Sunday, April 07, 2013

Bridges 10k 2013

I pulled up OK after my 44k effort last Sunday, with 10k easy mon, 20k incl 16@4:00 tues, 20k wed then 10's thurs-sat in preparation for the 10k race on Sunday am.

Conditions were OK, but there was about a 20km/hr ESE wind which blew into us from 3 to 8k. The only positive of this was that I didn't feel the heat.

I started out sitting just behind DB, and this was probably a mistake as I quickly realised I'm not quite at his level. 3:15 and 3:24 for the first 2k and I let him go. I was amazed by the speed of the women's race winner. Linda Spencer, who was already 100m ahead of me at 2k, and ended up finishing low 34's.

Over the Narrows and into the wind I was a little concerned I wasn't going to make the distance, so I slowed down to more like Half marathon pace with 3:41/348/342/348/346 for km's 4 to 8. It seems everyone else was doing the same as from 3k onwards only one person passed me and I only passed one.

It was a pleasure to turn across the causeway and have the wind at my back, aith the last 2k 3:35 and 3:32.

I finished up at 36:18 - a small improvement on my 10k track PB from last year but a bigger PB for road 10k.

I think the miles in my legs helped me tough it out over the windy section, and I'm getting better at putting up with more pain in the mid sections in these races as the years go on (I had a few pull-outs or walks mid10k a few years back).

Felt fine afterwards and no ill effects in the afternoon, but resisted the temptation to go for a pm run.

Great to see several of the medical fraternity out again - Laurie, Alex P, Paul and Neil all running well. I'm not sure if I've mentioned in a past post about my thoughts re medical runners. If I consider say the 10 people I've considered the most significant role models as a student and a junior doctor, most of them are also runners - including the 4 above, as well as Pat (3:01 marathon PB) - the GP role model who influenced my decision that i could engage my passion for palliative care and aged care better as a GP than as a specialist, and Tim, my 'young GP' and GP educator role model.

I've often thought about what personality traits are common between what I admire in a Doctor and what makes a runner. And also in general about the personality traits of runners (as opposed to elites, joggers or cyclists/triathletes). Not surprisingly, others have had the same questions, and a quick google shows some pretty lengthy studies on the ethnography of distance runners. I'll read some more and see if I can come up with some answers!