Sunday, October 04, 2009

Freo 10k

38:03 - PB but not quite my potential best at present

I started the week on Monday public holiday playing squash for the first time in about 8 years.
The rest of the week was spent limping with aching hip abductors (glutes and piriformis) - it's amazing what muscles you dont use running that do get used in a lateral movement sport.

I managed to hobble through 10k jogs Tues, Thurs and Sat am, started loosening up on Saturday

This morning started off poorly as I forgot my Garmin - so I ran blind (didnt even have a normal watch). I did about 5k easy to try and loosen the backside up ,so to speak

The start was as congested as usual , but things freed up after 700m or so and I hit a reasonable rhythm. I had been planning on staying in touch with biscuitman, but sadly his injury prevented him running, and Sugar was out of my league. I ran the first 5k keeping pace with the girl eho I think won the 5k womens event, as well as with the young blond guy from intervals (Clown knows the one!). They both stopped at 5k, which I passed at 18:45.

I started the second lap about 100m behind the leading female runner. One of the female marshalls yelled out a couple of times that those of us behind her were being 'chicked' and that we should try to pass her to save ourselves embarrassment. I thought this a little inappropriate but I did set my sights on gradually winding her in. I was also just behind Felipe Jalpa - who has a style which looks like he's jogging, and with Mike Haederle . I plodded along and gained about 20m on the leading female each kilometre, passing her with about 400m to go.

I thought to myself that this must be what it's like for Clown when running - it was my legs (or more specifically my upper butt) that was limiting me rather than my cardiorespiratory system. The good thing was that I felt fine afterwards, and even played another hour of squash this afternoon (paying for it now)

So I think I have another 30-45 seconds in me over the 10k, and am toying with the idea of focussing on the John Gilmour 10k track race to set a PB.

Congrats to Sugar on third place and a PB, even if not quite the target time
Good luck to Clown, Sling and TB next week in Melbourne - three PBs coming up

And on a final note, a couple of the fast young 5k guys were wearing nasal strips as pictured. My thoughts:
a. Breathe through your mouth
b. I dont care if it makes you run faster, you guys look like dicks