Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ready to Roll

Last week before the proper training program starts

106k run

Mon 10k @ 4:38 recovery
Tues am 16.4k @ 4:37 - trying to introduce some medium long
Tues pm 8k @ 4:45 treadmill
Wed pm 14.3k@4:09
tried a variation on the marius bakken treadmill workout moving around different paces. I did 1k intervals, no rest - 3:50/4:10/3:40/4:10/4:00/4:10/3:50/4:10/3:40/4:00/4:00 - finishing a continuous 11k in 43:30, warmup and cooldown either side of this without a rest. Session felt pretty comfortable

Thurs am 9k@4:44 recovery
Friday - no run. Indulged in a last round of morning golf before hitting full training
Sat am 18k@ 4:16.
Had intended this just to be a medium long run but one km in I was passed by DB finishing his progression tempo session (10min each 4:00/3:50/3:40 continuous), so I ran 6min at 3:40 pace with him, then slowed again. I was feeling so fresh after a day off that I increased up to MP soon thereafter, and decided to do some more faster stuff - next 4k@3:36 (approx 10k pace), then went back to normal pace to round out 18k

Sun am 30k@4:35
out with JKs Cott group, was run at a very easy pace for much of the run, but DB and Chris letts picked it up a bit from 20-26k gradually from 4:15s-4:05. I kept on for another 4k alone to round out 30k.

I didnt work Saturday this week so I jumped on the treadmill and used the Ipad to video my running. As i have noted before, I stopped wearing orthotics in April last year after having worn them ( and heavy shoes) religiously for the previous 7 years.
The outcome was that I pronate significantly in all shoes, but not that much less in DS trainers and orthotics than in Kinvaras. Some of the others aren't great

LunaRacers - not pretty

Kinvara - better

DS Trainer with orthotics
au naturale
DS Racer

think I'll stop doing my treadmill runs in the LunaRacers.
next weekend I'll try from a different angle - perhaps see if the pelvic tilt that the physio berated me about a couple of years ago is any better.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Invisible Man

I seem to have become the Invisible man of the WAMC. After not appearing on the results sheet for the marathon last year, once again my name wasn't on the sheet for point Walter last week.

On the plus side, Stephen Jones in the M50 category (who happens to have a very similar number to mine), is likely to be very pleased with his run of the same time as mine, after it appears not running for some years.

This week saw the second prep week before starting my full training in earnest.

Monday am 13k @ 4:31
Tuesday am 10k@ 4:38
Tuesday pm 13k incl 10k@4:00 - overcooked this one in the heat, around Herdsman and walked home
Wednesday pm 10k@ 4:45 treadmill - ensuring recovery after Tues pm
Thursday am 13k@4:37
Friday am 11k@4:35
Saturday am 11k@4:35
Sunday am 30k@4:43 - long run, solo initially but came across Laurie & Paul and ran with them from 7-20k, then back home Hale Rd hill alone

111k for the week, all going well. As I hit 24k this morning it hit me that this would be the distance for one of my midweek medium runs pretty soon.

I enjoyed watching B'Man's race videos this week, and then the Sydney Track Classic. I haven't been a great fan of Collis Birmingham in the past - he doesn't seem to have the X Factor that guys like Mottram and Gregson have - but he does look in incredible shape at the moment. Meanwhile John Steffensen - you need to be running a lot faster than 45:61 to get away with talking such crap after the race.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Target: Perth Marathon 2012

This week marked the first 'pre-training week' for Perth 2012
With a goal of sub 2:50, I realised I needed to change something after 2 years of stagnation in marathon progress despite shorter race times improving.

To that end I decided to get some help, and enlisted the assistance of a runner who's training approach and results I admire greatly. For the sake of anonymity we'll call him CookieGuy.

I have 3 weeks before the program begins in earnest - time to get the body accustomed to running 100km a week.

This week was not quite that far - 96k. A fairly insipid Mona on tues pm in 30+ degrees was about the only quality.

Sunday morning I ran the point Walter 16k with Clown in 4:13s. We eased into it then gradually wound up the pace - his hammy seemed to cope pretty well with some time out. i realised this was about as far as I want to run in the Saucony A4s. (4k splits - 17:14/17:03/16:37/16:09)

Hopefully I'll post weekly over the next 4 months.

Monday 10.06k 0:45:21 4:30 Bold Park
Tuesday 20.19k 1:28:42 4:24
5:35 PM Evening 2.58 0:11:53 4:37
5:11 PM Afternoon 5.26 0:20:01 3:48 Mona fartlek
5:00 PM Afternoon 2.26 0:10:23 4:35
6:18 AM Morning 10.08 0:46:25 4:36 Bold Park
Wednesday 11.20 0:50:00 4:28 treadmill
Thursday 10.91 0:50:03 4:35 Bold park
Friday 13.12 0:59:30 4:32 Bold Park
Saturday 11.35 0:51:20 4:31 Incl 6k barefoot
Sunday 20.00 1:27:40 4:23
8:14 AM Morning 3.98 0:20:14 5:05
7:00 AM Morning 16.02 1:07:26 4:13 'race'

This Week 96.83 7:12:36 4:28