Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in Review

Another interesting running year. My overall impression is of disappointment, but by the numbers it was another breakthrough year with PB in pretty much every event other than the marathon


March - Half marathon PB 1:22:03 Darlington
May - HBF Run 4 a Reason 13.9k 51:20, 43rd place, 3:41 min/k average (thru 10k @36:40)
June - First Place Lake Gwelup fun-run 6k - my first every fun-run win
August - Perth City to Surf 12k 44:26 PB
November - John Gilmour track 10k, 36:36 PB
November - Penninsula 5k, 17:29 - 2nd place
December - Six Inch Trail Ultramarathon 3hr45, 2nd place

Less successful outings:

Boston Marathon - I think a misguided attempt to protect my knee by training mainly on the flat and grass backfired, as the quads exploded in the last 10k

Perth Marathon - just missed sub 3hr

Run For Gold 10k (July) - 38:20

Some great progress in running this year esp from Clown and Biscuitman, as well as TB
All the best to B'man for a great marathon in Houston

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Six Inch Trail Marathon 46k (47k!)

What an interesting/fun day.

My leadup had been good, minimal niggles. I'd been a little anxious after the start list was published as I thought I might be in with a small chance of winning, but a last minute addition of Gerry Hill actually took some pressure off and I could relax re just running.

Managed 4hrs sleep overnight and left at 3am, getting a lift from my Dad down to North Dandalup.

I'd identified several runners around my level - Kevin Matthews, Brett Coombes, Lauren Shelley, Nate and Michael Barton.

The start is straight uphill for a couple of km, and unlike previous years I quickly found myself out in a clear second place. I dont necessarily love running in groups so I went with it and cruised along.

Unfortunately just 5k in I missed a turnoff and ran about 800m before luckily crossing path with Bernadette in a race control vehicle coming he other way - she stopped me, I jumped in and took me back to where I'd missed the turn. Garmin tells me I lost 5min10sec here and I rejoined with runners about 15th-20th.

Adrenaline got the better o me at this point and I ran like a man possessed through the field, such that by 13k I was second again, but had obviously had to run that 13k 5 mins faster than the others.

There was a pack of Nate, Michael, Brett,Kev and a German guy, but I decided to go past them and push on.

I stayed in this position through the 23k/halfway drink stop (1:45). Here I was told I was only about 5 min behing Gerry - so I guess if I'd not got lost I'd have still been near him at this point. I'd also gapped the others a bit.

Unfortunately at about 28k, coming on to Scarp road, I wasn't 100% sure which way to go, and spooked by the earlier experience, I waited for the others to make sure. Garmin tells me I lost 4min here, although only ran about 200m extra looking each way for arrows on the ground.

So I found myself back with the others at 30k, and again I tried to open up a lead. I was less successful this time, starting to get pretty tired in the legs. I hit the second aid station (2:44) and stopped briefly to exchange powerade bottles (50second stop on GPS). As I left the station, te others arrived. Brett didnt stop and was right on my hammer, whilst the others stayed for a while.

So I found myself with Brett with about 9k to go. I have to give him a lot of thanks here as I was really struggling with motivation and with hammered quads from the hills I told him to head off ahead. He wouldn't hear of it and cajoled me to keep pace with him, a pattern we maintained for the rest of the race. As in 2009, despite feeling pretty shot at this point, we were ran 5min km average for the last 7km. I had a faster running pace so would run for 500m-1k, stop for a walk and Brett would catch me running slowly but continously.

In the last 500m I pulled away - I suspect thanks to Brett letting me, and finished in 2nd place in 3hrs45min flattish. (Gerry did 3:31)

So it was an up and down race - big PB and second place. Had I not got lost or waited for the others, I still would have finished second. How much faster I would have finished is not clear. Probably not the full 9 minutes I lost in my 2 misadventures , but I would like to think I would have been under 3:40. I did benefit from running with Brett near the end, but also I think was forced to overdo things early to recatch the bunch.

Either way it was a great day. TB ran his 6th race in a big PB, Mark O'Keef who I gave a lift to ran very well. I overheard Lauren say she took the early going very easy, being her first ultramarathon, but she flew home to finish only about 3 min behaind me. I think BigKev sffered the effects of a big season and finished in a similar time to Lauren, and Nate just missed his sub 3:50 goal.

An afternoon sleep in front of TV is looking good about now.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Taper for SixInch

Week One 107k@4:30

Tues pm intervals - 400 reps - went a bit too hard and cut it short at 5

73, (400m float 104sec) 72 (104) 74 (104) 73 (standing recovery) 75

Wed - 16k treadmill run first 8k increasing incline by 1% every km, second 8k flat and increasing speed - last 5k at 4:00

Sunday 30k solo long run - too lazy to go and race at Deepwater

Week Two 87k@4:29

First taper wek pre Six Inch - had my first day off for a few weeks, more due to busy work than part of taper plans. Every run this week was done on the hills and 'trails' of Bold Park (such that they are trails) except Sunday

Tuesday the track was partly closed, so I did 5x Raebold Hill repeats - kept an even pace throughout.
Mon/Thurs/Fri/Sat were runs of 10-16k as mentioned around Bold Park
Sunday - was timekeeper for the Founders run so ended up doing 20k pm on the treadmill. 1st 10k at 4:30's with progression of incline, next 10k flat at 4:00s.

Friday night didn't end up making it down to the track to race a 1500m (forgot to join a club online in advance), this may need to wait until the New year.

Two weeks until SixInch now - taper fits well because I've lost a bit of my training Mojo - I dont seem to be able to sustain a block of more than about 6 weeks of full training.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Penninsula 5k Race

A couple of weeks since I posted

Week 1 103k@4:34

Tuesday night 6x800m intervals on the track 2:43/2:39/2:41/2:41/2:39/2:32 - jog recovery for half, standing for half. I ran these in the Saucony Hattori (barefoot type shoe) which felt very fast, but left me with very sore calves for the next 3 days

Sunday am 32k@4:40 with Clown - ran on the flat 'round the river which felt easy - reminds me how undulating my usual runs are.

Week 2 94k@4:29

Tuesday pm Mona interval (20min) on the track - 5.56k on the track (Garmin read 5.86!) - new Mona PB for me, and still felt controlled. Again ran in the Hattori and again took the rest of the week for the calves to recover - think I'll persevere and hope this improves

Sun am Penninsula 5k Race 17:26

Didn't really taper for this - ran 15k tour de Bold Park loop on Sat am.

Arrived at 6:15 and did 7k warmup with a few strides at the end
The 10k went off 5 min before the 5k, and most of the good runners (Roberto, Chris O'Neill and Stephen Stockwell) were in that, leaving a fairly small 5k field, even though the 5k was the club championship race.

I tried to squeeze in the front line at the start amongst the kids who invariably seem to fill it, and ended up starting just behind Tommy Lovekin, who'd run 33min at John Gilmour.

Started out fairly fast to ase the congestion and by 1k I'd settled in to 3rd place. Tommy was way out ahead (he stopped to do up his lace at 1k and still was ahead once he got up - must have done 3 flat) then a guy who seemed to be running comfortably in second - I later found out was Matt Di Masi - who won the B race at John Gilmour in 35:xx.

I was feeling pretty good, 3:22 then 3:40 slower prob with the turns onto the bridge. There was a reasoable easterly blowing so I was keen to push early on knowing there'd be a headwind 2.5-3.5k.

The race was well set up motivation wise - Matt was 30m ahead of me coming to halfway so I had someone to focus on, and unusually for me I never thought about someone behind me catching up - I was focussed on second.

Halfway hairpin in 8:50 - although I didn't look at my watch once during the race. Running back into the wind I focussed on holding ground on second, planning on a final km acceleration.

3:26/3:30 kms 3 and 4.

I accelerated down the hill off the bridge and strated to make some ground on Matt - passing him and trying hard to make the pass stick (something I thought about after B'Man passed me last race - need to keep going by the person you pass). Tommy had obviously blown himself up a bit with the fast start, and was only about 10 sec in front of me and looking behind. I was no chance of catching him but it made me feel good about my finish. Final k 3:20 (plus a little extra on Garmin)

Felt really happy with the result - my first podium in a non-handicap WAMC race. Went for an easy 5.5k cooldown before collecting my medal (!)

Met Dan Macey afterwards who, despite training with Big Kev at times, is a very nice guy. He's doing some Friday night track races this summer and the discussion reconfirmed my desire to do a track 3k and 1500m in the next couple of months to round out some PBs.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

John Gilmour Track 10000m

36:34 - pretty much a par effort on predictions. PB offically by a minute, although I've run the first 10k of city to surf(12k) and Run4aReason(14k) in sub37 this year

I had a little scare at 4am Friday when I was woken by a calf cramp. I'm lucky in that this is only the second true cramp I've ever had, but boy are they painful. After the minute or two of stomach-turning pain, the upper calf was sore all day. Luckily this didn't affect me at all whilst I was running. It was pretty sore afterards though.

Had a 3k warmup with B'Man then did 2 laps with a run through down the back straight. My legs felt flat so I stopped it there.

The field was pretty impressive, and almost immediately 2 separate packs formed - the first dozen then a gap to my pack which I was near the front of. Unfortunately the guy in front of me pushed the straights then propped on the bends, a pattern which continued for about the first 4km. I ended up running wide quite a bit. Luckily when the main pack passed us he tried to go with them, burnt out, and fell back behind me.

I started 82/85/84/85/86/88/88/88 (3k in 10:38) and maintained 88s til halfway in 17:58 - just where I planned to be.
From 5-8k I slipped to 90 sec lap averages, slowest 91, and was a bit in no mans land as I waited for B'man to catch me. I didn't feel too bad, never felt like I wouldn't finish it off, and I suspect if he caught me earlier I might have run a few seconds faster.

B'man caught me bang on 8k, and immediately took a 10m gap, which I was able to hold for 4 laps. I thought I might have a shot in the last lap, but he took off hard and got out to 30m, and I didn't narrow that (last 2 laps 87/83)

Pleasingly I felt pretty good afterwards, but think I ran pretty close to my current potential.
As per last year it was interesting to see how fast Roberto Busi runs (he won easily despite stopping to tie his shoes) and impressed again by Cody's effortless style in second - he even offered a word of encouragement as he passed me - the best I could do was raise a hand in thanks.

So that's my first PB of this spring/summer - think I'll do the 5k at Penninsula Run in a fortnight to break a soft/old 5k PB (I think my official 5k PB is 18:57 from a couple of years ago!)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Everybody's shuffling

97k this week - only ran 5 days

I've been playing tennis on Sunday arvos the last few months, and whilst doubles is fairly sedate, last week it was singles. My tennis gameplan is 'keep it in at all costs/wait for my opponent to make a mistake' ( I dont have much of a 'weapon' in my groundstroke arsenal). This means I end up scrambling around the court. Last week I twinged my hammy running for a drop shot - so I took Monday off as a precaution.

Tuesday I ran a double to compensate - am 10k easy, pm 15k including track intervals - 3x1600 with 500m jog between - 5:20/5:40/5:30
Wed 17.5k @ 4:32
Thurs 10.5@4:39
Fr 12.5@4:38
Sat - felt a bit viral - went for a 'power walk' with Mrs Epi, and a couple of km on the treadmill
Sun 30k@4:30 including Hale Rd

Nice to log my first 30k for a while - rewarded myself with my favorite post long run treat - frozen raspberry drink from McDonalds

Still running mainly in the Saucony Kinvara 2 - on my second pair after going somewhere between 800 and 1000k in my first pair. I may have mentioned previously that these are the only shoe I run in without orthotics. I seem fine in these for track intervals to long runs and everything in between. I still alternate days in DS racers and Mizuno Musha.

My mum is popping over to the US soon, so I might get some more, although would also like to try the brooks green silence, new balance 1400s and saucouny a4.

Friday is the track 10k race. I think I'm in 36:40 form but would love to break 36, and intend if feeling good to run the first 5k in just on/under 18 and see what's left in the tank.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Building a little base

4 weeks since the last post, and I've progressed generally as planned
Unfortunately week 1 was affected by a viral infection - jet lag and straight back to work didn't agree with each other obviously.

week 2 90k, all easy to mid paced and a 24k Sunday long run

Week 3 102k,
Tuesday solo interval session on the track Tuesday - 3k in 10:28 then 4x400m,
Sunday 27k long run including Hale Rd

Week 4 104k
Tuesday solo interval session - 4x1k/200m float - covered track 5k in 17:58, 2min standing recovery then 2x1k with 200m float, similar pace.
Saturday 10k tempo in 39:10 - midday run in somewhat warm/humid conditions
Sunday 25k long run over Hale Rd

I feel I'm probably back where I was before my holiday now, with 10k race on the 4th November a little earlier than I'd like in terms of fitness, but should still be able to break a 'soft' official 10k PB of 37:30

On a side note, I bought a scond hand treadmill today. I was a little reluctant to post this as I know treadmill running is anathema to many running purists, especially in Perth. I really just dont cope with the hot weather in Perth summer, and have suffered before from the results of trying to get out there on very hot days.Last year I took several trips to gyms esp for afternoon runs on treadmills.

After a bit of research I was left to decide between a new 'home' treadmill from Orbit/Elite/Rebel etc or a second hand 'commercial' one. I ended up getting an ex-gym Life Fitness treadmill which is one most of us will have run on at various commercial and hotel gyms over the years. It was cheap but obviously, without a warranty, only time will tell if it was a bargain!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Planning My Summer

Just back from a 3 week holiday - including 2 weeks Mediterranean cruise. Fantastic holiday although didn't do large amounts of running.

I ran twice in Hyde Park/Kensington Park in London, one of the two being in the heaviest rain I've ever run in. Despite this it was a great environment to run, better for me than Central Park. I also ran twice in Villa Borghese Rome - which despite being smaller than the aforementioned 2 parks, was perhaps the nicest of all 3 to run in.

Then it was on to the boat and, as Sling Runner terms it, the dreadmill. Although the treadmills were set up to look directly forwards from deck 9 with some spectacular scenery at times, I still couldn't manage more than an hour in a session. Overall managed about 210k for the 3 weeks, so hopefully not much lost in terms of fitness. I do feel a little flabby after 24hr/day free food and excessive amounts of alcohol, but the scales suggest I've only gained about 1.5kg, so this should be shed rapidly in Sober'Tober.

So my thoughts turn to the remainder of the running year. The basic plan is - solid training block in October, John Gilmour 10k track and Penninsula 5k in November - hopefully to round out a year of PBs in all distances other than the marathon. It also seems that Masters track Tuesday nights will now be on the synthetic track at AK reserve, rather than previously on the grass at McGillvray. If this is the case it will be perfect to swap current track intervals on tuesdays to some track races at the same time and place. Potentially this could have me setting PBs in 800,1500,3k,5k,6k,8k,10k,12k,14k and HM this year (although many of these will be the first time I've run these distances in my adult life) Finally if the body holds up I'll round out the year with the 45k Six Inch trail marathon.

My mantra for the summer will be plenty of short races and only medium mileage training, without taking things too seriously. Let's see how things pan out.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Perth City to Surf 2011 - 12k

A bit of a prologue - I'd had a bit of trouble getting a 'priority start' for this race. I entered 3 weeks in advance online and thought I'd got a priority start, but a check email received mixed results - 2 people replied, one saying I was and one that I had missed out. Going to the expo on Friday I picked up my number and found I was just in the general start. I proceeded to the help desk where I told the girl I was supposed to have a priority, so she took out a yellow sticker and wrote - 'approved for priority' on it and slapped it on my bib. In the end I didn't need to prove a time at all.

On to this morning. Arrived early and did about 3k easy with 5x100m strides. It wasn't clear to me where the priority starters were to assemble, so I went o the front of the 'a' section. There were several other priority guys around me and I saw B'Man and Sugar nearby, so I felt safe. A voice came over the speakers saying in a few minutes the priority runners would be called to the start. A few minutes went by and the same voice sadi 'all A group runners to the start'. I exchanged confused looks with the other priority runners around me and tried to dash in with the 5000 other runners. Coming on to St Georges Tce I madly dodged/pushed through people and had got to perhaps 15 rows from the front before the gun went off. In the rush I hadn't set my gps, and stupidly was wearing my new Garmin 610 - which I've only worn twice, and gave up trying to just start the stopwatch on the run.

The first 2k was spent passing people, and at 3k I came up to Biscuitman . I could see DB about 50-100m ahead - he stayed pretty much exactly that distance ahead of me for the whole race. Midrace I concentrated on not going too fast, and sat aroung Lauren Shelley - who was the first woman.

The 6k hill was a bit of a shock to the legs, but I passed several up it, although most repassed me back down the other side. As many have said, the turns through Perry Lakes and the grass section lost rhythm/momentum compared with the old course.

On tho the last set of hills and although I slowed a bit, I held my relative position over them, and felt I was sprinting down the other side, although not gaining on anyone.

I didn't have a final srint but wasn't passed through the finish line.

Unfortunately I didn't see the finishing clock and had no watch, so I'm not sure of my time. Lauren apparently did 44:22 and DB said he did 44:15, so I'm pretty confident I was under 45 - which was the goal.

Felt pretty good afterwards, and after watching family members finish their respective races I jogged the 6k home.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Perth Marathon 2011

First up - congrats to Biscuitman, who ran a sensational PB today. It was well deserved after the most disciplined/thorough training program focussed on this run that I have seen by a runner of our level.

And commiserations to Sling Runner who made the journey over despite physical injurie and environmental hazards, only to be forced to pull out fairly early on.

As for me - it was an interesting run. I ha the lowest key leadup ever for me an a marathon. On saturday I worked til lunch, spent the afternoon dealing with the ins&outs of a Mother-in-law in hospital, and then went out for a family dinner to celebrate my little sister's 21st ( held myself to one glass of red only). So there was not alot of time to ruminate on the run.

At the start I headed out with Laurie Dembo - unfortunately I lost contact with Sling from the very start. I had been expecting a 3hr pace 'bus' of sorts, but there was none really to be seen - I was running at about 4:10s for the first 15k and there was a group well over a minute ahead, and another a reasonable way behind. Unfortunately this meant I ran the entire stretch along the freeway alone, only towards the end seeing Mick Francis and one of the leading women abou 100m ahead

7k 29:12
14k 58:30 (29:18)
21k 88:07 (29:37)

These were Garmin distances, which reads a little long
I ran past the half way clock in 88:50

I was feeling OK for most of the first half, but it seemed there were no pre-dropped drinks at the Como station, which left me without a drink from 6k-18k, and I was starting to feel it. Luckily I had drinks at 18,23&28 so caught up a bit.

During this middle section I passed a few people, including Mick and the aforementioned female runner. I also saw Geoff Reynolds falling back after his very fast start and focussed on slowly reeling him in - hoping to be the fastest doctor in the race at least!

Doing this I had sped up a bit and ran the 21-28k 7km split in 29:07. I had decided I wasn't in the mood for pain and thought I'd get over the Canning Bridge and to 32k then walk/jog home.

Just as I was preparing for this, DB came by on his bike with some words of encouragement and rode with me for 600-700m, just enough to get me back in some rhythm and a more positive mindset. I also started making some ground on 2 guys ahead.

Next came Clown, again as I was fading mentally - and I gratefully accepted his offer of running along with me (ironically, after dismissing the idea when discussed on Friday night!). This really helped my mindset, and I decided at least to push on to the Narrows and 36km before adopting the walk/jog strategy. In the process I passed the two runners and then a third at the narrows.

28-35k split 30:05 so still on pace

I managed to run on to about 37k when my mind and body ran out of juice and I walked a few seconds and had a drink, but got going pretty quickly. I did this again one more km down the road, although the splits didn't slow too much - 4:21/4:42/4:37 for 38/39/40th kms

Next ahead was Colin Francis, and I managed to pass him too, although one of the runners I passed earlier was resurgent, passing me when I stopped and me returning the favour when restarting. I managed 4:46 for the 41st km and unfortunately knew that I was going to just be off the pace. Despite picking it up to 4:00 pace for the last 600m, I came in 3:00:30 by the Garmin

For those who like 5k splits: 20:53/20:57/20:52/21:13/20:47/20:58/21:35/22:34/10:37 last 2.4k on Garmin

So I'm happy with the result,and although I would have been very happy to run a minute , I'm not upset as I may have been with other marathons which I had trained specifically for. It was my 7th and fastest Perth Marathon.

Now for some rest

Sunday, June 12, 2011

1 week 'til Perth Marathon

78k this week
Mon 6k race as previously documented
Tues am 10.1k @ 4:29- last 5k of city to surf 12k course and back
Tues pm 7.8K @ 4:36 - had a jog/chat with DB prior to his interval session
Wed pm 13k @ 4:24 - Bold Park loop
Fri am 10k @ 4:18 - as per Tues
Sat am 10.9k @ 4:18 - challenge funrun loop
Sun pm 14.9k @ 4:23 - Bold Park loop

I must admit to having some second thoughts re Perth Marathon - I have done one run over 20k in the 8 weeks since Boston, and although I've got great remnant 10k pace, I'm not sure about endurance. Add to that my little sister's 21st B'Day dinner the night before the marathon.

But two things bring me back to doing it. Number one is I still want to do 10 years straight (this will be 7). Number 2 is that Sling is making the journey from Singapore, despite significant injury, and so if he can get up to run it, I damn well should be able to drive the 15minutes to run with him! HTFU Epi.

I know even if I dont run well I'll be happy to have been out there a part of it, whereas if I dont, I'll likely regret it. And I'm certainly not discounting the possibility of a sub 3 if I have good day - my short distance form is good enough and you dont really lose much fitness in a few weeks of reduced mileage.

DB has told me there are a couple of others interested in heading out at a 4:10min/km pace - including Tony Stahl who DB tells me is pretty obsessive with keeping to exactly to his planned splits - so hopefully there'll be a bit of a 'bus' going at least for the first 30k.

The running itself has been very pleasant, played some tennis as part of my goal to de-prioritise running in my life, and apart from a bit of persistent left hammy soreness the body feels good. The knee continues to be behaving, thus my continued hilly runs through Bold Park or if in the dark along the last 5k of the City to Surf 12k course and back (up over the oceanic dr hill).

Monday, June 06, 2011

Lake Gwelup Fun Run (6k)

Started this week well, with 50k in the first 3 days, including a good interval session on Tuesday night in the Hattoris - 16k all up and no problem with pain.

Unfortunately got sick with a virus on Friday and only ended up running 70k for the week.

Today was a public holiday in Perth (Foundation Day, soon to be 'WA day') and I decided on a funrun:

Feeling better after a virus in the last couple of days, I decided to still do Lake Gwelup. My practice is in Gwelup, so lots of the kids and their parents are my patients – a certain amount of pride involved.

This was a 2 lap event. The start was fairly congested but luckily the caller asked the 6k runners to come to the front seeing a sea of kids at the starting line. So I had a fairly free start, although at 1k I was about 12th .By 2k I was 6th and at the end of the first lap there were 2 in front of me, both running the one lapper, and a two lapper by my side. This turned out to be Kyle Eager, who’s a 36-37min 10k runner (ran 36:40 at Bridges this yr).

I knew things would get congested at in the last 2k, so I tried to keep the pace up for the 4th km, and from the rceding sound of Kyle’s breath, had gapped him by 50m or so.

Very quickly came the traffic of walkers and pram-pushers, on a bike path with very little space either side. I picked my way through, slowing a bit because of this. Things opened up again in the last km and I ran most of it on the grass on the side of the path.

I kept a little in reserve in case I was chalenged, but never heard his breathing again, and won by 15-20 seconds.

22:10 was good – I think about a minute faster han B’Mans time of a couple of years ago, although these days he’s have been faster again. For me this was more like 10k effort today, which was pleasing.

Splits: 3:22/3:35/3:35/3:42/3:51/3:39/+100m

I think I benefited from there being a number of runs this weekend and a marathon 2 weeks away. Certainly surprised a few of my patients who dodn’t know I ran!

Now to taper

Monday, May 30, 2011

3 weeks to Perth

Ran about 85k this week - nothing too exciting to report

10k am, 11k pm Tuesday each 4:25-4:30
16k@4:25 wed
12k Friday 4:30
11k Saturday 4;30
23k Sunday 4;35

Achilles and left hammy giving me some strife after last Sunday's race, so it was all easy/medium, but nearly all on hilly terrain around Bold Park.

Sunday's longer run felt terrible - combination of little carb intake the night before, none on the morning, and the after effects of a tennis game on sat pm.

I expect to run similar mileage the next two weeks before tapering to 40-50k in the leadup six days to perth

I've decided to aim for just under 3 hours, hopefully running with Sling and Clown

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Run For A Reason 14k (13.9k)

13.9k in 51:20 (3:41min/k average)

It was a bit of a last minute decision to run this, entered midweek. My intentiona had been to run at tempo effort.

Wasn't sure what to expect - very little running last 2 weeks (about 80k total) . I've decided pre-race issues make no difference for me in this sort of race. I cooked dry aged beef last night, with about 4 standards of red wine, little carbs other than some mash. I had nothing other than water this morning pre race. I did no warmup as I wanted to be near the front of the start and hadnt organised a seeded start. I took nothing during the race. I ran in Kinvara without orthotics - I've only done 30k in them. Despite all this I raced really well and dont think doing the 'right' things would have made me any faster today.

I arrived about 7:30 and went straight into the start corral near the front. Saw the 'elites' B'Man and Sugar ahead. Once they let the barriers down and we shuffled forward I was about 4 rows back from the start line, and not impeded.

My plans of an easy run went out the window early as I saw B'Man about 20m ahead and decided to stick to him for a while (I knew he was looking to run hard, and is in great shape)

3:26/3:38/3:39/3:46/3:34 to be 18:02 at 5k - with BMan and feeling OK. Went under the tunnel and coming out up an incline BMan took me and I thought I might have gone out too hard. But I resisted the urge to go with him and just kept pace, slipping about 5sec/k further back for the rest of the race.

3:38/3:41/3:46/3:45/3:41 - got to 10k in 36:34 (I think the marker was actually 36:42) - a big 10k PB for me. B'Man was probably about 10-15 sec ahead of me here.

On the course I thought I was actually 37:42 to 10k and still felt happy with that! Just needed to hang on.

3:49/3:47/3:46/3:23 (3:39pace last 900m) to finish 13.9k in 51:20

I lost 3 places in the last 4k. Just before the 13k mark someone flew by me at 3min/k - was Mona who had started with the masses and started trying later in the race! I was very happy the finish had changed this year to be 500m shorter.

So overall really happy with the effort - more residual fitness than I gave myself credit for and a big 10k PB along the way. Only body issue is really sore calves thanks to the Kinvaras low heel:toe drop. Otherwise they felt great, and so stable I feel OK without orthotics. This means they are effectively my lightest shoes as with al other lightweights I need the orthotics.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Belated Boston Report

Whoops - belated report from Boston - put it on Strands a while back but neglected here. The delay might indicate that I was a little disappointed:

A belated post on the marathon. Lots of potential excuses for a disappointing performance, but in the end two most likely reasons. 1. Inadequate hill training – thought I was protecting my knee but ended up having my quads give out on me at 32k. 2. Unrealistic pace expectation – for a number of reasons I wont go intoGood conditions on the day as well documented, felt OK. A little jetlagged but i dont think this affected me. Ran pretty steady and at the pace I’d wanted for the first half, but at the first sign of hills knew I was in some trouble.The big difference to last year was that then I was able to maintain a sub 5min/k pace when I ran into trouble. This year my quads cramped rather than hiting the wall per se, and I was reduced to a straight-legged scissor like gait that was so slow walking was nearly as fast. Lots of time was lost.Clearly I was pretty disappointed with the outcome, although my effort was at least as much as last year, so I cant be disappointed about that. I know what I need to do in training to run the marathon faster, but I’m not sure I have the dedication to do it – I certainly don’t at the moment.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Darlington HM

Again apologies for my blogging laziness.
Training since last post has been average 100km per week. Have got in a few 30k plus long runs including 36k last week at 4:25s with Clown. Monaghetti camp was a bit of a bust after I sprained my ankle on the Saturday morning. It didn't stop me running, although it's still a bit swollen and sore if I turn sharp corners.

Darlington HM yesterday was a key run for me, my only race in the 4 month leadup to Boston. I came in with 70k Mon-Sat and my first day off in over a month on Thursday when I felt a bit off colour. So I was pretty fresh. I PB'd in 1:22:03

Here's my strands entry:

Pleased with this result. I'd set a goal for 1:22:30 - to be 3 and a half minutes/10sec per km faster than last year on this course, and meeting my 2:54 aim for Boston (HMx2 plus 9minutes for this one as it's a hard course)Wanted to run by feel, not pace. Set out fast enough to clear the crowds onto the kitty litter track for the first 3k. Then turned to the steep down and up loop that B'Man loves so much - at this point my shins were screaming and I was glad Clown didn't run. Next section was the 5-11k steady uphill. Sat in a pack with BigKev and B'Man (although I didnt realise he was there!) I ran at the front of the pack, perhaps stupidly taking the brunt of the wind, but I dont think it mattered much. Around the turnaround the pack broke up, and it was a matter of concentrating on maintaining pace. Big Kev flew off int the distance, and I knew Simon was just on my tail. I still felt steady and strong until abut 17k when I started to struggle, although I wasn't passed. I passed one guy at about 18k, then went onto the trail again. I really concentrated on my footing after the recent ankle sprain, and waited for Simon to catch me, thinking I had nothing left in the tank to go with him.I found out afterwards that he was feeling just as bad at this point. I turned to the finish with the clock at 1:21:55, and didn't quite manage to go under 1:22. This was an all out effort really, didn't have much more to give . Last 10k in 37:25 - faster than my 10k PB!5k splits (2010 in brackets)
19:55 (20:38)
20:17 (21:05)
19:02 (19:58)
18:34 (19:38)
4:10 (4:30)

I see this as consistent with a 2:53 target for Boston. It also makes me wonder what I could run a flat/ all road HM in currently, although I've always set PBs on hilly courses so it might not be much faster.

5 weeks to Boston and things look good. Mona told me to respect the HM effort and take things easy this week. He also suggested the last really long run should be 6 weeks out, so I'll do 32 max this sunday, 28-30 the next and then taper from there,

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Training well

A bit of a while since my last post, but training is going OK

I had a bit of a scare with a small hamstring tear in mid Jan, but really only stopped me for a couple of days, and off fast stuff for a week & a half.

Still managed 426km@4:32 average in January, and 105k@4:30 this week.

This week included a solo 10k tempo/tempoplus timetrial in 37:50 to make up for missing the 10k race at Matilda Bay, would like to think I'd sneak under 37 in a 10k race on current form

I've done 30 and 32k runs the last 2 sundays, and hope to do another 6 in the leadup to Boston

I've continued to include barefoot running on grass in pretty much all of my recovery runs, doing 15-20k of this each week. I feel it is helping my recovery and makes it much easier to do 10k recovery on the days I feel like crap. Mild strain on the achilles initially has disappeared now.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

2010 in review

Belated New Years post - just got back from a week down south.

Managed 117k for the last week of the year, and 430km for December

Running in Albany was great, Yallingup less so, but managed o run every day and just did holiday running - no sessions per se.

2010 Review - 'an interesting year'

January - Knee injury and surgery - pretty much no running for the month
Feb - started running again with Boston as target
March - big training month and great HM run at Darlington, Mona camp was a highlight
Stress reaction in femur/'thigh splints' made me stop running entirely
April - mixed blessings - almost no running in the 3 weeks leadup to Boston, but still managed a great 3:01
May - recovery
June - 3:11 Perth marathon off 4x70km weeks was pleasing
July-September - flare of knee, moving house meant little running, no races
October - back to training gradually and an 85min HM showed promise
November - 10k track PB 37:30, 28:02 7.5km race and more consistent training
December - 430km, consistent interval sessions and the body holding together

2011 Ahead - the goal is sub3hr at Boston (a more aggressive goal is PB, and mre aggressive still is 2:54.

My plan is 100km plus weeks consistently whilst managing the knee, hopefully will bring back in a medium long midweek run, perhaps at the expense of Tuesday intervals.

Target leadup races : Matilda Bay 10k 23rd Jan, Darlington Half Marathon 13th March
I'll also be doing the Monaghetti camp again in March