Sunday, June 19, 2011

Perth Marathon 2011

First up - congrats to Biscuitman, who ran a sensational PB today. It was well deserved after the most disciplined/thorough training program focussed on this run that I have seen by a runner of our level.

And commiserations to Sling Runner who made the journey over despite physical injurie and environmental hazards, only to be forced to pull out fairly early on.

As for me - it was an interesting run. I ha the lowest key leadup ever for me an a marathon. On saturday I worked til lunch, spent the afternoon dealing with the ins&outs of a Mother-in-law in hospital, and then went out for a family dinner to celebrate my little sister's 21st ( held myself to one glass of red only). So there was not alot of time to ruminate on the run.

At the start I headed out with Laurie Dembo - unfortunately I lost contact with Sling from the very start. I had been expecting a 3hr pace 'bus' of sorts, but there was none really to be seen - I was running at about 4:10s for the first 15k and there was a group well over a minute ahead, and another a reasonable way behind. Unfortunately this meant I ran the entire stretch along the freeway alone, only towards the end seeing Mick Francis and one of the leading women abou 100m ahead

7k 29:12
14k 58:30 (29:18)
21k 88:07 (29:37)

These were Garmin distances, which reads a little long
I ran past the half way clock in 88:50

I was feeling OK for most of the first half, but it seemed there were no pre-dropped drinks at the Como station, which left me without a drink from 6k-18k, and I was starting to feel it. Luckily I had drinks at 18,23&28 so caught up a bit.

During this middle section I passed a few people, including Mick and the aforementioned female runner. I also saw Geoff Reynolds falling back after his very fast start and focussed on slowly reeling him in - hoping to be the fastest doctor in the race at least!

Doing this I had sped up a bit and ran the 21-28k 7km split in 29:07. I had decided I wasn't in the mood for pain and thought I'd get over the Canning Bridge and to 32k then walk/jog home.

Just as I was preparing for this, DB came by on his bike with some words of encouragement and rode with me for 600-700m, just enough to get me back in some rhythm and a more positive mindset. I also started making some ground on 2 guys ahead.

Next came Clown, again as I was fading mentally - and I gratefully accepted his offer of running along with me (ironically, after dismissing the idea when discussed on Friday night!). This really helped my mindset, and I decided at least to push on to the Narrows and 36km before adopting the walk/jog strategy. In the process I passed the two runners and then a third at the narrows.

28-35k split 30:05 so still on pace

I managed to run on to about 37k when my mind and body ran out of juice and I walked a few seconds and had a drink, but got going pretty quickly. I did this again one more km down the road, although the splits didn't slow too much - 4:21/4:42/4:37 for 38/39/40th kms

Next ahead was Colin Francis, and I managed to pass him too, although one of the runners I passed earlier was resurgent, passing me when I stopped and me returning the favour when restarting. I managed 4:46 for the 41st km and unfortunately knew that I was going to just be off the pace. Despite picking it up to 4:00 pace for the last 600m, I came in 3:00:30 by the Garmin

For those who like 5k splits: 20:53/20:57/20:52/21:13/20:47/20:58/21:35/22:34/10:37 last 2.4k on Garmin

So I'm happy with the result,and although I would have been very happy to run a minute , I'm not upset as I may have been with other marathons which I had trained specifically for. It was my 7th and fastest Perth Marathon.

Now for some rest

Sunday, June 12, 2011

1 week 'til Perth Marathon

78k this week
Mon 6k race as previously documented
Tues am 10.1k @ 4:29- last 5k of city to surf 12k course and back
Tues pm 7.8K @ 4:36 - had a jog/chat with DB prior to his interval session
Wed pm 13k @ 4:24 - Bold Park loop
Fri am 10k @ 4:18 - as per Tues
Sat am 10.9k @ 4:18 - challenge funrun loop
Sun pm 14.9k @ 4:23 - Bold Park loop

I must admit to having some second thoughts re Perth Marathon - I have done one run over 20k in the 8 weeks since Boston, and although I've got great remnant 10k pace, I'm not sure about endurance. Add to that my little sister's 21st B'Day dinner the night before the marathon.

But two things bring me back to doing it. Number one is I still want to do 10 years straight (this will be 7). Number 2 is that Sling is making the journey from Singapore, despite significant injury, and so if he can get up to run it, I damn well should be able to drive the 15minutes to run with him! HTFU Epi.

I know even if I dont run well I'll be happy to have been out there a part of it, whereas if I dont, I'll likely regret it. And I'm certainly not discounting the possibility of a sub 3 if I have good day - my short distance form is good enough and you dont really lose much fitness in a few weeks of reduced mileage.

DB has told me there are a couple of others interested in heading out at a 4:10min/km pace - including Tony Stahl who DB tells me is pretty obsessive with keeping to exactly to his planned splits - so hopefully there'll be a bit of a 'bus' going at least for the first 30k.

The running itself has been very pleasant, played some tennis as part of my goal to de-prioritise running in my life, and apart from a bit of persistent left hammy soreness the body feels good. The knee continues to be behaving, thus my continued hilly runs through Bold Park or if in the dark along the last 5k of the City to Surf 12k course and back (up over the oceanic dr hill).

Monday, June 06, 2011

Lake Gwelup Fun Run (6k)

Started this week well, with 50k in the first 3 days, including a good interval session on Tuesday night in the Hattoris - 16k all up and no problem with pain.

Unfortunately got sick with a virus on Friday and only ended up running 70k for the week.

Today was a public holiday in Perth (Foundation Day, soon to be 'WA day') and I decided on a funrun:

Feeling better after a virus in the last couple of days, I decided to still do Lake Gwelup. My practice is in Gwelup, so lots of the kids and their parents are my patients – a certain amount of pride involved.

This was a 2 lap event. The start was fairly congested but luckily the caller asked the 6k runners to come to the front seeing a sea of kids at the starting line. So I had a fairly free start, although at 1k I was about 12th .By 2k I was 6th and at the end of the first lap there were 2 in front of me, both running the one lapper, and a two lapper by my side. This turned out to be Kyle Eager, who’s a 36-37min 10k runner (ran 36:40 at Bridges this yr).

I knew things would get congested at in the last 2k, so I tried to keep the pace up for the 4th km, and from the rceding sound of Kyle’s breath, had gapped him by 50m or so.

Very quickly came the traffic of walkers and pram-pushers, on a bike path with very little space either side. I picked my way through, slowing a bit because of this. Things opened up again in the last km and I ran most of it on the grass on the side of the path.

I kept a little in reserve in case I was chalenged, but never heard his breathing again, and won by 15-20 seconds.

22:10 was good – I think about a minute faster han B’Mans time of a couple of years ago, although these days he’s have been faster again. For me this was more like 10k effort today, which was pleasing.

Splits: 3:22/3:35/3:35/3:42/3:51/3:39/+100m

I think I benefited from there being a number of runs this weekend and a marathon 2 weeks away. Certainly surprised a few of my patients who dodn’t know I ran!

Now to taper