Sunday, November 30, 2014

Penninsula 10k Race

Another week back running, although it was all at a fairly easy pace due to a flare of knee pain after last week's race. I toyed with the idea of skipping the race today, but as alluded to last week, still hold a faint glimmer of hope of winning my age group in the club champs.

Nice day for running with a fairly gentle ESE'erly. My legs felt pretty heavy again. Both these races I've done a 2hr ride the day before, which isn;t too taxing aerobically, but does work my legs quite hard given very little cycling training. Maybe next week I'll skip the Saturday ride.

I thought I'd gone out conservatively but 3:40/3:50/3:50 tells me it was a bit fast (although km 1 was wind aided). I was pleased to see Evan opt for the 5k, hopefully making me 1st in 40-45 for this race.

The rest of the race was a bit of a struggle, all km's close to 4:00 except one, 4:10 when I tweaked the knee a little going up the ramp to Windan Bridge and walked/hobbled for 50m before getting going again on the flat.

Came in about 39:24. Pleased enough with this given my form and last week's dismal effort.

So on to the tight race for 40-44yo club championship. One needs to compete in a minimum of 8 qualifying events to be eligible. There appears to be 3 of us closely contending this year. (To be honest this is  because the faster runners are either just outside the age category or didn't run many races this year - this is likely my one window of opportunity for some years).

The contenders are Evan Kolbe, who appears to have run 7 eligible events so far, Robert Kay, who has run many more than needed, and myself, with 6.

Adjusting pace by distance of race using VO2max/Vdot tables, I'm averaging  56.28, RK 56.07 and EK 55.94. Unfortunately with the pace I'm running at the end of the season, my average will go down. For RK I've picked his top 8 races  - he ran a number much more slowly which would reduce the average if included.

There are lots of other variables which might be considered -eg type of races, head-to-head results, number of first places in AG.

In the end I need to make it through a 16k next week and 8k the following. I'll be happy just to finish them, and in the end the club championship doesn't really mean much, it's more a fun distraction.

Hopefully another race report next week.

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