Sunday, July 23, 2006

Run For Gold

3 weeks since marathon, first race.

Effectivelt took 10 days off post marathon then restarted light training week 2.

In the last 7 days felt great and overtrained in terms of intensity - hard hill session Sun, 1k intervals at 5k pace/faster Tues, 10k at 4:45/km wed (supposed to be recovery) and 10k at 4:35/km (fartlek session) Friday.

I know, I know, too much fast, nothing slow, silly training but felt so good and am on holiday for the first time in 18months - energy and time to burn.

Didnt know what to expect today, good conditions other than headwind last 2km. Legs felt very heavy in 2k warmup.

Started 3:43, 3:59, 4:08 - feeling poor and almost decided to make it a 5k, but wasn't even going to set an impressive time for that.

Managed to hold 4:10-4:15s from then on, final km started to feel better and finished with a little more pace

Crossed the line in 41:40, Sportstracks made it 10.10km. Not great but not terrible. I hope if I lead up correctly to a 10k later in the year, sub 40 will be attainable.

For now City 2 Surf is next goal - weekly long hill intervals for next 4 weeks, as well as a second intensity session and try to hold myself back in the other runs - may need to put the HRM back on as I've lost a good feel of what pace equals what 'zone' at present.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Perth Marathon 2006

It's over - mixed emotions.... here's the story:

Final 3 weeks lead up were 28, 25, 21km respectively. Obviously inadequate even for taper, thanks to persistent illness. Nonetheless I felt better on the day. Had lost 3kg in 3 wks, despite carboloading. Worked 60+ hours in the each of the last 3 weeks. (Enough excuses!)

Dinner Fri night was good, and Sat was busy with work callouts which prevented me from worrying too much

Woke 0500 - honey on toast, World Cup Soccer and surprisingly not my usual nervous stomach.
Saw the others pre race, all confident.

Went out 22.34 at 5k, 45.23 10k (by garmin which was recording kms earlier than the markers - 10k at 46). 10-15k in 4:40s then ran with some guys who were running at 4:30s for next 4km and realised a little too late I had pushed too hard. 20-25 kept 4:40s, passed half way in 1:37 something. Slipped out to 5 min kms to 33km, then hit the wall. Quads cramped and I died. Managed to maintain about 6min kms for the last 9k with walks at drink stations and a stop to stretch out the quads. Pushed along by others feeling the strain too.

Finished in 3hrs33. Not so unhappy with the time, but more the way I ran the race. I ran the first 32 slower than the Perth 32k where I finished full of running and felt I could easily have pushed on. So perhaps the lead up was partially responsible.

Either way, second Marathon, PB by 23 min - cant be unhappy.

Felt shocking afterwards - could barely walk - sorry guys if I wasn't good conversation at the end. Went home with intention of showering and returning to see the presentation, lay down and woke at 2.30pm ( just in time to watch the Eagles lose). But this seems to have done me good - feel OK tonight.

Sorry to see TS&TF have to pull out. Clown ran a solid run despite pain from early on. Saw homo running very solidly at halfway and expected to see him pass me at the end. Must have been close. Saw TB doing his trademark sprint to the line as I was driving off - after starting very fast in the first 5k.

Sportstracks measured the course at 42.65 - 1% out which was pretty good. It was a progressive trend over the whole course, eack km marker saw Garmin being another 10-20m off. Of course the official measurement is the shortest possible route, so just by running on the outside of corners etc one could easliy add 1m per 100m. Below is the sad picture of my run :)

Now to the second aim of the year ( the first was sub 3:30 marathon) - Sub 40min 10k. I'm told I should comfortably do it this year, at least according to Clown and TS&TF. Run for Gold, Joondalup, Freo 10k, Lake Gwelup, Club Bridges, John Gilmour - surely I can crack it at one of the 6. As for another Marathon - ask me in 6 months.