Sunday, February 24, 2008

Good long run

Wound it up a bit again after 2 lighter weeks - 99.3km week.

Mon 10.1k recovery @ 4:56 (trying to slow down on these)
Tues 11.32k @ 4:41. Included hill efforts and 2.5k at 10k pace before a very slow jog home
Wed 10.3k @ 4:52 easy
Thurs 10.5k @ 4:35 - included 3k then 2k at 4:05 pace
Friday 10.33k @ 4:44 - inbetween pace run I'm trying to cut back on these
Sat 10.6k @ 4:51
Sun 36.2k @ 4:54 (2hrs57,20)

One of my best long training runs thus far. Ran with Rob on the usual course ( w.perth-bold park-trigg-hale rd -home). Went around( rather than over) the second Hale Rd hill to save Rob's hamstring
Easy first 10k in 51:21
Next 15k averaged 4:46's and we were purposely holding back
Back to 4:50-5:00s next 8k
Finished full of running - 34-35k did 4:15. Even better, was planning to walk the last km home but felt good and jogged the final k in 4:56 to finish very satisfied.

Kudos to Rob for pushing on despite hamstring pain

On the merry-go-round of expectations re Canberra, this week I feel confident I can do it(3:15)
4 more full training weeks before 3 week taper - want 90-110k in each.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Matilda Bay 10k 2008

First up, I admit to over-reacting on the injury front. The achilles hurt Sun,Mon,Tues Wed and then calmed down - with plenty of stretching, ice and then eccentric contraction exercise.

Luckily, in a way, I developed a mild virus this week, which limited my training. I had already done slow 10ks on Mon and Tuesday, which weren't helping the achilles, and prob would have continued had the virus not come up.

Sat am I did another slow 10k and felt OK.

Sat night I had a few wines, leaving Sunday morning a 'Should I or Shouldn't I ?' argument as I lay in bed at 6am. Obviously I decided I would.

I arrived early and did 2.5k warmup with some strides at the end. 20 degrees, 85% humidity
Set off mid pack to hopefully force myself not to start too hard

3:50/3:55/3:56/4:00/4:03 to be 19:44(GPS), 19:50(marker) at the halfway point.

Felt pretty awful here and told myself to go til 7k, where you pass the start, and could stop there

3:59/4:00 -still feeling crappy but there came a light sprinkling of rain which cooled things down in the humidity. Managed to forge on a bit longer

4:05/4:05 for the 8th and 9th kms meant I was just under 36min on the GPS, just over on the marker.

I ran the last km in 3:57 and turned into the final 30m with the clock on 39:55.

Finished in 40:02. 10k race, Garmin watch 10.05, Sportstracks (who use a different algorithm) 10.08.
Obviously you always run a bit further than 10k, as the course is measured on the shortest possible route, but 2 seconds off is pretty annoying. Wish I started on the front line!

Anyway - 52km for the week, very light on, hope to do 100k+ this week with the cooler weather.
The sub 40min goal will have to wait a few more months.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


'The stars are not wanted now; put out every one:
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun;
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the woods:
For nothing now can ever come to any good.'

Sure, W.H.Auden wrote this poem for a funeral, but that's a little how I was feeling today.

Right achilles tendinopathy - first niggle of pain on Sat am run, more marked flare on this mornings run, causing a shortened effort

Potential causes?
  • Overuse
  • Speedwork fri am (although only 2x1k at 4:10 - not that speedy)
  • Changing shoes - varying old 2110, new 2130, new Mizunos
  • Me being a weak old woman

  • Read everything I can - done/in progress
  • See my podiatrist - book Monday
  • Ice, Ice ,Ice - in progress
  • Stretching regime (Alfredson)
  • Cry uncontrollably for half an hour - done (not really)
  • No running for a few days and miss the 10k race next week - hmm....
Want a reality check about how seriously you take your running, get an injury.
Who knows, I might wake up tomorrow with the pain gone - happened with patellar tendinopathy in the past, but this feels worse.

Anyway, the week in review - only 75.1km @ 4:45

Mon rest
Tues 10.38 @ 4:43
Wed 10.33@ 4:44
Thurs 11.30 @ 4:47
Fri 11.96k @ 4:36 - with 2x1k 4:10s
Sat 10.1 @ 5:19 with brother in law
Sun 21.06 @ 4:33 - HM in 1:35.58, last couple of km at 4:15s, felt great everywhere except achilles.
I'll know a lot more in a week about whether this is me being pessimistic or honest

Sunday, February 03, 2008


101.91km @ 4:49 - booya!

January total 389.4km - ran 28 of 31 days.
5 weeks - 81/87/96/87/101

Mon 10.12k@ 4:48 recovery
Tues 9.97k@ included 4k tempo@ 4:16, then 3x700m intervals
Wed 11.65k@4:40 easy
Thurs 15.83@4:46 hilly with 10k @MP
Fri 10.43k@ 4:46 easy
Sat 10.72@ 4:48 easy
Sun 33.19k @ 5:01

Hot long run today - 24.5degrees at the start, just tipping 30 at the end.
Ran with Rob, took things a bit slower than last week. Generally did OK for the end of such a big week, and ran up Hale Rd hills OK. Blew up a bit chasing Rob over 2 faster km 24-26k - only 445s but felt harder. Ran the last 6.5k in 1.5k run/100m walks, the heat really rushed up in that last half hour.

One more long week ahead before a lighter one leading in to Matilda Bay 10k (had thought it was a week earlier). Next Sunday forecast 16min, 28max, so will hopefully do a good 20-25k marathon pace timetrial around the river.