Saturday, February 25, 2006

When the #$&$ is my garmin coming

Solid training week - dropped the mileage but added some intensity. Will be a 65km week with tomorrows recovery run. This weeks sessions included - 8km MP run, 7km LT run (at 4min27perkm) and a 2hr30min long run this morning covering 25.5km ( probably a bit more - about 5:45/k i think)

Garmin are dragging their feetwith the 305 - looks like March delivery now, but I wont hold my breath. Meanwhile my old Polar HRM is playing up - screen blanks out every now and then - not sure if its a low battery or a screen thing. I dont know whether its going to be worth getting it fixed or just retiring it when the new one comes - may need to make some enquiries. I guess at worst I can try getting a new battery put in - seems like too valuable a piece of electronics to throw away.

I was really happy with my Threshold run this week - the first one I've done properly I think. I previously went too hard and they turned into intervals. This time I tried to focus on level of effort and breathing ( 2 steps inspiration, 2 steps expiration), and ran around lake Monger where (almost) all the kms are marked. I averaged 4:27s with an 86% max HR - only 3 secs slower than my 10k pace but that was a poorly executed race and I'm fairly sure I am capable of 43 low, which would fit in.

The Marathon pace session was new to me as well - another I'll be trying to do more often. It's an awkward pace to run at for me in training, hopefully having the Garmin wil really help me with hitting these paces.

IPod is dying too - short of cash right now but later on I'll have to buy a new MP3 player. I think a solid state one will be better than my mini, which still has a hard drive - which I imagine has struggled with 18 months of running. The Nano looks best, but reviews say the I-Audio has top audio quality so I might look out for one being discounted.

I really feel at the moment that everything is coming along nicely - thanks to many of the posters on CR and last years experience of teaching myself not to overtrain, I feel finally in control of my training and only illness or injury would seem able to stop me from a sub 3:30 in July.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Winding up the mileage

Trained my longest week thus far - 80km.

Spurred on by the discussion re Lydiard and base training on Coolrunning, I ran everything at aerobic pace - to allow myself to go further - especially as I broke the 10% rule (dont increase mileage by more than 10 percent per week). I did change my routine however, and ran 40km of the week on hilly terrain around Bold Park, rather than the flat stuff I've been doing so far this year to protect my ITBS. I must admit it felt great to surge up and ease down the hills compared with the monotonous single pace of my runs round Herdsman or the river.

Thursday I ran 2 sessions - 9.3km morning, 10km evening - a first for me. I ran 21km on saturday in 2hrs. Was thinking about extending to 2 and a half, but a little niggle in the left lateral thigh made me think better of it - can gradually push up that distance.

I bought a new pair of GT2100s on Friday, decided to stick to what works. I know you can run a long way in shoes, but the very first run feels fantastic - so cushioned.

So the key now is to consolidate the increase in distance, and add in a harder session next week. I also have to decide whether to run Neil Hawkins 10k (Sunday) or not. On one hand I'd like to have another 10km hitout, on the other I want distance again this week. Work prevents me from running my long run on a weekday. Running the 10k at less than full effort is not something I am able to do! and I cant run a long one the day before and back up. I had said I wouldnt start base training til March, but now feels like the time to continue my momentum and focus on the goal in July.

Finally this week will be full of expectation for the garmin Forerunner 305. Almost certainly wont arrive this week but may get notification of it being sent from the US. Cant wait to watch my pace and chart my distances (although I do that by hand with Google Earth already) Interestingly I am far less intent on my HRs whilst training compared to last year, although I still wear my HRM. I think that last year it was a matter of forcing myself not to overtrain. Now I know my paces and efforts better I need it less. The only two times I really heeded its input this year were 1. On the really humid morning when my HR was so high for the speed and 2. When I was sick (although I didnt heed it, pushed on and got worse).

Last week of the Ricky Gervais (BritishComedy) podcast this week - will have to return to music or nothing - it was great to laugh out loud during runs, although passers-by must have thought me a psycho!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

MatildaBay 10k - mixed feelings

The week was reasonable - quietish training week - 40k mon-fri,with a 5x1km interval session Wed pm, 358/400/400/356/356.

Saw the podiatrist Friday and talked about shoes and shinsplints - will stick to the ASICs

Unfortunately 6am Sunday morning was called into work - very stressful situation, lots of adrenaline flowing. I didnt think I'd get to the run but managed to arrive at 720, stood in line to pay and then straight to the start - no warmup unfortunately.

I started too fast, 3:52 first km then went 4:18/4:27/4:27/4:30 for a 21.36 split. I knew at this point I wasnt going to negative split, needed to hang on to 4:30 pace.

Returned in 4:29/4:32/4:33/4:35/4:17 (22:36) to finish in 44.04

So I'm pretty happy with the time, all things considered, esp toughing it out not to lose pace in the last 4k when I felt like crap

I had expectations of doing sub44 so was a little disapppointed, but my mind was definitely on other things.

Saw Jon out there early, then didnt see him coming back from the 5k turn, perhaps he decided to do 4k. Also saw TNTR (I think - the garmin strapped to the wrist a giveaway) finished a few minutes faster than me.

Onwards now, no real 10k time trial type run til the Bridges for me - may run the Jihn Forrest run. On current 10k time the tables predict 3:24(Daniels) or 3:26(McMillan) marathon times.
This is still consistent with my sub330 aim, so I'll buckle down and get some distance into my legs in the coming month or two.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Shoes and Shins

I ran all last year in Asic GT2100s. They were great, but like many, I was keen to try others. I'd previously run in Brooks Beast, but when I saw a podiatrist he said I wasnt pronating so badly to need these clodhoppers. The Brooks Axiom looked good - very light but still good stability. When I found them for $140 in december, I grabbed a pair.

The first couple of times I wore them they felt great, but they made a real slapping noise in the ground - probably due to the red shiny rubber/synthetic on the sole I thought. But in the last week I've developed shin pain, and a lump over my tibialis anterior tendon at the right ankle. I ran my long run today in my old Asics and the pain was barely an issue.

Not sure exactly what about the shoes caused the shin pain. Obviously introducing speedwork last month contributed, but the slapping makes me thinks it was partly the shoes.

I'm going to see the podiatrist next week to discuss!

Otherwise decent week, 2hr run today, 60km total this week. Bring on the matilda bay 10k next week for a good hitout - estimating just under 44min if all is well.