:02 to cross the line in 42:12 - better than I'd hoped for.

I stayed and watched the presentations, which went on far too long for my mind - dont see the need for top 10 placegetters male and female plus all age group placegetters to come up individually - should be top 3 total and winner of age groups. Others could collect their prize privately. It was nice to put names to the faces of the top runners, and some of the age group runners who are around my pace.

Saw TB in the start crowd but never saw him again - either well ahead or always behind me.

So I'm happy with my progress - improving and on track with TNTRs last year times which I use as a guide. Will now focus on long and slow/some threshold to save the shins and prepare for mara 06.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Standard Week

Not much exciting to report this( last) week. ran about 65km total. First couple of days legs felt leaden after HM performance. Ran a tempo and a interval session, but only managed 4x1km intervals - was hoping for a few more.

saturday long 2 and a half hour run and Sunday one hour recovery run both felt really good.

Next aim is asics bridges 10k on sunday - hoping to beat the 44 min I ran at Matilda Bay, and from recent performances i should do a full minute faster.

Still waiting on the Garmin 305.......

Commonwealth Games great weeks of TV, good inspiration!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Darlington HM

Very pleased with todays run. Quietish training week afer no long run last weekend, but did a very good Cruise/Mona Interval session on Thursday am.

Turned up a little later than planned as the Farmer Tunnel entrance was closed - had to go the long way round.

Knowing it was uphill the first 10.5k I held back, about 445 pace first half. Saw TNTR taking an easy run and asked if he'd pace me from about 8k onwards. This worked out well with halfway I think in 49:??, then a strong increase in pace in the second half - was only expecting 440s but was more like 430s (might need to grab the stats from TNTR) Nice to overtake a few runners on the back half - unusual for me. Developed a sudden quite severe stitch 1500m to go, forcing me to slow then stop (tried to run through it but was really bad). Luckily it lasted only about 2 minutes, got the pace back up and finished 1hr35:12 by my watch - a 4 minute PB from my first HM last year (Fremantle).

Many thanks to TNTR - great help to push me onwards. This run gives me a lot of confidence for my goals - sub3:30 marathon looks certain if I can go the distance, and after that maybe I can get close to 40min for 10k this year.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

John Forrest X Country

I said i wouldnt but I did run this one. Felt a bit flu'ey Saturday so didnt do long run - instead wine tasting and watchng the Dockers lose.

This morning I spent 30 mins in bed arguing over whether I should get up and run - finally did after remembering a quote from CoolRunning site - you never end up regretting going for a run, only if you dont.

The weather was perfect, for a 12.7km off road run with a killer hill nicknamed Old Faithful. The run was handicapped - I went off mid field at 15min50, and started strong, being especiallt brave down the hills. By 35min I had passed everyone but one runner, although I didnt realise this. I kept thinking how long I could hold on til the fast guys passed me. 36 min a guy flew past and said 'dont worry' as he went by - obviously wasnt running the 12.7k because 5 mins later another guy came past - the eventual winner.

I walked a small section of the big hill, but still gradually caught up to the eventual third placegetter, passed him and held on to finish at a steady pace. I waited for the footsteps of the faster handicapped runners, but they never came, and I was relieved to finish second.

Time 57:14 by the watch - 4:30 pace, good for a hilly off roader. This was still a touch slower than my first two runs, so I was surprised to finish second, thought more people would run to their handicap!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Lacking some motivation

i generally only post on the weekend, but I've really lacked some motivation this week and thought maybe writing it down might help.

The heat followed by humidity has taken its toll, combined with some family/social events mean I have lost some momentum. No run sun or mon (that rhymes!) then MP 10k tues, hill intervals wed, no run thurs and recovery run friday - only 30km in 6 days. I am finding it hard to break over the 60k/week average and unless i put running ahead of work/wife or family I'm not sure i'll be able to. But on the other hand, there really is enough time if you make it - get up half an hour earlier each day and add 35km to the weeks running.

i'm not sure i've achieved much by writing it down, will just need to see. Looking ahead I'm faced with the same old dilemna this weekend - race sunday or put in a good long run saturday, which is probably better for my marathon preparation given my weakness last year was endurance. i think i'll go the long run, try to do 2h30 plus, and wait til next week for the Darlington Half marathon.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Late Hot Summer (Autumn)

After the mild summer, autumn has hit with a vengeance. I did my long run this am, started 6.30am, took 2 bottles powerade, hiding one near the start of my Bold Park loop. It got hot quick - 30 by 8am and I decided to cut the run short at 2 hours, rather than 2.5.

The rest of the week was pretty good - MP session, hill session as my intense one for the week. Total should be 70km with tomorrow included. Wednesday morning I felt great - floated along on my slow run at 5.20 per km - 15-20sec faster than normal, with no real effort. I felt so good that I backed it up with a pm session (the hill run - 3x800m hill interval 5k pace as part of a total 11km session)

Its great to have the occasional day like that when you feel great - adds some joy to the running and suggests improvement.

Went to Subi library today and borrowed the Daniels training formula book as well as a Henderson running book - will go through them over the next couple of weeks.

I was planning on doing the 5k twilight run tomorrow with WAMC but will have to see what the weather is like - not worth it if things havent started cooling down by then. I was looking forward to seeing if running 36hrs post long run will impair my 5k performance much.

Needless to say Garmin hasnt arrived yet, Polar HRM still going blank during runs and Ipod still on the fritz. On the good side I have the long weekend off - much needed break from the stresses of work, and time with the missus.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

When the #$&$ is my garmin coming

Solid training week - dropped the mileage but added some intensity. Will be a 65km week with tomorrows recovery run. This weeks sessions included - 8km MP run, 7km LT run (at 4min27perkm) and a 2hr30min long run this morning covering 25.5km ( probably a bit more - about 5:45/k i think)

Garmin are dragging their feetwith the 305 - looks like March delivery now, but I wont hold my breath. Meanwhile my old Polar HRM is playing up - screen blanks out every now and then - not sure if its a low battery or a screen thing. I dont know whether its going to be worth getting it fixed or just retiring it when the new one comes - may need to make some enquiries. I guess at worst I can try getting a new battery put in - seems like too valuable a piece of electronics to throw away.

I was really happy with my Threshold run this week - the first one I've done properly I think. I previously went too hard and they turned into intervals. This time I tried to focus on level of effort and breathing ( 2 steps inspiration, 2 steps expiration), and ran around lake Monger where (almost) all the kms are marked. I averaged 4:27s with an 86% max HR - only 3 secs slower than my 10k pace but that was a poorly executed race and I'm fairly sure I am capable of 43 low, which would fit in.

The Marathon pace session was new to me as well - another I'll be trying to do more often. It's an awkward pace to run at for me in training, hopefully having the Garmin wil really help me with hitting these paces.

IPod is dying too - short of cash right now but later on I'll have to buy a new MP3 player. I think a solid state one will be better than my mini, which still has a hard drive - which I imagine has struggled with 18 months of running. The Nano looks best, but reviews say the I-Audio has top audio quality so I might look out for one being discounted.

I really feel at the moment that everything is coming along nicely - thanks to many of the posters on CR and last years experience of teaching myself not to overtrain, I feel finally in control of my training and only illness or injury would seem able to stop me from a sub 3:30 in July.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Winding up the mileage

Trained my longest week thus far - 80km.

Spurred on by the discussion re Lydiard and base training on Coolrunning, I ran everything at aerobic pace - to allow myself to go further - especially as I broke the 10% rule (dont increase mileage by more than 10 percent per week). I did change my routine however, and ran 40km of the week on hilly terrain around Bold Park, rather than the flat stuff I've been doing so far this year to protect my ITBS. I must admit it felt great to surge up and ease down the hills compared with the monotonous single pace of my runs round Herdsman or the river.

Thursday I ran 2 sessions - 9.3km morning, 10km evening - a first for me. I ran 21km on saturday in 2hrs. Was thinking about extending to 2 and a half, but a little niggle in the left lateral thigh made me think better of it - can gradually push up that distance.

I bought a new pair of GT2100s on Friday, decided to stick to what works. I know you can run a long way in shoes, but the very first run feels fantastic - so cushioned.

So the key now is to consolidate the increase in distance, and add in a harder session next week. I also have to decide whether to run Neil Hawkins 10k (Sunday) or not. On one hand I'd like to have another 10km hitout, on the other I want distance again this week. Work prevents me from running my long run on a weekday. Running the 10k at less than full effort is not something I am able to do! and I cant run a long one the day before and back up. I had said I wouldnt start base training til March, but now feels like the time to continue my momentum and focus on the goal in July.

Finally this week will be full of expectation for the garmin Forerunner 305. Almost certainly wont arrive this week but may get notification of it being sent from the US. Cant wait to watch my pace and chart my distances (although I do that by hand with Google Earth already) Interestingly I am far less intent on my HRs whilst training compared to last year, although I still wear my HRM. I think that last year it was a matter of forcing myself not to overtrain. Now I know my paces and efforts better I need it less. The only two times I really heeded its input this year were 1. On the really humid morning when my HR was so high for the speed and 2. When I was sick (although I didnt heed it, pushed on and got worse).

Last week of the Ricky Gervais (BritishComedy) podcast this week - will have to return to music or nothing - it was great to laugh out loud during runs, although passers-by must have thought me a psycho!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

MatildaBay 10k - mixed feelings

The week was reasonable - quietish training week - 40k mon-fri,with a 5x1km interval session Wed pm, 358/400/400/356/356.

Saw the podiatrist Friday and talked about shoes and shinsplints - will stick to the ASICs

Unfortunately 6am Sunday morning was called into work - very stressful situation, lots of adrenaline flowing. I didnt think I'd get to the run but managed to arrive at 720, stood in line to pay and then straight to the start - no warmup unfortunately.

I started too fast, 3:52 first km then went 4:18/4:27/4:27/4:30 for a 21.36 split. I knew at this point I wasnt going to negative split, needed to hang on to 4:30 pace.

Returned in 4:29/4:32/4:33/4:35/4:17 (22:36) to finish in 44.04

So I'm pretty happy with the time, all things considered, esp toughing it out not to lose pace in the last 4k when I felt like crap

I had expectations of doing sub44 so was a little disapppointed, but my mind was definitely on other things.

Saw Jon out there early, then didnt see him coming back from the 5k turn, perhaps he decided to do 4k. Also saw TNTR (I think - the garmin strapped to the wrist a giveaway) finished a few minutes faster than me.

Onwards now, no real 10k time trial type run til the Bridges for me - may run the Jihn Forrest run. On current 10k time the tables predict 3:24(Daniels) or 3:26(McMillan) marathon times.
This is still consistent with my sub330 aim, so I'll buckle down and get some distance into my legs in the coming month or two.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Shoes and Shins

I ran all last year in Asic GT2100s. They were great, but like many, I was keen to try others. I'd previously run in Brooks Beast, but when I saw a podiatrist he said I wasnt pronating so badly to need these clodhoppers. The Brooks Axiom looked good - very light but still good stability. When I found them for $140 in december, I grabbed a pair.

The first couple of times I wore them they felt great, but they made a real slapping noise in the ground - probably due to the red shiny rubber/synthetic on the sole I thought. But in the last week I've developed shin pain, and a lump over my tibialis anterior tendon at the right ankle. I ran my long run today in my old Asics and the pain was barely an issue.

Not sure exactly what about the shoes caused the shin pain. Obviously introducing speedwork last month contributed, but the slapping makes me thinks it was partly the shoes.

I'm going to see the podiatrist next week to discuss!

Otherwise decent week, 2hr run today, 60km total this week. Bring on the matilda bay 10k next week for a good hitout - estimating just under 44min if all is well.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Tough week

Murphy's law worked against me this week. After many years never seeing a dentist, my wife booked me an appointment for a checkup in Feb. Within days I developed a wisdom tooth infection.

To make matters worse I ignored all the physiological signs - higher resting HR, higher HR at slow pace, pain and feeling like crap, - and ran a hard hill session on Thursday. Needless to say I got worse. I needed 2 days off running entirely and then a very gentle hour on Sunday.

Perhaps the only good thing to come out of it was a good hard look at my training plan for the marathon. i've been reading plenty of stuff on the web about exercise physiology and training plans, so needed to put this into place.

I believe in a flexible plan with some underlying key sessions that must be included. No point doing a specific session on a specific day if you aren't up to it.

The other issue is how to slot in races (and how many) when long runs are being missed. i dont want to run in races slowly - no point, but they help the motivation. Nonetheless i know at my level long runs are far more important than fast runs.

Anyway, my key principles are :

1. Long runs - Sundays, varying my long runs between classic long slow runs one week, with 4x35k+ runs second half of prog. , alternating with increasing length marathon pace runs - up to 25km or so. I realised that I dont do enough runs at my planned marathon pace. Hopefully getting a Garmin305 will help me achieve this.

4-5 races will fill in the other sundays, replacing the MP runs rather than long slow runs. last race will be freo HM, 3 weeks pre Marathon

2. Midweek 90 min run - to increase total mileage

3. Only one high intensity pace session a week - intervals or hills, and make them long ones rather than short, at a pace never faster than 5k pace, so as not to take too much out of me and pay later

4. Other mileage recovery, slow runs, lactate theshold. To peak about 90km/week.

18 weeks is the plan, prior to this (next few weeks) I'll do some harder, shorter work and set a 10k time (43-44min).

Sunday, January 22, 2006

My first race of the year - Christchurch 12k, 53min21sec - under my planned 4min30pace. Evenly paced 26:43 out, 26:38 back on a pleasantly undulating course through Claremont, Dalkeith and Nedlands.

This came on the back of a quiet training week, due to the signs of a viral infection and the aches of increasing my mileage in the first 2 weeks of Jan to 60+ kms each, as well as the intensity with some speed and hill work.

Sat night was a Bucks Party, relatively well behaved I had about 6 stubbies ( mild hangover) - so all in all I'm pretty happy with the performance.

I'd like to think over the next 4 months I can gradually reduce my 10k time each race, heading towards the 40min mark, although probably a bit hopeful to get under it. Then I'll concentrate on endurance, sub 1hr40 half, then sub 3:30 marathon in July. Finally City to Surf in August in under 50min for 12k.

My long term (over years) goal is sub3hour marathon, a standard I feel would qualify me as a good runner. After that... well lets just see how things go for now.

Not sure how often I'll be posting, or what information.