Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Plantar Fasciitis

Its amazing - I'm generally an intelligent person, but when it comes to running, I keep making the same mistakes over and over.

After averaging 10-30km a week since the marathon (3 months), then taking 10 days off, I emerged from my funk and ran 65k in 8 days. This isnt a huge volume, but coming off 3 months of nearly nothing, was silly. I also knew my shoes were beyond their use by date - had even compared the wear in the soles to my last 2 pairs and saw they were the most worn. Nonetheless I pushed on.

Sunday after an 18k easy run I couldnt walk due to heel pain - clearly had PF. So I've instituted all the right management steps, got some new shoes, and will see how things go.

On the bright side, I've been really enjoying my running, and if I can nip this in the bud will keep on with the plan as previously described - freeform program with more morning runs. I'll leave the performance goals to next year.