Monday, May 30, 2011

3 weeks to Perth

Ran about 85k this week - nothing too exciting to report

10k am, 11k pm Tuesday each 4:25-4:30
16k@4:25 wed
12k Friday 4:30
11k Saturday 4;30
23k Sunday 4;35

Achilles and left hammy giving me some strife after last Sunday's race, so it was all easy/medium, but nearly all on hilly terrain around Bold Park.

Sunday's longer run felt terrible - combination of little carb intake the night before, none on the morning, and the after effects of a tennis game on sat pm.

I expect to run similar mileage the next two weeks before tapering to 40-50k in the leadup six days to perth

I've decided to aim for just under 3 hours, hopefully running with Sling and Clown

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Run For A Reason 14k (13.9k)

13.9k in 51:20 (3:41min/k average)

It was a bit of a last minute decision to run this, entered midweek. My intentiona had been to run at tempo effort.

Wasn't sure what to expect - very little running last 2 weeks (about 80k total) . I've decided pre-race issues make no difference for me in this sort of race. I cooked dry aged beef last night, with about 4 standards of red wine, little carbs other than some mash. I had nothing other than water this morning pre race. I did no warmup as I wanted to be near the front of the start and hadnt organised a seeded start. I took nothing during the race. I ran in Kinvara without orthotics - I've only done 30k in them. Despite all this I raced really well and dont think doing the 'right' things would have made me any faster today.

I arrived about 7:30 and went straight into the start corral near the front. Saw the 'elites' B'Man and Sugar ahead. Once they let the barriers down and we shuffled forward I was about 4 rows back from the start line, and not impeded.

My plans of an easy run went out the window early as I saw B'Man about 20m ahead and decided to stick to him for a while (I knew he was looking to run hard, and is in great shape)

3:26/3:38/3:39/3:46/3:34 to be 18:02 at 5k - with BMan and feeling OK. Went under the tunnel and coming out up an incline BMan took me and I thought I might have gone out too hard. But I resisted the urge to go with him and just kept pace, slipping about 5sec/k further back for the rest of the race.

3:38/3:41/3:46/3:45/3:41 - got to 10k in 36:34 (I think the marker was actually 36:42) - a big 10k PB for me. B'Man was probably about 10-15 sec ahead of me here.

On the course I thought I was actually 37:42 to 10k and still felt happy with that! Just needed to hang on.

3:49/3:47/3:46/3:23 (3:39pace last 900m) to finish 13.9k in 51:20

I lost 3 places in the last 4k. Just before the 13k mark someone flew by me at 3min/k - was Mona who had started with the masses and started trying later in the race! I was very happy the finish had changed this year to be 500m shorter.

So overall really happy with the effort - more residual fitness than I gave myself credit for and a big 10k PB along the way. Only body issue is really sore calves thanks to the Kinvaras low heel:toe drop. Otherwise they felt great, and so stable I feel OK without orthotics. This means they are effectively my lightest shoes as with al other lightweights I need the orthotics.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Belated Boston Report

Whoops - belated report from Boston - put it on Strands a while back but neglected here. The delay might indicate that I was a little disappointed:

A belated post on the marathon. Lots of potential excuses for a disappointing performance, but in the end two most likely reasons. 1. Inadequate hill training – thought I was protecting my knee but ended up having my quads give out on me at 32k. 2. Unrealistic pace expectation – for a number of reasons I wont go intoGood conditions on the day as well documented, felt OK. A little jetlagged but i dont think this affected me. Ran pretty steady and at the pace I’d wanted for the first half, but at the first sign of hills knew I was in some trouble.The big difference to last year was that then I was able to maintain a sub 5min/k pace when I ran into trouble. This year my quads cramped rather than hiting the wall per se, and I was reduced to a straight-legged scissor like gait that was so slow walking was nearly as fast. Lots of time was lost.Clearly I was pretty disappointed with the outcome, although my effort was at least as much as last year, so I cant be disappointed about that. I know what I need to do in training to run the marathon faster, but I’m not sure I have the dedication to do it – I certainly don’t at the moment.