Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Still Here

Thought I'd quickly post an update - if for no other reason than to offer congratulations to Biscuitman, Trailblazer and DB for great efforts in the Melbourne Marathon and to Clown for toughing it out in Berlin despite injury.

I've been in maintenance mode for the last few weeks - running about 100k per week.

Last 4 Tuesday pm's I've run intervals (solo) down at AK reserve - hoping to add a bit of speed for a 10k PB tilt at the John Gilmour track event in early November. Paces are similar to last year when I did some track sessions - although I suspect if I can convince someone to run with me I can shave a few seconds off.

I almost came to grief due to laziness when I missed entry to the Six Inch trail marathon - which sold out much earlier than I expected. Luckily I put my name on the cancellation list and managed to get an entry. This will definitely be a time goal race  - no repeats of my past podium positions, with Gerry Hill, Todd Ingraham, Tom Bakowski, Scott hawker and Liam Fuery all running and likely to fill the top positions - I think I'll be fighting for 5th-10th with the mid-packers - Brett Coombes, James Roberts, Nathan Fawkes, Kevin matthews,John Pendse, Dan Macey.

Beyond that, I still would like to try some shorter track races before deciding on marathon goals for 2013. I had intended on Perth being the one, but noting Biscuitman is targetting Canberra, this might be something to consider. We'll see.

It must be something about the weather this time of year that makes me start thinking about buying a road bike and entering an ironman or 70.3 triathlon. I still think it might be something I'll do eventually, but for now I think I've got a few minutes to shave off my marathon time first.