Sunday, May 25, 2008

Swings & Roundabouts

Up and down week

Back injury at work on Monday - lifting a patient with poor tachnique when I knew I shouldn't - left me with an excuse not to run much

The sessions I did run were fast

Tues 5k 'tempo plus' in 19:45, 2 min rest then 5x1k - 352/348/400/354/355
Friday 8k tempo - 1st 4k in 4:20s, next 4k in 4:10s

Wanted to do some sessions in the mould of SlingRunner - and was fairly happy with the result

Sun23k @ 4:43. Ran with Rob and couldn't hack the pace - walked a couple of times and couldn't even come up with the last 2k to make 25.

No excuse for the performance - just too fast for me.

This has confirmed my decision to take the marathon fairly easy and focus on doing 10k PB.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gentle Return

9 days back - 74km at 4:44

Would have liked to have done more, but post holiday 'stuff' limited things.

On the plus side - generally doing OK
On the minus - ITB niggles for first time in a while
Not having done a long run leaves me with at most 4 long runs prior to the marathon. And that would mean missing or incorporating 2 10k races and the HM.

No great point going though each run - 19k this am - limited by a breakfast at 9am.
One tempo/CV session with 4x1k at 4:00-4:05
Five 10-15k runs

I'm all confused.
Should I do challenge 10k next week hard, then add some extra before and after?
Should I wait til Lake Monger 10k and race that with a better chance at a PB?
Do I do the 50k MundaBiddi instead of Lake Monger,4 weeks out?
I'll definitely need to make the HM into a longer run.
Should I try to incorporate a midweek long run sometime to allow racing both 10k's?
Do I say to heck with the long runs and accept an average Marathon relying on km's 'in the bank'
To be honest no matter what I dont expect a great performance in the Marathon - I'm doing it to keep my consecutive run going

I'll do some thinking this week. Either way the big goal is Boston next year, and the next couple of months are either going to help my aerobic base or speed or both for that.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Back to it

Back from 4 weeks holiday post Canberra marathon
4kg heavier thanks to overindulging in Hawaii, Baltimore NewYork and Paris

Very little running in 4 weeks - 6 runs totalling about 50km - due to lack of places to run as well as to laziness.

New shoes - bought some Adistar Control V - on recommendation of Clown - best feeling shoe for me since AsicsGT2110. Now I wish I bought more in the uS, where they cost $100 compared with the exorbitant costs here.

So now for the second half of 2008

Initial plan is to build up to decent mileage over the next 4 weeks.
Next is to get in a sub 40min 10k which I should have done by now. I had considered doing that tomorrow but JetLag makes that unlikely. Challenge or Lake Monger seem the candidates
Third is potentially a 42-50k trail run at the MundaBiddi100k in June, if preparations are going OK
Fourth is Perth Marathon - my 4th in a row. I am not expecting a PB with limited preparation and lack of real mental focus for this one. Sub 330 is good enough.

Fifth and probably the main goal will be to focus on speed post July and try to really set a decent 10k PB, sub39 minutes in the second half of the year. If I am to make inroads towards my goal of sub 3hour marathon next year I need to be getting the 10k time down to sub 38min realistically.

My wife's family have enthusiastically jumped on the 2009 Boston Marathon wagon - all planning a US holiday to coincide, so if finances allow this seems quite likely - and with the travel, support, cost and long buildup I would hope for a big PB performance.

First things first though - lets start running again and see how much is lost from 4 weeks of rest.

Hi to Clown, Homo,TB,Sling - hope you are all progressing through your various challenges.